Thirty Seconds To Mars – Walk On Water (Lyric Video)


Yes, of course, when he comes he will win, and he will come soon, and soon for him is in a thousand years, first we will dead . Sorry but is the fucking true buddy, but when we are having a dream with any demon mention the name Jesus Christ it makes the demon go away, and this is a beutifull true, becuase when two or more speak about him, he appears, even in dreams, ask him who is Jesus Christ?? THANKS ME LATER

For the Newbies. MY Friend was Sen. John Heinz. Look HIM up and What happened to him. AND Do. Not. Test. MY Resolve. I made HIS WIFE and friends A PROMISE and NEVER break a promise. It is Called Ethics. Look those up too.

I hope my school likes this
because soon I'll be blasting this all around it
This also goes good Middle finger by Bohnes, Hurt by Oliver Tree and any Imagine Dragons song

What happened to you guys, why did you change? This new pop shit is just not as good as your guys's older music

2019: a great song
2020: still a great song
2021: still a very good great song
2022: absolutely a very good and still a great song
2023: this song has become a legend

Don't get me wrong this song is awesome, but I would be really curious to hear what this song would sound like complete with the rest of the band (Shannon, Tomo, Matt, and Solon) playing their instruments

This song is now 2 years old and i still love it❤️❤️
Great 4th july from germany to amerika 🇺🇸 🎆🎇✨

I have been doing ATA Taekwondo for almost 4 years now and I have chosen this song to be my theme music for my Xtream form. (This is all the flips and cool tricks) I’m gonna be going to World Championships with this song and I have high hopes (pun intended for P!ATD fans) that I will win. I have poured me life into this one song and form and I can’t wait to show it off.

This was the college football theme of the 2017 season and all I can think about is watching Georgia make It all the way the finals when I hear this song….

Skillet already did this song. It's called Rise, and it doesn't call out specific political parties, especially when you label them "Left" and "Alt Right". That's a lie of omission, a manipulation of words to control the narrative you want to tell. Skillet's song is amazing. This song is mediocre at best.

I’ll believe I can walk on water when I’m Jesus
But Jared I know you can walk on water because you look like Jesus

for a minute I thought it was about Jesus walking on water but eh its cools anyways ya this country needs to unite there are much worse stuff wanting America to collapse. Patriot.

Also, yes, I can walk on water, but it doesn't last as long as you think it does – I'd have to gain enough energy to run millions of miles in order to go walking on water.

My daughter would sing this song when she was just 4 years old. She made me like it. I miss my baby girl she lives over 4k miles away from me. I can't wait to see her again.

I'm gonna listen to this at the first day of school cause I'm in a new class now w/ new students. Wish me luck, this song gives me hope for it

They went from metal (this is war) to this pop shit the lyrics are better for rock or metal. Sellout shit they’ve become

Great lyrics absolutely times are exact where the timing IS PRECISE ..and matter OF stars
.he can't swim he has no choice BUT walk on water. JARED Leto is not Jesus
. NO.

Tell me if i'm wrong but it seems this song is about the two parties lying and we need to stand together instead of fighting

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