The Clues: Tree | Season 2 Ep. 5 | THE MASKED SINGER

[music playing] TREE: I was so proud of
my last round’s work. (SINGING) Had to have high– Come on! I even jingle-jangled
with a festive twerk. Woo! TREE: I’m not a regular tree. I’m a cool tree. It’s time to tell you
about my family history. She plays the piano. Listen to that music. Is that, like, country? TREE: My daddy’s a tinsel,
and my mama’s pom-pom. Mix them together,
it’s a holiday rom-com. Growing up, they told
me to be true to myself. I’ve always been
their favorite elf. Elf? Zooey Deschanel. TREE: They encouraged
me to share all the gifts that I owned. They never made me feel
like I was left home alone. So sang at the White House. TREE: So ever since
then, I’ve added wicked flare, more
glow, trying to be as colorful as a fruitcake, yummo. Yummo. Food reference again. TREE: I hope tonight’s
performance will earn me gifts and not lumps of coal. So sit back and
relax as I perform a song by late queen of soul.

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