Thingamajig on ‘The Masked Singer’ Clues and Guesses So Far 9/25/2019

Photo Credit: Michael Becker © 2019 FOX MEDIA LLC.  Season 2 of The Masked Singer is here and there is a character called Thingamajig For those unfamiliar with the show, celebrities are disguised in elaborate costumes and sing for the votes of in-house viewers The series is pre-taped, so nothing is live. But, the identities of the celebrities are top secret Whoever earns the least amount of votes each episode gets unmasked and fans can see who was singing from underneath the costume  On the premiere episode of the season, Thingamajig took part in the second face-off of the night Read on for the clues, guesses and performance details. Thingamajig “Masked Singer” Clues   Thingamajig said he loves to sing In one part of his video package, he appeared to be a magician or enjoy magic. He also talked about being more than fashion shoots By the looks of him, he could be a basketball player, as he is incredibly tall. In his video package, the number 4 was shown on a cupcake, so that number is significant somehow Ken Jeong exclaimed, “I know who you are”, but ended up being confused. Thingamajig “Masked Singer” Guesses   For his performance, Thingamajig performed the song “Easy” by Commodores His voice was beautiful and smooth.  The judges loved the performance. Ken Jeong said the performance was amazing He initially thought it was an NBA player and said he did not expect that voice. Nicole Scherzinger said he had a beautiful tone and “a real hidden talent” Robin Thicke also felt an athlete vibe from him and guessed Michael Strahan. Jenny McCarthy went with Steph Curry but said Curry may be too short Nicole Scherzinger started to guess Dennis Rodman.  When asked by host Nick Cannon what a “Thingamajig” is, he said the Thingamajig is a “thing that likes to majig”  For his face-off, Thingamajig went up against Skeleton, who is much shorter and Thingamajig won the votes  This guy is definitely one to watch this season, as he was shown in a preview clip of the season bringing judge Nicole Scherzinger to tears with one of his performances this season During a sneak preview of the season, he said he will tower over the rest of the singers with his “puzzling persona” He also said not to call him “Chewbacca” though they do “celebrate together”. Thingamajig reportedly stands 7 feet tall in height

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