The Clues: Skeleton | Season 2 Ep. 1 | THE MASKED SINGER


It's between Dana Carvy, David Spade, or Garret Morris. Too many SNL references to be a coincidence. Although, Alex Winter is a good guess considering the new Bill & Ted movie being released next year.

Tim Burton the penguins on the sweaters for his batman movie and the fireplace reminds me of alice in wonderland. Plus Jack Skellington.

Am hoping it is John Lithgow. He was nominated twice for best supporting actor. He was also in the Santa Claus movie as the badie. 🤔

The way he said party on dudes makes me think it is Garth from Wayne's World plus he doesn't over eat and has always played the side kick…….
don't care want it to be John lol

I think its Alex Winter. He's been around the block a few times and has opened many doors. That's about the phone booth time machine from Bill and Ted. Then he's not afraid of death. Well didn't they face death or some creepy dude in one of the movies? And he said party on! Well that's something they'd say! 2nd fiddle, was that reference to being not leD guitar but rhythm guitar for Wyld Stallyns? 🤔

Dana Carvey. He had a heart attack so there's the no fear of death. Played second fiddle to Mike Myers and The party on dudes reference. He's also a old school rock and rap fan. A drummer and has done singing.

I think it’s Dan Akroyd, he did the wild and crazy guys snl skit, he has crystal head vodka which is a skull, and the party on dudes Wayne’s world reference is to throw off people to think it’s a diff snl Star

This is Teller from Penn and Teller! He was always second fiddle to Penn and he did a special on near death experiences. Also, he's a magician!

I say Dan Akroyd. The two in the "Blues Brothers" getup playing the violin, the bluesy music, and "WILLD AND CRAAAZY GUYS!" was the catchphrase of the two brothers Steve Martin and Dan Akroyd played on old school SNL.

Paul Shaffer for certain! The band music during this segment is a big give away, plus the snl reference, second fiddle to Letterman. His size fits too. Martin Short gave up show business after his wife died, I doubt he would be making death jokes.

I mean its gotta be Dana Carvey he had that heart surgery and party on is from his movie Wayne’s World where he plays “second fiddle” to Mike Myers Wayne

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