‘The Masked Singer’ Winner Was Sure He’d Be Out the First Week

Oh, man. It looks like it got
to your head already. It did. It did. You’re walking differently. It’s a lot. It’s a lot. That’s probably because
I gained weight. But other than that,
it’s been good. I mean, can you believe
you– did you think you had a chance of winning? You know what? I didn’t. And you know, even
when I went into it, you know, we were
picking the costumes. All the costumes were available,
but I picked the silliest looking one. Because I thought I was going
to be gone on the first episode, because I have a
real distinct voice. So I felt like if I’m
going to embarrass myself, I might as well just take
it to the highest level. Well, first of all, you
don’t have a distinct voice. Because number one, we are
used to doing the auto tune. I don’t think anybody’s
ever heard you sing. You have an amazing voice. Thank you. I appreciate that. No one’s heard
that voice before. It’s weird. Like, if I go to a restaurant,
which is, you know, me and my wife, we’re chilling. And there’s always
somebody– when we’re having a conversation, if
they’re sitting behind my wife and with their back
to me, they always go, is that T-Pain back there? Just from hearing my voice. So you know, my
speaking voice is– I don’t know. People tell me it’s weird. I don’t hear it. No. Well, they disguised
your speaking voice. And it wasn’t distinctive,
obviously, because none of them guessed you at all. Yeah, that was weird. That was weird. I think that’s the
first time I’ve gone through that in my life. Yeah. And it was it uncomfortable? Because you lasted
a long time, and you had to wear that costume. You know what? I didn’t think it through. It was hot. It was hot, Ellen. It was hot. It was not a cool situation. They were like, no, there’s
going to be a fan in there. You’ll have all
this stuff going on. You’ll be good. We got misters on site. And then everything changed. And they was like, OK,
we can hear the fan, so we got to take it. And it was just a lot. I didn’t think it
through at all. But I mean, all in all, I
did pick the– you know, I think I picked the worst
costume to be in for that long. Yeah. Because everybody else’s
was a mask and just clothes. Right. I picked a cylinder
for some reason. Right, right. And just a giant head. But I think that came
from me wanting to get in one of those costumes. You know, always
going to theme parks and always wondering what
it’s like in those costumes. It’s terrible. Don’t do it. I’ve never wondered what
it’s like in a costume. There’s a couple
things– you wonder what it’s like to get
in one of them costumes and what all is in
a clown suitcase. Those are the two
things you wonder? Those two things, you really
don’t have too many chances to find out. Right. I’ll let you know what’s
in a clown suitcase. We’re going to find
a clown for you. We’re going to introduce
you, and you’re going to hang out with
a clown for the day. I’ll do that for you. It sounds creepy now. Yeah. That’s what I’m
trying to tell you. OK, yeah. So did anyone, like,
any of your peers reach out and know
that it was you? Everybody. Everybody. Like who? Who reached out? Lil Wayne reached out to me. He reached out first,
and he was like, how did they not know that’s
you in that mask, bro? And I was like, I
don’t know, man. That’s just how it works. But you know, like,
your NDA is in the mail. But still, everybody
else, like my mom– obviously, she knew. I couldn’t lie to her for
the first three weeks. And then it just turned
into this whole thing where all I was getting
was text messages like, how did they not
know that’s you? I know that’s you. That has to be you. And why didn’t you tell me
you were doing the show? And how much money are
you making from this? Can I get a car? It was just a lot. It was so much. Yeah. And you had to sign a NDA. So you couldn’t– Absolutely. Yeah, you couldn’t
disclose anything. All right, you’re wearing a
very subtle chain on today. I mean, compared
to what you like. So I got you– I know you won a trophy. But I wanted to get you
something that you would enjoy. What? Oh, boy. Oh, what in– OK. That’s your chain. All right, what– Uh-huh. Subtle chain. Subtle chain. T-Pain’s album 1UP is available
on all streaming platforms. We’ll be right back. T-Pain, everybody.


I knew it was him from the jump. Always been and always will be a fan of this guy. He is so funny 😂

@TheEllenShow ! Let T-Pain hook up with @RichieTheBarber for a day he got a clown suitcase and everything!!!!!

Ellen are you dumb what kind of question is that to ask a grammy-winning artist that has a gorgeous voice do you think you have a chance of winning

Kinda rude to say he doesn't have a distinct voice. Anyone who's ever listened to his songs knew it was him.

People forget he has an amazing voice. It just so happened that he knew that auto tune sound was popping back then

I'm still very annoyed that they didn't recognize his voice from the moment that he started talking. 🙄🙄🙄

I loved watching him on the finale, he was so happy and bouncing around. He seems like a really genuine and cool guy to hang out with. If he releases an album without the auto tune, I'm on board.

It was clear it was T-Pain. This round of coaches was just horrible at guessing. They didn't even believe Joey Fatone was the rabbit and it was all there too.

Man, I love him. flex I knew it was him from the beginning thanks to YouTube, but I hoped he would win because the world needed to hear his beautiful voice.

Dude all season I thought he was Chris Brown. He never even crossed my mind and I've listened to him for years whether it was alone or with the black eyed peas.

I knew it was TPain from the first episode he was on. Recognized his voice right away. I feel like anyone that has regularly listened to his music since the beginning they'd recognize it.

most obvious people were bradshaw, antonio brown, Fatone and gladis knight imho those were the 4 I got right, the rest I either had never heard of or didnt put together. I thought bradshaw was hella obvious as a football fan he has such a southern drawl that even with the voice mixer on you could hear his dialect.

Honestly the second that I found out that Kenan Thompson was going to be a judge I immediately said T-Pain

Any real T-Pain fan has known from day ONE that this man can sing! He is a musical genius. If this is what it took for people to see his shine, then so be it🙃

There were couple of videos of him singing in the past, there was one where he sang in a library, he sang the national Anthem and he sang a Mashup of his songs without autotune

Googled the contestants of that show and at least half of them I've literally never heard of. And him no one got right?

He made millions off auto tunes and won Grammys. He finally got to show the world his real voice. He definitely didn’t do this for the money but for validation from the fans that didn’t think he had vocal skills. Simply Amazing.

I tweeted at him SO MUCH during the season. I don’t know how the judges didn’t know it was him! 😩

Anyone else find Ellen to be a bit rude/off-putting in this interview? T-Pain has such positive energy and her vibe just isn’t matching up.

I like the fact that he is so humble and inspiring… in spite the fact that most are jealous of him…but T-pain keeps hustling and doing his thing…creatively unique and his voice with or without the auto tune will be always fine by me …👍😎😎😎

When they started talkin about clowns, I thought for sure that something was going to jump out of that table beside him!

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