The Clues: Panda | Season 2 Ep. 2 | THE MASKED SINGER


Its Laila Ali. The worlds greatest. Her daddy Muhammad Ali!! She sure loved her father. Awwww. Makes me tear up. 💞💞💞

Panda: This is no match for me.
Me: Okay so it's someone involved in boxing obviously.
Judges: Tennis!!
Me: . . . .confusion

It's Laila Ali, it has to be.

LAILA ALI!!! World’s greatest….did you see the bumble bee go across the ground?? Her dad’s famous line “fly like a butterfly, sting like a bee!” So many big hints. Gotta be her!

Her voice is so recognizable, so once you hear her sing it's not difficulg to guess it was her. Plus the nod to her "papa bear", the bee reference and talking about matches. This 1 was super easy.

I was totally thinking it was her, but I couldn't get the name in my head but I had the vision of who under Panda. The clues that stood out was match and the cook books because I know she can cook, and do a match or 100 of them so lol. Anyways it was a cute performance.

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