The Clues: Taco | Season 3 Ep. 4 | THE MASKED SINGER


Tom Bergeron

"Been in your home for decades"

VHS tapes = America's Funniest Home Videos
Rubik's cube = Hollywood Squares
Anchor= radio show host
Trolley= he recorded a song for a Mr. Rogers' special

Anchor- Captain Phillips
Trolley – Mr Rogers
To Enchiladas and beyond – Toy story
Here I go as fast as I can- Catch me if you can

I feel last masked standing was said to throw us off thinking its Tim Allen but really it may be his toy story co star Tom Hanks!!
And according to research he just learned how to solve a rubiks cube.

Hector Elizando! he's cuban – rubix cube, trolley – princess diaries, enchilada and beyond is a reference to tim allen who is his costar on last man standing. he also said last mask standing which is a reference to himself on the show. Also, there was an anchor and the name hector means anchor. Thank you for coming to my tedtalk

Hector Elizondo!! Tim Allen would be a super obvious guess. Hector was in Princess diaries and the movie took place in San Francisco, clue also said he has plenty of spice, he is Puerto Rican and Spanish..

Torn between Tom Bergeron, Tim Allen, Seth McFarlande (spelt that wrong) but they all have good voices and they all know how to throw their voices. Good pics either way it goes.

Main guesses:
– Tim Allen or Hector Elizando (Mainly in reference to 'Enchilada and Beyond' and 'Last Mask Standing')
– Tom Hanks (Also could be 'Enchilada and Beyond')
– John Lithgow (IDK sounds like him)
– Tom Bergeron (No idea who that is, but some people think that)
– Victor Garber (Also sounds like it could be him. Similar sounding speaking voice to John Lithgow)

I personally don't think it's Tim Allen, any clips of him singing you can absolutely tell because his voice sounds just like he speaks (Look at him singing I got you, Babe from Home Improvement)

Tom Bergeron was a host of AFV (the tapes, was a DJ is the coastal area of New Hampshire where he gained popularity (the anchor), was a host of Hollywood Squares (the rubicks cube), and sang songs in the new Mr. Rogers movie (the trolley)

Taco is Tim Allen! I would think his clues were overwhelmingly obvious! "To enchiladas and beyond" is a reference to Toy Story which Tim Allen was a character; and when he says, "I want to be the last mask standing" that's definitely speaking of his TV sitcom Last Man Standing!

The "comforting part of your lives for decades" clue was that he's been on TV since the '80s (when he started out on WBZ in Boston).

It’s either Ted Danson or Tim Allen. Too many references for both of them for it not to be one of the two. I really hope it’s Ted and I had thought so since the whole good place reference plus the trolly being a theme in tgp, but the references to last man standing and Toy story make me think it’s tim now.

My first guess was Ted Danson because of the “good place” comment, but now I’m on Team Bergeron. The trolly looks like the Mr Rogers trolly and Tom Bergeron sang on the Thank You My Rogers CD.

100% Tom Bergeron
All clues match him
Anchor= he anchored morning news
Rubiks cube= Hollywood squares/game show host
Many seasonings= many seasons host of DWTS
Clues about mild routine and not spicy are nods to dance routines (DWTS) and how he was against Spicer as a dancer on last season!!!!
He says I'm running as fast as I can and his book is I'm hosting as fast as I can.
The trolley from Mr Rogers because Tom did the album!!!
The voice…mannerisms..all TOM👍👍👍

Who is designing these ridiculous costumes?? Each season, they look more and more like they were designed by reject Japanese anime artists. All the faces on these things look like they were drawn on by foreigners. I know 12-year-olds who could design better costumes than this. As a matter of fact, I could probably assemble a team of a dozen people in less than two days who would be willing to design them for free just to work on the masked singer. Honestly, they are god awful!

Honestly I knew it was Tom Bergeron when I heard him. I knew it was from the tv shows I watched as a child – Dancing With The Stars and AFV

Just from his voice I feel it’s “ William Shatner” he was “Captain Kurk” so the infinity and beyond could be a reference to Star Trek. He walked, and danced like Shatner. I’m sure I’m waaaay off, but like I said his voice alone makes me think it’s him.

My wild card guess would be Dave Coulier. The trolley would match up for Full House and he was the host of America's Funniest People. That would make sense for the videotapes. Not sure how the Rubik's Cube fits in but who knows?

I know there is a lot of VHS cassette tapes, and so people think America's Funniest Home Videos…. but there was a San Fran trolley, and there was a show that tried to "knock off" AFV, so I"m thinking Dave Collier (although, I will admit that I'm really thinking Tom Bergereon is a good guess too)

The taco is Hector Elizondo. Last Man Standing and he wore a toupee in early acting shows. I said earlier Tim Allen and he could sing. And the last clues point to him.

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