The Clues: Butterfly | Season 2 Ep. 1 | THE MASKED SINGER

[music playing] Like the butterfly,
for the past year I’ve been waiting patiently
in my cocoon for the promise of metamorphosis. [music playing] Going through some
change for the past year. [music playing] After achieving success
in many stages of life, Well, there was a photo shoot. Maybe a model? I found myself
terrified in the one place I used to call home. Big Ben, Big Ben. Person’s from London. Could be Posh. And now with this mask, I’ve
found the courage to be reborn. Transformation. To admit I’m powerless in
order to take back my power. And with this flight, I
release my past and everyone who has clipped my wings. I’m here to take you to church. Church, so she’s religious. Can I get an amen? [cheering]


Michelle Williams from Destiny’s Child was in the West End production of Chicago so that would imply that she lived in London for at least a little while and she used to release Christian music. So there you go, it’s Michelle Williams

Achieving success through many stages of life – Michelle Williams did Chicago on Broadway and Grease's National Tour
Church – Michelle Williams is very religious (When Jesus Say Yes)

….but the Big Ben/red UK bus in the room clue doesn't fit… and tbh i dont think it's her…

Does it bother anyone else that she said cocoon? Moths come out of cocoons and Butterflies come out chrysalis. Sorry just couldn’t help myself. 🦋

What about Demi Lavato? She’s been in rehab for substance abuse, had success as an actress on Disney, when she says “I had to admit my powerlessness” that’s straight SA Anonymous. She also says “take you to church” which is a reference to Hoziers song, which she covered on the BBC.

I can't be fooled, they wants us to belive that's Michelle Williams, but as soon as she said cocoon I knew it was Miss Jasmine Masters herself.

It's Michelle Williams from Destiny Child – " I hope not to fall" she had this " famous" fall when she performed with Destniy Child, " pray" – after DC she go for gospel music, " called London my home" – she lived in London and of course its her voice 100%…. How Nicole doesnt know yet?

Avril Lavigne? She isnt from London but is from somewhere else, Canada and has been sick for a while and just came back with music

I knew Michelle stated a year or so back she was going through some mental health issues with depression, I believe its Michelle because of the and church gospel reference towards the end as well

As soon as she opened her mouth to sing on the aepisode I knew it was Michelle. Ive delivered food to her and ima true fan! Yesssss Michelle! Beyonce who? Lol!

It's Michelle Williams bruh. She did a show in the UK and the whole take them to church is reference to her being a gospel singer

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