The Clues: Frog | Season 3 Ep. 5 | THE MASKED SINGER


Its Romeo. Master piece was a clue last week and a basketball this week . Master p played basketball for the hornet's and Toronto.

I saw the basketball. Bow Wow was in the movie Like Mike, which is of course a basketball movie. And I also saw CSI on the typewriter. And Bow Wow was also on CSI.

Watched the video..still didn’t have a clue. I knew I’d heard that voice before tho. Read the comments & rewatched….🗣dasss Shad!

Bow Wow we know it’s you. CSI you was on one of the spin-offs that got canceled. You was on 106 and park. The basketball can be from Like Mike. Said something about croaked which can be from the Bow Wow challenge 😂. We know Bow Wow is the frog just like we know the turtle is Jesse McCartney

For anyone not believing its Bow Wow, here are some of the clues to match him that I caught:
$106 = Was a host on 106 and Park
Mike with Like symbol = his movie Like Mike
Prince = Prince of L.A.
CSI = CSI Cyber
Basketball = Like Mike and Basketball fan
Doggy bag = second album Doggy Bag
Hush puppies = referencing his former and current name (Lil) Bow Wow, maybe being discovered by Snoop Dogg at a young age.
$19.00 price tag = his fifth album The Price of Fame
If anybody has other clues I haven't caught, comment them.

It's Bow Wow. He played in CSI. He was in the movie Like Mike reference from the Basketball. He referred himself as Prince of the O town (Columbus, Ohio). He has been in the entertainment business for 19 years when it said FAME 19.00 also his album Price of Fame.

It’s not bow wow it little Romeo remember he play basketball in college plus he was on a crime science show plus he 5’8 and another master p his dad

I honestly think it could be TI. The accent sounds like him. He had a song with Destiny’s Child called Soldier. He was in American Gangster. He started selling mix tapes in 1996. He’s done music with Robin as well. I really feel like it could be him.

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