The Clues: Ice Cream | Season 2 Ep. 1 | THE MASKED SINGER


Its ninja the gamer/streamer as u can tell by the karate (basically ninja) and if u think about it most parents disagree when there child says they want to be a gamer and he proved them wrong

I just witnessed it and it was Ninja, his singing voice sounds so different than his real voice that I thought he was someone else.

Watched the Masked Singer season 2 premiere with the entire family! My brother recognized Ninja, and when mom asked if he watches him, he said, "Oh no, I hate him." xD

I was watching this tonight and when the hosts said they thought it was a YouTuber, I jokingly said ”iT’S NINJA” but when they took off the mask and it ended up actually being him, I cackled-

Why so many fake and attention craving comments like " You heard it first here, I'm telling you it's Ninja " when everyone already knows it cause he's been revealed already I hate this at every single unmasking Sshh people 😂

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