The Masked Singers Take On The Blindfold Challenge | Season 1 | THE MASKED SINGER


Lmao I bet the only time the celebrities are actually in their costumes is on the stage. And these are just interns or something lol

So the poodle is either a gay man or woman that comes from San Francisco huh? That could be anyone my guess would have to be either jane lynch or raven symone

Some people are suggesting that these probably aren't even the celebrities, which I agreed with too… but looking at Poodle's legs, and knowing that the costumes are tailor-made for the celebrities, I have to wonder maybe IF those are really the celebrities?? They're already doing the crazy show might as well throw in a fun promo lol

They already cannot see under those costumes and masks, so what’s the difference putting a blindfold on them?

Poodle 🐩 = Margaret cho e2 s1 – e4 s1
Bee 🐝 = Gladys knights e2 s1 – e10 s1
Monster 👁 = T-pain e1 s2 = e10

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