The Clues: Leopard | Season 2 Ep. 2 | THE MASKED SINGER


It could be Seal because one of the newspapers said ‘out of hits, out of time’ which could be in reference to kiss from a Rose and other hits from Seal. He also was married to Heidi Klum, and he’s English so that could explain the accent.

Others have said and I agree that it's prolly Seal. Leopards have spots, Seal has distinct facial markings…newspaper said Runway, his ex was a model and host of Project Runway. Headlines refers that marriage, and the pillow fight signals to him and his ex having a domestic flight that was a scandal some years ago. Also, the whole royalty thing can signal to the term "royal SEAL"

Dennis Rodman. Clues: he can survive anywhere, even under harsh conditions. Dennis has visited North Korea many times. No one could touch him- He was known as "The Rebound King". He doesn't care about what he's wearing, or what people think of his relationships- Dennis used to wear dresses, and is a friend of Kim Jun Un, dictator of North Korea. The Secret Service agents in his clue video- US citizens are forbidden to go to North Korea unless they have permission from the government. He was able to. His height- Nick Cannon is 6 feet tall. Leopard towers over him. Dennis is 6'7. His Leopard costume and female voice- His costume looked like a ball gown, and his voice was feminine, until he sang. Dennis wore dresses, and his sexuality has always been the object of speculations…

For all those think this could be SEAL it would make sense as there is a type of seal in the world call the Leopard Seal so a slight pun the the guy's name.

I'd say Seal. The newspaper headline at the start of the clues package has the word 'Crazy' (one of his hit songs). He talks about having been at the top if his career, which he once was very popular in the music industry. And says that there's more focus on his celebrity, perhaps scandal? Which if you remember not long ago he had some beef, ranting about Stacey Dash and defending Oprah? Hmmm and then there's the British accent and the sound of the voice. Gotta be him.

i know this is most likely wrong but i was thinking Rami Malek because the way the Leopard is holing the mic in the clues and the mic its self is the same way Freddie Mercury held his mic and how it looked and the costume screams queen

Some of the clues point to it possibly being an athlete. "Crazy Game Ends With Win For The Leopard". The newspaper's date is April 30th (possibly 20th) 2015. My wife thinks its Dennis Rodman, but he retired long before that, and there was no NBA playoff games either the 20th or 30th. The date and "heavy hitter" clue make me think baseball player or some sort of fighter.

he clearly is british, though.. "behind this mAsk'.. don't think it's Rodman or Rupaul.
the only person mentionned here being british is Seal, so it could be him, even if the voice is a bit deeper

This has to be Seal. He's definitely singing with a little more accent in his performances because I think he knows he'll be caught if he sings normally, but if you've been listening to to his music for a while you can hear the parts of his voice that he can't hide (like his rasp). If you listen to his cover of "I can't stand the rain", I think it'll become clear.
There's also the clues they've provided. One of the main pointers is the "I've been seen with the president" clue. I think this is a reference to 2 or so months ago to when Donald Trump gave a speech in front of a fake presidential "Seal" to his supporters.
There's also the newspaper headline that mentions The Leopard being victorious in a "crazy" game. I believe this could be a prediction rather than a reference to the past, as the game could refer to The Masked Singer and the newspaper could be about the Leopard winning it at the end? I also think they intentionally chose the word "crazy" as a hint at one of Seal's most famous hits of the same name.
The celebrity aspect and scandal that he mentions may refer to his split with his ex-wife Heidi Klum, the "heavy-hitter" comment refers to his hit songs, he chose to sing a Queen song as he's performed with them before, he said after his performance that he chose to be The Leopard because they are "divine" which also could be a reference to his song "Love's Divine", he mentions that he's caught some heat for what he wears which could be referring to people making fun of him for wearing nail polish (You can see this on some episodes of The Voice: Australia), Seal is also British which would also make sense as the Leopard has an exaggerated English accent, the Leopard is also very tall (which the judges noticed before the performance) which would match up to Seal's height of around 6"2.
Not to mention the significance of his costume. Leopards have very recognisable markings, arguably one of the most well known in the animal kingdom. I think this is a metaphor for the scars on Seal's face, which are a huge part of his identity. The Leopard costume also makes sense, as their is a species of seal called the Leopard Seal.

I'm sure he will do well in this competition as he is an incredible singer. I'm thrilled he's a part of it.

Adore Delano. There is a huge "J'adore" on the wall. And he has also a song "I adore you". He was in top 3 in Rupaul Drag Race. Also American Idol. Edit: I just listened Leopard and he is a baritone. So I give up 🙂

I would like to point out to anyone who didn’t notice..that newspaper on the bench says ‘out of hits, out of time’. So if you ask me it’s a musician. But athlete could work too I suppose. The other newspaper also says ‘The Runaway’. Could be talking about the movie..or a song title? Or literally being a runaway? Sounds just like Seal when singing. But at this point it’s anyone’s guess.

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