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(guitar music) – For a minute, it sounded
like Guitar Center 1988. It was like a full… – [Man] Ah, yeah. (guitar music) – [Man] So the opening, I’m
gonna try to do a harmony, so what have you got for the main melody? – So… Yeah, yep – [Man] Let me ask you a
question, the melody itself, the front, how much liberty is there? Meaning, when you go like… ♪ Duh duh duh duh duh ♪ – I’m just trying to remember
how to play the right notes. ♪ Duh duh duh ♪ – [Man] If we want to get it
really right, could we do… Instead of going… (guitar music) Could we just go… (guitar music) – So that’s the original, right? – [Man] That’s the original. (guitar music) – Got it. How long were you gonna wait before you told us we
were playing it wrong? (laughing) – I was waiting for the tuning. – Don’t be polite! – He knew none of those were the take. – I’ll let these guys hang out. I’ll let these guys hang out for awhile. – [Man] Can we get Brad in to play? – Yes! – How are you? – ‘Sup brother? – Good to see you. – I’m glad you could make it. Guys, Brad. – [Man] Hey, what’s goin’ on, man? – You the stunt guy? (laughing) What we’re doing is so specific to us, it’d be great if somebody
did some beautiful… – [Man] There we go. – Just sprinkle some fairy dust on it. – There we go. Anything… That’s what it’s been missing. (guitar music) – Ramin, lead the charge. – One, two, three, four, five, six. (“Game of Thrones Main
Theme” by Ramin Djawadi) (applause) – That was awesome! Thank you, everybody.


This is why my dream is to become a guitarist ever since I was a kid. The best motherfucking job in the whole wide world…these bad-asses gets paid for just playing and having so much fun ! Lucky bastards…:))

This collab right here makes me truly realize that music is my passion. Sitting around with great musicians just making new things naturally. One of the best feelings you can get from music( also new found respect for brad paisley, not really much of a country fan but he did good here )

U can't have 6 heavy rock electric guitars playing at the same time, it'll sound like crap.

These guys: hold my strat

Yes… but… The Epic Revolutionary Paradigm shifting single that Forever Disproves Defeats & Destroys the Heliocentric Spinning Globe Fairy-tale theory blind faith Religion, with verifiable empirical scientific facts.. "Wake up, You're only Dreaming".

The theme itself is absolutely great. But what these guys played there… indescribable great! Could listen to it again and again.

Totally could have recognized Nuno and Morello's playing with my eyes closed. Paisley was a surprise. Dan Weiss is a way better guitar player than showrunner.

As music shop jams go, it sure beats the piss out of High Fidelity by those pesky kids! Thank you, I'm here all week for outdated pop culture references.

Is there a way anyone could make this (from 2:02 on) into a ringtone and release that in the apple iTunes Store? That would be great!

Showed this to George R. R. Martin, now he just finished writing The Winds of Winter.

Who am I kidding… he will never finish it.

I love this…but being a Gibson man myself can we get them to post a response video? Battle of the single coil vs the humbuckers? Fender guys – throw out a challenge! LOL

Brad: Hi. Yes. My name is Brad. I uhh, play country music. Yea. That's a Tele.
Everyone else: pff
Brad: 5:14
Everyone else: shockedpikachu.jpg

Here's for all who witness! Behold! Ramin of the Black Watch! Lord Scott Stark, The Timekeeper! Tommon 'The Enslaver' Targaryen! Ser Nuno Of House Lannister! Brad The Elegant, of the Midlands! and Dan The Weiss, Lore Master Of The East Coast!

Everybody here before the jam "I'm so good at guitar. No one else here can touch me."
Everybody after the jam "Wow. I was just part of something so much bigger than myself…"

Аж мурашки идут по коже от такой бешенной энергетики этих парней.Браво!)

Die Jungs für sich sind alle einsame Spitze…, zusammen ist das nur einziger Gitarrenbrei. Sorry, kann ich nix mit anfangen, bzw. macht mich Null an 😊

I think they were all shocked by Brad P! Love the smirk on the Human Metronome’s face when Brad P was doing his thing. Scott Ian and Brad P were the stars here!

2 guitarists in my book you can AWLAYS tell apart from their unique style. Tom Morello and Carlos Santana. they've made the unique sound of their guitar cries a part of their own sound. love this.

I've watched this so many times and i'm still floored by Brad Paisley and the interplay between him and Nuno… I honestly think i would love to see those two do more stuff together.

This must be my 234th time listening this. And the feel is same as that of Jhon Snow coming back from death.

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