The Clues: Monster | Season 1 Ep. 6 | THE MASKED SINGER


some one please talk me out of thinking this is Roy Jones Jr. (Fighther, Broadcaster, people turned on him, he was at his high in the boxing game before people turned on him. lastly he is a good singer. alright ok singer and Rapper. But he is not the greatest talker.

T pain for sure or ceelo. This guy is good at not blowing his cover. Why can’t everyone of the contestants be as secretive as the monster!

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I'm still not sure who it is but damn that was the dopest performance on the show yet! 🎤👹 (besides Gladys of course!) 😉🎤🐝😁

I think it is Michael Strahan. Listen for the slight lisp. When he left Live! With Kelly and Michael, Kelly Ripa defended hi and the headline was "Michael Strayhan is no monster!" And the gap teeth on the costume is an easy clue.

T-Pain didnt try to make his clues hard to guess at all….the gaming, bar/bartender, auto tune machine, teddy bear (Teddy Pain), Golf Cart references (Google T-Pain Golf in regards to his accident), etc.., WOW! Like if you will be completely shocked if its not him! 😑

Ok it’s obviously Kenan Thompson, the head set represents the movie he was in GoodBurger. And it literally sounds like him

Y'all quit guessing Kevin Hart and Michael Strahan, Monster's height is listed as 5'8" and Kevin is only 5'4" (on a good day lol 😄💜 you Kevin!) And Michael is very tall, he's 6'5". T-Pain is 5'8".

I'll honestly be shocked if it's anybody other than T-Pain. ☺ The clues all point to him the most, and it sounds like him. I'm so glad he did this show, proving to people who don't think he can really sing that yes, he CAN sing. T-Pain has a really beautiful and soulful voice. He's my best guess. 😊 And Monster has the judges the most stumped, for sure. Nick is the only one who may have figured it out.

Side note: I really want a Monster Plushie doll, please! Lol 😄

I know it’s T-pain, he refers to himself as little teddy in one of his songs, he said he is going to do a song no one expects because he is r&b.. it’s obvious to me

The security guards where wearing sunglasses and top hats…. who's known for top hats and sunglass look t pain… and a huge smile showing off his grill

the biggest plot twist in history, would be everyone expecting the monster to be T pain, but it turns out it was someone else

How can you not hear T-Pain?? I totally get that Freaknik vibe and I am here for it! Totally underrated artist (and musical) ♡

If you know anything about T-Pain he has a video game player online many references to video games. He is also known as Teddy pain so that’s why we have the teddy bear. There were also man standing behind him at a bar dressed up as T-Pain black top hat white ring sunglasses and a set of grills.

Maybe it’s Savage. He has a song called swing. And in one of the previous clues. There was a picture of Uluru which Is in Australia. And it’s close to NZ ahah.

that ladies n gentlemen is the one and only Cee Lo Green! Standing in front of the pink diner is from his music video "f*** you"

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