The Clues: Tree | Season 2 Ep. 1 | THE MASKED SINGER


I agree with the Ana Gasteyer guesses. Biggest clues: "Dish" + "Delicious" = "Delicious Dish," Ana's most famous SNL sketch. She also has a Christmas album coming out this year and starred in "A Christmas Story Live!" in 2017.

I"m going with Cybill Shepherd. I don't think she's ever performed live. (Singing) She had her own series. Voice doesn't sound like her but she's old now so her voice probably no longer sounds the same. We'll see! XD

Though we have "dish it out". It's NOT a cook, would be too obvious. Who dishes it out better than Wendy Williams is… Kathy Lee Gifford. (MOMMY!) XD

I really like the Ana Gasteyer theory. The close up on 30 cause of SNL. She played Martha Stewart. Schweddy Balls. Plus the tree could be a reference to the infamous Jingle Bell Rock from Mean Girls? Was the car she was put in a Chevrolet? Close up on sugar cause of her Sugar & Booze album WHICH IS A JAZZ XMAS ALBUM. Fire bell cause she emceed the Fire Island Dance Festival. Famous family is definitely the SNL crew if it is her. The only thing is it didn’t really sound as good as Ana is on the live performance…. HMMMMN.

My guess–Tricia Yearwood. Her jazz album was released this year and before that she made a Christmas album . She has a cooking show on Food Network. She will be hosting the CMA Christmas special this year. She was one of "30" artists selected to perform Forever Country, celebrating 51 years of the CMA Awards. Been on the music scene for quite a while but I don't know of any recent hits.

Candace Cameron baked sweets for the food channel "delish" & is part of the hallmark channel.
With xmas movies on her belt.
I also believe she has famous people in her family.
Candace cameron is my guess.

The mom from chirstmas vacation? Beverly dangelo. She sings jazz and chirstmas vacation was 30 years ago and i only watch it during December

Carla Hall. She once brought a Christmas tree in dress form from HomeGoods. The holidays are important to because the family is gathering together. She highly enjoys holiday cooking especially baking cookies. She was on the chew of course after being on top chef. She loves Jazz music too.

I think it’s Ayesha Curry. Clues-the number on her storage was “30”/Steph’s jersey number and they did a close up on the number when she said “I’m more than one thing that you know me for”, she’s only really talked about once a year (during playoffs/finals) and then put in storage, she’s a cook and likes for people to gather around and stop/breathe (she mentioned in a commercial once), and the voice sounds good, but not professional (like shower singing or singing around the house).

Patti LaBelle.
Her Sweet Potato Pies are the tie in to the holidays.
Plus, she was on Dancing With The Stars. Last year 2/3 of the Masked Singers had already been on DWTS.

Yep. Definitely Ana. Between her voice, the 30, and she mentions DISH and DELICIOUS, and the Schweddy balls skit is called Delicious Dish and takes place at Christmas…

Spencer from Screen Junkies said it's Ayesha Curry, because we see her once a year during NBA playoffs, when they pack her away, it's next to the number 30, which is Steph's number, and she's really big on cooking. I can't see anything other than Ayesha now lol.

The Tree could be Molly Shannon, the 30 on the building could be a reference to Studio 30 where SNL is filmed and that's a classic TV show. The baking thing could be a reference to that classic Chrismas skit she was in with Alec Baldwin. The tree hugging thing is a reference to Superstar. Thinking of her once a year could be the Rockefeller tree lighting or that NBC airs those classic Christmas skits once a year.

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