The Clues: Flamingo | Season 2 Ep. 6 | THE MASKED SINGER

[music playing] FLAMINGO (VOICEOVER):
After my last performance, I realized that
being the Flamingo is one of the greatest
opportunities of my life. [music – “footloose”] So I gotta cut loose, footloose. I mean, that voice. I mean, I was smiling so big
I think you broke my Botox. FLAMINGO (VOICEOVER):
[inaudible] the real truth is my story is not all fantasy. [inaudible] Mm, Spanish? FLAMINGO (VOICEOVER):
See, years ago, I started hating the sound of
my own voice, and being on stage became one of my biggest fears. Oh, man. Insecure. FLAMINGO (VOICEOVER):
But now, as the Flamingo, when I hear I’ve
done a good job, I’m re-learning how
to say thank you. And I’m reminded
that I can do it all. I’ve danced, sung, and
acted my way to the top. Triple threat. FLAMINGO (VOICEOVER):
So tonight, it’s going to just be me and my voice. And I’m finally OK with that. Thank you for helping
me see that this bird is anything but basic.

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