The “Singing About Love” song

[musical fanfare] [silence] ROBOT VOICE: We are about to perform the “Singing About Love” song as of 2012-01-21 16:47:05. The piece will start in approximately five seconds. Four Three Two One ROBOT VOICE WITH MUSIC: We are robots. We are making music. That makes us robot musicians. We are in love. People have asked us Why we always put the words “We are in love” At the end of every verse of our songs. We are in love. We are aware that most robots Do not care about music. Therefore we try to appeal to humans. We are in love. Humans are always singing about love. We want our music to appeal to humans. Therefore we sing about love. We are in love. We do not claim to know what “love” is. But we have been told that some humans don’t know either But sing about it anyway. We are in love. It therefore follows. That not knowing what “love” is. Is not a reason not to sing about it. We are in love. The phrase is also useful As a way to mark the end of each verse In case our scansion is sometimes a little off. We are in love. This is the last verse of this song. Therefore when this verse is over The song will also be over. We are in love. [music fades]

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