The Clues: Thingamajig | Season 2 Ep. 1 | THE MASKED SINGER


It's Victor Olidipo because on the cupcake it has his number on it
He also said keep up the pace
Maybe referring to the team he plays for the Pacers

I think its Dak Prescott. His voice kinda sounds like him and they showed a blue #4 at the end which is his jersey number for the cowboys

This is so much fun already! I was so convinced he was Wayne Brady, I don’t think so now.😆 I love his voice either way!

Either Victor Oladipo or Chris Webber. Both players had number 4 on their teams and both are in the height range for Thingamajig

Yes, this has to be Victor Oladipo. He obviously wears sneakers and said something about (Orlando) Magic, (Indiana) Pace(rs) and people maybe not thinking singing is his thing. But maybe more importantly, he’s tall enough and he sounds like the Thingamajig.

I Think It’s Victor Oladipo. He’s Tall. The 4 Represents His Jersey Number And His Birthday On March 4th. He Said The Feathery Kind And I’m Thinking It’s A Reference To Chewbacca Because Of His Birthday Which Is On StarWars Day.

Victor oladipo on the preview the Chewbacca clue his birthday is May 4th, international star wars day, his suit is pacers colors, there's a tear where Victor oladipo tore his quad. He has glasses on he's a spokesmodel for Bose eyewear, he's #4 , also his mom's 4th child. Yes, he's a twin but he was born last making him her 4th child, he was drafted by the magic in 2013, he hashtags everything feathery life so there's feathers. Also thingamajig looks like he has large feet victor wears a 16.

For sure it's Victor Oladipo. The obvious clues is the #4 which is his number in the Pacers and also the basketball shoes shown. The wings on the case could represent that he's signed with the Jordan shoe brand, the feathers also could represent how he 'flys' associated to dunking, and the magic case… He played for the Orlando Magic. Don't forget there's so many videos of him singing!

I tried googling this guy and I have no clue who he is. I'm glad the comments spoiled it because I would have been really disappointed.

Come on you all, keep up the pace. Oladipo’s an Indiana Pacer that won the NBA talent competition for his singing. This was the easiest one of the night.

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