(Singing) ♪ Target, we’re going
to Target ♪ ♪ Trying to buy some stuff ♪ ♪ And then run into
the Try Guys ♪ ♪ And a guitar that said ruff ♪ ♪ ruff, ruff, ruff ♪ I think the kids section…
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Hey, watch where
you’re driving, guys. That is on us, we were not
looking where we were going. You guys on a Target run? Wait, you guys
are on a Target run? We’re on a Target run.
Yes. I feel like this is a great
opportunity for us to mix it up maybe go shopping together? I mean I know Target,
I feel like the only way we’re going to get it done
is if we split up. Let’s do this together. You guys want to go together?
Ned, Ned. Let’s, let’s, let’s, Isaac.
Okay. Okay. Bye guys.
Wow. Enjoy you’re Target run. So we’ve actually been
auditioning a fourth member to replace Ned,
so this is a great opportunity. How did you guys meet? We were all
viral video producers, so we were coming up with them,
writing, producing, shooting, editing. We’re also some of the
only people willing to do what the actual Try’s were. And I think that’s
part of the philosophy, right, is the DNA of the group.
Yeah. How did you guys meet? We built a fan base luckily. We played shows and we would go
anywhere people would listen, we were so young
we couldn’t play bars, so we would play
outside of a bar. How many years were you guys performing together
before the break? About six years.
Woah, no kidding. Like we’ve been a band
for like twenty-seven years, do you think you’ll…
Twenty-seven years. Do you think you’ll do this
for twenty-seven years? We have been together
for about five years. Made over 300 videos together. They’re so much more
productive then we are. So, what happened to you,
may I ask? Well, so I was, em, I was
trying to see if a brick wall versus me, it won. No, I was riding a motorcycle, I jumped a curb and…
Oh my God. and smashed into a brick wall. I’m really sorry to hear that. But at least you get
to use the scooter.
Yeah. I feel like you should, that
Superman shirt over there would really bring out your abs. Do my abs look good. Beings out the muscles, yeah. How about this? It’s just like a
cool summer breeze. Oh my God! That’s my exact jacket. We can match. Great. So, you guys have just been on
tour for the first time? Oh yeah.
We just finished our tour. Yeah. Yeah.
Tour bus and all. Mostly. I can barely
fit on the bus.
Can you fit on the bus? I was the exact length of the
cubbies that you slept in. Honestly we should have talked
to you before we went on tour, we could have used some tips.
Yes. So we did twenty cities in
about two, two-week blocks. Okay. You know you need to
change out your loofahs like every, two,
like month basically. I think less then that. So, we should get a lot. That’s why…
I have to say I would not have
known that was called a loofah. Well here, we’re
teaching you something. Very good.
This is exciting. Ahhh yeah. Hairspray for Eugene. Oh wow.
This is all I need. That will last you about a week. You have beautiful hair.
Thank you. What do you do to your hair?
Thank you. Umm, I…
Here they go. The more I try and put
stuff in it the worse it is. I hear that. Well especially…
We know what it’s like too
to have gorgeous hair. I put sunscreen in my hair. I like the volume I get from it.
Yeah. How do you wash
your show clothes? Do you wear the same
outfit for every show? Yes, yeah that’s
a good question. Cause we do, and you
can’t wash them and then we just spray them with
like rubbing alcohol. I think I can
help you with this. Yeah?
Yeah. Probably go ahead
and get a backup. (Laughing) Is anyone massively
sweaty in this group? Embrace it,
cause I am crazy sweaty, like you, you can wring out
my shirts and like swim in it.
He’s a little bit. Ned…
Ned gets… You know most people
are like 75 percent water, he’s way more then that.
He’s 90 percent water. I really am starting
to sweat a lot. Yeah, you, don’t wear
it for my sake, just… So hot.
Amen. I’m definitely the sweatiest
member of the Try Guys.
Okay, okay. Who would you say
is the sweatiest…
Taylor, oh my God. Really?
That guy. What’s your show like, you got
your blogs and your content so what is the, what’s the show? It’s a 80’s
glam rock spectacular about everything we
love about the internet. And then we go to
different verticals of like internet content like I
would lead up the food section, cause I eat a lot of food. Which way…
which we’re heading
to this food section. Ask me any questions about food,
I know it. What do you call these? Lemons.
Dude, you’re amazing. Look at that.
Hey. Woah. When you’re a child in the South
and you have nothing to do you just,
you just learn to juggle. Does anybody like to cook? I used to eat way less healthy, I’m trying to eat
more healthy now so I actually cook
mostly vegetables. Except for I do a series
where I eat everything at a fast food restaurant. That is the outlier. Just getting a
handful of kielbasas. Ned has, is the only
one with kids, right? Yeah.
Ned’s the only one with a, with a, a baby.
But I am a kid,
so I feel like I get it. I’m like the
Dad of the Try Guys. Okay.
You guys are all dads. when you say that do you mean,
you like, are the father
figure of the crew? Or that you’re literally a dad? Ah, both. I’m getting too sweaty. I have to take this jacket off. Don’t do it for my sake. I mean, just because I felt
really connected to you in that jacket doesn’t
mean you should wear it. I have four kids.
Four kids? Isaac has three kids.
Woah. In fairness, our wives
have done most of the work. Oh yeah. I mean really when you think
about our contribution to the whole like,
child rearing thing. We’re on tour, that’s
what he’s saying.
Child making thing. I mean, I only went on
my first tour this summer but it was very tough
to balance being a father and being out on the road. It’s a big deal. They call you,
“Daddy, where are you?” “Daddy, come home”. “Daddy”, they’ll tear
your heart out. Guys…
Oh, baby section. Oh my goodness. Look at these. Look at these little shoes. Those are very cute shoes. It’s a little bear. I can see a child of yours
with suspenders on.
Thank you. That’s a compliment, I think.
I think. Here we go. Here we go. So what are your biggest
tips for having kids?
Biggest tips. I’m getting this for you.
Thank you. I like the bow tie. Does the hat fit? Oh good Lord. It fits you pretty well.
Yeah, I know. Try it on.
I don’t think… I feel like the thing about
kids is just to remember like, you’re their dad. Like nobody’s going to figure
it out better than you. Whatever your
first intuition is, chances are…
You know what they need. So your advice is to not
listen to anyone else’s advice. I do…
Ooh. Geez Zach. Some deodorant. I got to go with the double. Double?
Double. I’m not, I’m not saying anything
about your nose, it looks well kempt, but I was only recently
acquired a nose hair trimmer. Wow! You got, do you…
I have not yet. Cause I feel like…
But I probably should. So, I do the nose hair trimmer,
I feel like that’s when you’re officially like, a Dad.
Yeah. I think you’re right. All the dentists out there,
I understand, I’m not brushing
my teeth enough. I get it. I neglect them horribly.
How often do you floss? Okay, alright, alright,
I got us floss. Regular floss. Little floss pickers. You just jab it in there. I have never
seen a floss picker. And then, little kid flossers. This is a really
interesting cart. I’m not sure what this says
about our, our, our habits. I’m in the market
for a new coffee maker, we were gone for three weeks and
Let’s do that. I came back and my coffee
doesn’t taste the same anymore. I see on the other…
We want to go in there. Here, back up, back up.
Oh yeah, I want in there. Go this way.
I want in there. All I want my coffee maker to do is brew and have
a timer for brewing. I don’t need it to grind for me, I don’t need it to like,
do math, basically just to Mr. Coffee
that has a timer, that’s it.
Let’s find you… That has an auto clean.
That’s kinda complex. That’s good. You know how they say that
there’s more technology on your phone then there was on the spaceship that
went to the moon. That’s true.
Right. I wonder if you could actually
go to the moon with the
technology that’s there. Go to the moon. With the coffee. It’s a very slight, it brews up.
I mean it’s something that
just.. I’m a huge NASA fan,
a huge space fan, We love space.
I think… The first band in Space. Try Guys and Hanson
on the Moon would be… If Target wants to
send up to space, we would be so honored,
oh my God, Target thank you so much. Are you doing it?
I got it, I found one. Yeah, Keith.
Okay, so… It’s very simple,
it doesn’t even clean itself. It says it’s for
better tasting coffee, that’s the problem
I’m dealing with.
Yes. Try Guys plus Hanson,
plus Target, in Space, coming to you, 2021? Look.
He’s ambitious. We’re going to
empty out our cart, we’re going to only get stuff that will help us
get a rocket ship. Quatro.
What’s up guys? Hanson.
Handsome. Hey, hey!
Hey! What’s up fellas? How was your hot
shopping experience? Ah, pretty good. We got some clothes. We got some baby clothes. We resolved to floss more often. Look at that fedora. Fedorable. Yeah, you’re kidding with that but that does look
like the size of my head. Really?
Perfect. Pretty good. I didn’t want to
say anything but… I think we got everything
we need, yeah. Yeah.
Yeah, I think we did. Pretty good Target run. You know,
I came to Target to shop, but I left with best friends. Friends.
Strong acquaintances. ♪ Ooh La La La La ♪ ♪ Target ♪ ♪ We’re going to the Target ♪ ♪ Trying to buy some stuff ♪ ♪ And then we ran
into the Try Guys ♪ ♪ And a guitar that said Ruff ♪ ♪ Ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff ♪ ♪ Ooh La La La ♪ One, two, three, four! We should get out of here
and pay for this stuff. Thank you, guys. What a time. Good times.
Awesome. And look at this hall. We got so much stuff. This is great.
Let’s do it. This was a blast. Next time you guys need to
go shopping, let us know, we’ll meet up here. Sure.
Sounds good. Cat keyboard, take us out. Music.
♪ Ooh La, La, La ♪ Cue the music. (Singing) It’s Christmas time is here.


Oh my word this is amazing! Hanson are MY band for life and I’ve followed the try guys for the past 4 years.. didn’t see this coming. Made me super happy with excitement!!! Thank you!

I had no idea how badly I wanted this video until it came out. I love Hanson. They seem like such great guys. I like the Try Guys but I’ve only followed them a few years now. I am so glad this cross over exists. By the way, Taylor looks GREAT. Like…idk, he’s absolutely perfect. No wonder Eugene was so in awe.

It makes me feel so creepy because I fell in love with Hanson when I was 12-ish, I’m now 35, in my mind I’m still attracted to 13yr old Zac! 🤣🤣🤣

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