The Solar System Song


Man I remember watching this in 2014 back when I used to be obsessed with Planets and space. And yes I have moved on to other and bigger things but I still enjoy listening to this! Memories 🙂

I watched this in 4th grade and my teacher said she showed it to her class when she taught 2nd grade and even she thought it was strange

If these planets weren't so creepy I'd sleep to this song 😞
Sad that I never got to see it when I was younger

My 2nd class teacher showed us this yesterday and today xD we all luaghded she showed us another one as well every time she'd be like mercu- nevermind

From far away the planets look like they have shrek ears lol also they are creepy but the song sounds very relaxing

My teacher showed this in school we went crazy and insane like everyone went so nuts that the teacher had it becomes down I said it's okay don't worry that many wasn't that bad and they said like it was it just made me so scared when we just when we seen Venus we screamed and went insane again

I remember when I left this playing when I was way younger.
This was the only way I memorized the sequence of the solar system-

My old teacher said this was beautiful- no joke, she wasn't being sarcastic either. I was scared when she said that.

Mercury.. is a ball of iron.
Venus.. has no water/milk.
Earth.. he has a moon.
Mars.. is a rocky red planet.
Jupiter.. is a GAS GIANT.
Saturn.. is also a GAS GIANT.
Uranus.. Icy GAS GIANT.
Neptune.. is also an Icy GAS GIANT.


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