The Clues: Egg | Season 2 Ep. 1 | THE MASKED SINGER


Im sticking with j hope even if not BTS will come on this show one day because jungkook was on masked singer but it was the koren version When i first saw him I thought the exact same thing not sure if im right but that was my first thought im sticking too it but it could be Johnny weir too

When i saw those legs my thoughts went right away to Skater of some kind to which i saw the egg on the sneak peek and one of the clues that was given was from the 1st vowel to the last vowel to which i didn't get at the time but i went to a sight that gives out some meaning to some of the clues and the 1st and last vowel are A and U and those 2 letters together make AU which is the symbol for gold and there was a gold comment and when i saw the entire clue package and saw the outfits my mind went Johnny Weir right away.

Just to be clear armys.. let's face it..jhope was just in LA for a fan convention. What's the point in getting you're hopes up. Let's face it he fooled us. Jhope is not in the show. (Just being honest and I'm am army myself and I'm believing he was just here for a fan convention. Don't get you're hopes up please. I didnt. It was just a rumor)

As much as I want to believe that it's Jhope I don't think it is, the English is so perfect and we know Hobi speaks with a heavy accent and broken English, so idk. I'm not putting him down, his accent, and the way he pronounces English words is adorable. Just saying

I got him right omg from the clues and the singing I'm going good so far on the clues this season hehe ty for the dwts and skate references

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