The Clues: Flamingo | Season 2 Ep. 2 | THE MASKED SINGER


Look I 1000% think that it’s Adrienne but our of curiosity is there anyone else it could be ? …….. I’m struggling to come up with anyone but Adrienne

Adrienne Bailon definitely! How she left her old career and does lifestyle videos on YouTube now. Also at 0:45 she’s holding a glow stick. Similar to what they use to draw the Mickey Mouse head when you’re watching Disney channel.

1000% Adrienne . I listen to her talk everyday, I know her vocabulary, the way she pronounces things, emphasizes certain words, how she modulates her voice with different intonations and feelings . And of course all the clues, her singing and her physique. Bam bam bam 💯💯💯💯💯

The flamingo is none other than Tameka "Tiny" Cottle from the group Xscape. Even though she said she is not a professional singer. Well she's not.

They were so off with their guesses. The only thing Nicole got right is the fact Adrienne used to be in a girl group. Jenny, please get your facts right it is Tamera on The Real not Tia and their voices are easily recognizable just like Adrienne's.

There's no way it's Adrienne. Not that Adrienne is over weight by any means, but the Flamingo is extremely petite, not too busty at all. I could be wrong, but I knew it was Layla Ali

It’s Adrienne she has beauty and lifestyle YouTube Channel. She just said on The Real that she was obsessed with Destiny’s Child and she just so happens to be close friends with Michelle Williams who is also one of the Masked Singers!! She gave up singing until she met Israel because she felt trapped!!! Duh!!! ❤️❤️❤️

That's definitely Adrienne Houghton……I watch her You Tube channel and she always starts it by saying "what's up everyone!" Her denial on the real was weak….its her!😂

yall know adriennes a hardcore christian
she got a youtube channel all things adrienne
she was trapped after being a cheetah girl at a young age
she hasnt had much of a music career so she might be reopening that chapter

It’s Adrienne for sure like she pulled out the cross necklace and she’s always saying tips and tricks on her YouTube videos

I agree with all of you: Adrienne! The book on the night stand: Spanish. I love this show!!! Take me out of my super busy career and Masters degree life and into something fun. 🙂 🙂

First time watcher yesterday (wife had it on) – and i caught some of the pink flamingo. I kept watching it because i was like, i think i know who that is. Sounded like Fergie to me. Then i start connecting some dots with some google searches. Here we go:
1) Song that Flamingo came out to was The Ting Tings "That not my name". One Lyric in that song is " They call me Stacey"
2) Zootube. FergieVeVu channel has 2.3 million subscribers – very close to what was listed in the clues section.
3) Fergie loves pink – go watch the Fergalicious video.
4) New beginnings – she got a divorce recently.
5) Wikipedia shows that Fergie is a "fashion designer" and "television host" i think both of those were in the clues set.
6) If you watch the re-run of when the flamingo debuted – she's blowing kisses at her costume. Watch the video Fergalicious – lots of kisses being blown in that video as well.
7) Refers to herself as "bad-ass" Fergie certainly meets that criteria.
8) The host made a hint about coming out of the tropics? Fergies Instagram shows pics of Hawaiian type attire just three weeks ago.
9) I don't know much about makeup – but googling "Fergie mascara" shows results of "Fergie Turn Up The Volume Mascara:"
10) Body type seems is in line with Fergie.

I'm going Fergie!

For some reason I think marzia cause she did makeup and fashion videos but "escaped' it. By not making anymore videos but I feel like she would have mentioned her pugs somewhere I nyhe clues

did everyone forget adrienne started with the group 3lw frist?? i keep seeing ppl say cheeta girls like if thats how she started lol…

How did I not picked up the Glow Wand, and missed the cheetah prints XD It been awhile since I heard this girl sang, but man it brings back memories of the Cheetah Girl Days for me. Hope she makes it to top 5 at least! Go Flamingo!

Adrienne B is The Flamingo. She has a YouTube channel that deals with Fashion, Beauty products, cooking, life advice. She's also been around for a long ass time. She was in 3lw(90s), than the cheetah girls and now she's on that talk show. shrugs plus Adrienne is tiny like the Flamingo.

Am I the only one who noticed the titles of the two books under the boombox!? One is Spanish and the other one is Little Women. So I am thinking it could be someone off the show Little Women LA like Terra Jole who also has a YouTube channel. Whoever is the flamingo is super short even in heels, Nick is 6’0 and if the flamingo was 5’0, the flamingo’s neck would come up to at least Nick’s chin. The flamingo’s neck comes up to half of Nick’s upper arm wearing heels. The flamingo could be shorter than 4’11.

Major clue back in the day Disney would have stars with a glow stick to dram mickeys head and sure enough Adrienne did that and this flamingo also has a slow mo moment with a light stick

The books at 0:26 the have the title Spanish and Little Women and the book she’s hold say’s Women’s the cheetah print pillow. Hence it’s Adrianne Bailon

It’s definitely Adrienne she is a Youtuber and has her own jewelry line. It sounds just like her and she’s a great liar when she denied it on The Real. Case solved

We all know it’s Adrienne and the Black Widow is RAVEN SYMONE! It’s a cheetah girls reunion and they have no idea!

That's not Adrienne. Sounds nothing like her. She has a hardcore NY accent. I didn't hear it under that disguised voice.

Last season I swore up and down the monster was Kevin Hart. Sounded just like him and he was short. I was stunned AF when it was revealed to be T-Pain. So I know that is not Adrienne.

When The Flamingo makes it to the finale (And they WILL because they are that damn good! 😤🙌🏾🔥), they’re gonna run out of clues and end up showing her saying: “I have found my flock and together we’re not afraid to bring our opinions to the table and keep it REAL! Cause this is our tiiiIIIiiime! ☺️🌸💅🏼”

I just realized the yellow car in the beginning references Adrienne’s hometown of NYC, with the yellow taxis!
The pink cross represents her faith and that her husband is a gospel singer
Ms. Adrienne is my pick to win this season! #FlamingoMask

This is Adrienne Bailon. In addition to co-hosting “The Real,” Adrienne Bailon courts more than 800,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel

This is Adrienne Houghton all day cant nobody tell me nothing. I listed to 3LW and cheetah girls for that voice. Plus i watched the real here and there look at her actions.

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