The Killers – Mr. Brightside (Official Music Video)


If I ever have a son or daughter, I'm going to play this song all the time when they're really small then suddenly stop playing it. And wait for them to discover this.

We sang this on my friends funeral, and I was not surprised that almost all the people who attended the funeral know the song.
We are singing it like drunk dudes on the pub.
The catch is, we sang it while tears are rolling down our eyes.
You see this song was his favorite song, and ironically he told us pissed drunk and shit that he would like this song to be played on his funeral and we should be all happy singging it he said. At least we tried our best to keep the tears from falling.

please stop i can’t even sing the normal lyrics anymore

it’s just

“now their good dogs brent”
“she’s touching his special area now”
“destiny 2 is temporarily at capacity”

this makes me want to go back, and be a kid, or a teenager living my best life, suffering from a crush at the 2000's….

2019 sucks, gosh i miss school days…

I remember a video with a guy running across a city, chasing a cab. Was that for this song or some other song. I can’t find that video anywhere.

So he’s not British? ._. What a mind fuck btw the look in this area 2:33 is the look of “I will gut you” 🤣🤣😂😂

Btw when you expect Brandon to keep saying destiny is calling me

It's killing me…. that I can't remember when I started loving this song. I know that it's a long time ago. Well, it doesn't matter. I still love it.

Que carajos no hace un par de meses busque the killers en wikipedia y salia Reino Unido y Ahora me sale Estados Unidos? que mierda esta pasando willy!! :v

This song reminds me of all the lil girls who i had i crush on school, or when me and my friends used to exchange YUGIOH cards, at the 2000's…. Its so unfair that we can't turn back in time, and just be kids again… god, this song is so nostalgic.

Shit, i hate being an adult.. . 2019 sucks. Paying Bills sucks. HAVING A JOB SUCKS. I WANT TO SPEND MY WHOLE LIFE WATCHING THE 2000's VERSION OF CARTOON NETWORK!! Im crying.

Memories!! Gotta, gotta be down! Because I want it all! I was just out of high school when this song was new! The Killers were my generations band!

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