The Highwomen on Representing More Females in Country Music

We’re back with the high women. First of all, congratulations. This is the number
one album right now. That is amazing. [APPLAUSE] You just decide to put
together a little group. Whose idea was this? It was Amanda’s. Amanda Shires. Yeah. All right. Yeah, I am– I was inspired by
my daughter I think because she was starting to show
signs of wanting to play music maybe when she grows up. And so I thought the worst
thing that could happen would be that she would go for
country because they’re only currently two women’s
voices that you can actually hear on the radio. Brandi take it from me now. [LAUGHTER] I’m not much on talking. Amanda gave me a call. And we started putting
together this group of women that we love to try and
represent more women and girls voices in country music. On country music, yeah,
on spaces because what I don’t understand– so
on country music stations, like you are one of the highest
selling artists, right, Maren? You’re doing very, very well. And yet, they don’t
play you on the radio. Is that correct? They play me. But when you compare it
to some of my male peers, it’s pretty staggering still. Yeah. And I’m one of the
few lucky girls that gets played
on country radio. We’re just trying
to change that. Yeah. She’s still helping us. Yeah, well, we
should change that. That’s amazing. I mean, there are amazing
singers out there. So, OK– so it was
your idea to do it. You called– was
it Brandi first? I called our
producer, Dave Cobb. And I told him the idea and
the intention behind it. And he said the
person you should work with is Brandi Carlile. And I said great. And he gave me your number. And I’m a huge
Brandi Carlile fan. Me, too. And like the idea of calling
somebody without knowing them is not me. And so six months later,
he was like what’s going on with The Highwomen. Did you talk to Brandi? I was like, I feel like
one day we’ll meet. And he said, I have this
event at the basement east in Nashville. And she’s going to be there. I’m going to go, and you’re
going to come with me. And then you’re
going to meet her. And I said I’ll go. And we’ll see what
happens after that. And the minute that I saw
her, I just went up to her. I just– I don’t know something,
not inner peace, but just OK, here it goes came over me. And it was probably
not the best timing because she was
about to go on stage. And I just blurted out
all up in her face, I said, hi, I’m Amanda Shires. I want to start a band called
The Highwomen with you. And take it from there, Brandi. I said, yes. And here we are. So, Maren, who would you– I know that you
wanted– and they had to beg you,
Natalie, I understand. Why did they beg you? Well, you know what,
I’ve been writing songs for a long time in
Nashville for like 20 years. And I’m not stupid. I’m like what kind of
red tape does this mean? I was like I don’t even
have a manager or anything. And they’re like,
well, that’s OK. We have managers. And so then Brandi was
like, well, here’s– I’ll let you in on
a little secret. It looks like we
might be getting to play with Dolly at Newport. And I was like,
oh, well, I’m in. So Dolly Parton, that is. Even though Dolly
Parton was not in. That was just a lure. [LAUGHTER] So but that’s what
you would like, right? Maren, you’d like to see
Dolly Parton join this? Oh my god, I mean, just
performing with her a few weeks ago
with these girls, we all kind of felt like, well,
we just sang with Dolly Parton and should we Thelma and
Louise it and just all jump off a cliff? [LAUGHTER] I’d also like to see
Ellen joins this band. [APPLAUSE] Yeah. Yeah. That’s right. I want to thank The Highwomen. I’m one of them. I’d like to thank all of us. Cardi B, Chance the Rapper,
T.I., and Nacho Figueras. I’ll see you tomorrow. Be kind to one another. Bye bye.


What two women was she talking about them only playing on country radio? (I don't listen to country much, but I actually like them and they sound really good together). My guesses are Taylor swift & Carrie Underwood , but I'm not sure if they actually play TS on country stations or not …

Hope you women make it big,knowing dolly and Ellen, just put you in a huge spotlight ,country music is big here in upstate New York ,Syracuse never fails to attract the big acts,I would even go and I love heavy metal ,rome new york

I cam from Ethiopia i see the ferst tim Ellen shaw . I love you the shaw i rely lov wthit people Subscribe me gus

Country music has roots in bigoted beliefs, misogyny, and racism. I’m so glad people like Dolly Parton and these ladies are evolving the genre. Not everyone is a straight white overly religious male who lives in a bigoted town with bigoted beliefs. Country music is for everyone!!!!

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Yes, there is inequality towards women in country music, particularly on the radio. BUT, There are plenty of women in country music. We need more people of colour in country music! It's one of the least racialy diverse genres out there.

The Highwomen CD has been 2 weeks No. 1 in Country Billboards.
No shortage of talent in that scenario. For those that don’t know them:

Maren Morris: 1 Academy of Country Music Awards, 2 APRA Music Awards, 2 Billboard Music Awards, 1 Country Music Association Awards and 1 Grammy.

Brandi Carlile: 3 Grammys, 1 Americana Music Honors and Awards, 1 UK Americana Awards and probably the most amazing voice and songwriting nowadays.

Amanda Shires: 1 Grammy, 2 Americana Music Honors and Awards, 1 UK Americana Awards

Nathalie Hemby: songwriter with more than 40 well known titles and several hits.
It is, indeed, a supergroup.

Not really a fan of country, but def. a fan of what these ladies are setting out to accomplish. Also huge fan of Brandi’s solo work.

I thought they were The Highwaywomen. Maybe the one who is too timid to speak on camera is not the best one to be in a group promoting the strong women of country. What's her deal? Or is that just her thing to get herself noticed?

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