The Clues: Ladybug | Season 2 Ep. 1 | THE MASKED SINGER


I think it's Lisa Marie Presley. I'm still researching clues, but it certainly sounds like her voice. Born in to the limelight, lots of gossip and drama over the years, daughter of the King of Rock & Roll and married to the King of Pop at one point, Elvis loved ham hocks and southern cooking; the dog holding 3 letters could be a reference to her father and music? Hound Dog and her 3 albums – the 1st was called To Whom It May Concern, their family likes baseball….still searching for more clues

One clue could be as i did cheat and looked it up was the Ksor Tv is a real radio station Located around Oregon and California and is it Jefferson Public Radio so i think that is a clue and this is my thought is that the Wheel and the pictures are clues to who she is and maybe the order of the props that were shown is a clue as well.

It's Kelly Osbourne!! Ham: Ozzy threw a ham at the neighbors, Bridge: London Bridge, Judge hammer: Kelly's been a judge on many shows, dog: animal lover but mainly dogs, black baseball bat: Ozzy bit the head off of a bat, Police car: her brother Jack is a reserved officer, Pumpkin: is her new hair color, Skull: Prince of Darkness, Scorpion: she's a Scorpio her birthday is October 27. Plus not to mention being born in the spotlight means famous family plus her singing career. I'm a metalhead and I've watched The Osbournes a lot when I was a teenager. British people cover their accents with a southern accent like Andrew Lincoln did for The Walking Dead.

It sounds like Kelly Osborn and the clues match family always in spotlight for drama. It shows a ham on the wheel they spin and Sharon through a ham over the fence at her neighbor then it lands on a baseball bat and Ozzy bit the head off of a bat. It is Kelly Osborn and she has the perfect build for it and she can sing not perfect but well. I guessed this as soon as they started saying the clues and as soon as she sung I was for sure.

Is it crazy to think Kim kardashian? “The media is always keeping up with my gossip and family feud.”

Keeping Up is a nod to the show and Kim and kanye are obsessed with family feud. Plus, Kim had a brief music career…

I think it's Mariska Hargitay.She's from a famous family too. Her mom was an actress & her birthday is in January.If you look at her outfit there's garnets on it.That's January's birthstone.

If you listen to her covers of Total Eclipse of the Heart another Bonnie Tyler cover. And her cover of Pappa don't preach you can hear it's Kelly Osbourne.
All the clues and the voice are there.

Why is Kelly Osbourne the Ladybug? So many clues. TV Drama, family feuds on TV, having people watching them like a live audience. The bat, Ozzy bit the head off a bat. Another obscure fact Sharon and Ozzy sang Take Me Out To The Ball Game at a cubs game once. Scorpion she is a Scorpio Oct 27. Jack O Lantern is Jack her brother. Gavel she got arrested for slapping someone in a nightclub once, resulting in legal issues. Police car – fashion police. Toy dogs she is synonymous for them Minnie in particularly, there is even a stuffed dog with her name on it on sale. Skulls, tattooed on the top of her both feet and she has a punk clothing line as well with all kinds of skulls on the pieces. The bridge thing is a reference to a famous landmark she was born in Westminster not too far away from the bridge in Westminster Hosp.  Very famous landmark. The ham, LOL my fav episode of the Osbournes with Sharon and the ham assault on the neighbors with a huge bone-in ham …Wheels,  is all about her attending the Wheels opening with a pile of other celebs. HAHAHAHAHAHA. judged harshly… her anonymity is comforting because they can't judge her for who she is we have to judge her on talent. Then…the thing that is always accurate I close my eyes and see kelly singing. I can hear Kelly's voice There is another that I am 100 percent certain who it is but we will post over at the butterfly page. All bets are off I nailed this one with very little to go on even. I think she may be going soon she is a pretty good singer and I adore her but she is no Michell Williams I would NOT want to be up against that lady OMG!

im pretty sure its Kelly Osbourne. Her accent sounded british to me not southern. Also those red lips give it away. Also very fashionable. Comes from a famous family….The Osbournes.

Mariska Hargitay is a good guess.She's had a
lifetime of drama& her mother was Jane Mansfield
Only thing it doesn't sound like her singing voice

I mean maybe Mariska Hargitay she has a famous family her dads a former Mr Universe and her moms a hollywood bombshell and shes a emmy award winning actress

Is the Southern accent real? That's an easy thing to fake to help disguise yourself. With the pitch change over that it's a hell of a disguise.

I think it's Maureen McCormick. She was on family feud, loves pumpkin spice, has been a judge, dog= From the show Brady Kids-"who was that dog?", San francisco bridge (was on the streets of San Francisco also was in a beauty pageant in San Fernando, Sydney, Australia bridge- banned from socialising with her I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here located in sydney, police car- revealed her parents nearly handed her over to police because of her cocaine addiction and tons more…

Ashley Olsen- my sister and I are certain it’s her.

1.) san fran bay bridge- in the credits of full house

2.) the ham hock, the guy chomped on it the way Michelle did in that scene

3.) “born into the limelight” they legit got casted as Michelle as a baby

4.) family drama, people tuned in, wanted to know what the family was up to. Not only was Full House super popular, a show people tuned into- people have also been wondering what the twins have been up to and why they aren’t going on Fuller House.

5.) the judges gabble- because everyone has been judging them for years

6.) I am sure for obvious reasons they may have felt they have had bad luck all their lives, and because they didn’t have a choice on whether or not they were child stars.

7.) Ashley has the deeper voice

8.) Ashley dressed as a Ladybug for Halloween 2014. The pumpkin is a staple of Halloween.

9.) The last thing they acted in, in 2003, was a movie. The Challenge. What was it about? Them getting onto a reality show. A game show-esque reality show.

10.) I forgot. My sister pointed out the dog- it is specifically a golden colored dog.

11.) cop car- they were arrested years ago which made news. Could also be linked to the judges gabble.

12.) the skull- people have speculated at some point they died (like all celebrities) but have also said they look dead now.

13.) Baseball bat, could be a reference to It Takes Two.

Now we wait to see how right/wrong I am.

Guys, come on. Vanna White!!!! YEARS of being judged after “spinning her wheels”??! . Wanting to do her own thing??? Clues date all her travels…..her “family feuds” (gameshow reference)??? Gotta be!

That's Kelly Osbourne because 1) that accent is fake and British people tend to fake a be very thick southern accent 2) the dog she's an animal lover 3)her dad bit the bats head off 4) On the Osbournes her and her mom was throwing food at the neighbors because they were being loud and obnoxious . Her mom threw a ham over the fence.

Could it be Ireland Baldwin? She was born in the limelight to famous parents and there was a lot of drama during the divorce when her dad called her a pig (which the ham could be alluding to.)

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