The Clues: Black Widow | Season 2 Ep. 2 | THE MASKED SINGER

[music playing] I’m the Black Widow,
because like me, they hide in plain sight. And when they
strike, you know it. Frankly, I’ve been
packaged my entire life. Are they a Sagittarius? Is that what that sign was? And after years of
living in the public eye you’re in my house now. Welcome to my empire. Mwah-ha-ha-ha! Empire? Is it Oprah? And now, I get
to be here to share the real thread of who I am. So consider this the
director’s cut of my life. Oh, director’s cut. She’s an actor. Where you’ll find
I’m a little edgier, darker and more alien
than you know me to be. She’s a lot edgier. So it’s probably a
fluffy [inaudible].. Maybe what you find
in the deleted scenes. You better believe
on this stage, I’m going to be good as hell.


Raven Symone- the peach picture, Georgia is known for it's peaches, and she's from atlanta. "my house now", probably a cue to her newest series, Raven's Home, and has been on Empire before. The saggitarius sign, and her birthday is in the saggitarius dates.

Trina Braxton (I know her voice and mannerisms from ANYWHERE)
Born December 3 ♐️
She lives in Atlanta 🍑
She’s on a talk show and reality show 🎥 hence the directors cut (it’s a play on her life being on camera)
And her ex-husband did die this year (widow) 🕷

I almost said Taraji but she says that we'll see her as edgier because of this. Taraji is already known for gritty roles. Raven makes more sense, that sounds like something an ex-Disney star would wine about

I think it is Lizzo bc at the end she said something about her being good as hell lizzo has a song that started her off called good as hell and I am pretty sure she was on empire

No , Jenny McCarthy, it isn’t Oprah. Even though she helped give you a huge platform to push your anti-vaccine nonsense.

Raven Symone definitely.

– She’s from Georgia 🍑
– She’s a Sagittarius ♐️
– She being more edgy (All of Raven’s roles are somewhat comedic and bubbly)😂❤️😁
– Threads (Raven Played/ Plays a fashion designer)🧥👠👡👚
– Tarot Cards and Crystal Ball- Both of those point to That’s So Raven.🔮

Raven Symone. Clues:
Packaged her entire life- She was on The Cosby Show, then a Disney actress. Years of living in the public eye- she was 4 when she was cast on The Cosby Show. Welcome to my empire- The Disney Empire. She's edgier than people think- Raven was on "The View", and some of her opinions were controversial. Finally, her name, Black Widow- Ravens are completely black.

If all the other clues weren’t enough, that crystal ball and tarot card set really gave away that it was Raven Symone. Yuh’ know…..cuz she can gaze into the future…..

Clues that I picked up on; Psychic reference in the clue reel with the crystal ball 🔮 and tarot cards 🃏. On the clapperboard 🎬, Queen Bee🐝, Lil Kim is Ravens favorite female rapper. The old school 80’s TV set 📺 and she’s a GA peach 🍑 native of course. She was a guest star on Fox Empire but she also moved to Queens, NY👑 to shoot the Cosby show.

Clues hinting it’s Raven Symoné:
1. Sagittarius sign (♐️) as Raven is born in this szn.
2. Peaches = Atlanta, she was born there.
3. The TVs are referring to her being on TV her whole life.
4. “Black Widow” is an arachnid that’s completely black like Ravens (the bird).
5. “Packaged my whole life” & “being in the public eye” referring to her being on TV her whole life.
6. The magic crystal ball (🔮) is a nod to her psychic character Raven Baxter from That’s So Raven and Raven’s Home.
7. “You’re in my house now,” hinting Raven’s Home.
8. “Edgier… than you know me to be” as on The View she has many controversial opinions opposing her Disney “empire” upbringings. Honourably the most controversial was Raven saying she wouldn’t hire black women who had unique names as its “unprofessional”.
9. The X over her torso could be hinting at her birthday — 10th of December. The number 10 flashes on the screen twelve times through the clip so 12/10. Also, there’s 8 legs on her back plus her two arms and two legs equal 12.
10. “Welcome to my empire” as she has appeared on the hit TV show Empire.

Coincidence or not, it’s Raven Symoné.

It's Dakota Fanning.

Peach = her home state Georgia
"Alien" =The Alienist
-Crystal Ball =Cassie from the movie "Push".

After her performance, she said she used to play "Hide And Seek", which is the movie she was in with Robert Deniro.

Hides in plain sight…. Hmmmm…. Raven do you mean in plain VIEW? 🤔

Also, Dec 10 is a Sagittarius birthday ♐️

If y’all didn’t see that Peach in the background ! Somebody from The real housewives of Atlanta ! They are go yo clue

Did anyone else see the peach and the crown? And she also mentioned a cute persona. I think she may have been a voice actor for princess peach.

There’s an old tv, an ugly couch, Georgia peach, the rabbit head from last season and “queen bee” on the scene marker. One thought was a performer from last season but more likely someone who’s friends with them. Everyone is a director now so that’s a weak clue.

Hands down it's Raven Symone when she said " your in my house now" after being on "Cory in the house!" She now has her show "Raven's Home!" appearing in recurring roles on "Empire", Peach- Color of her hair at one time, Fortune-Teller's Ball- Physic on "That's so Raven & Raven's Home", Alien- Zenon, Sagittarius- born December 10th

I thought it was a real housewives person because of the whole “you’re in my house now” and the painting of the fruit lol but I never get these right 😂😭

This is a million percent Raven Symone, I know her singing voice, she’s a Sagittarius from Georgia. The personality on stage is so her

Its Raven Symone, I mean, even the flashbacks in the crystal ball like she does in That's So Raven, cmon, I caught that right away lol

Everyone's over here saying it's Raven but I think its Tiny Harris (TI's wife). She's from ATL, the X on her chest and on the wall… She was in the group Xscape, her frame matches the Black Widow's, her Empire is her family who all stared is TI and Tiny's Family Hustle, there's a crown in the video which could represent two of her kids names King and Heiress. Just sayin, dont go counting Tiny out guys!!! Lol!

She said in her package she stated. Public eye and your in my house now That so raven and ravens home hmmmm raven symone

This is definitely raven symone. The crown probably represents her being in the process diaries. She’s been on the show empire. “Your in my house now” and directors cut represents her new show ravens home which I believe she produces or directs. She been acting since she was 4 in the Cosby Show so she’s been on the public eye basically all her life. Her mannerisms she’s really goofy and funny just like she was in that’s so raven. But that voice!!! The minute I heard it I knew it sounded familiar but I couldn’t remember from where. Now that I hear it again I know it’s her. I grew up on listening to raven symone so I know.

At first I didn't think it was Raven, but the painting of the peach (she went to art school and paints w/in the last few years now), the old TV set and being boxed- old 90s tv sitcoms and being a child star, empire…lol she was in episodes of Empire O_O oh SNAP lol maybe it is her

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