The Clues: Bee | Season 1 Ep. 6 | THE MASKED SINGER


For the life of me, how does one think the Bee is Pattie LaBelle, Anita Baker, or Chaka Khan! She sounds nothing like neither one of them! Even her speaking voice under disguise sounds like Gladys Knight! Lol!

The biggest clue in this video are the children..if you pay attention she is talking about her group and the children are running around her..its one girl and 3 boys..hmm why only one girl random? No..reference to Gladys knight and the pips.

If you haven’t Heard Nona Hendrix sing you need to check her out she sound just like her plus when she was reference about pattie Labelle I looked up the group and found her so it a possibility it could be her 🤷🏾‍♀️

Curve ball: Valerie Simpson?? Even though I BELIEVE it’s Gladys Knight hands down. Also, pay attention to the laugh at the end.

It's not Gladys Knight. The teaser for the next episode says The Bee has 10 Grammy wins. Gladys only has 7.

The Bee is Chaka Khan- she has 10 wins, is a singer from around that time period, and was also part of a group.

She started a group and is been all in the CARDS since then. The symbols on cards are called Pips. (Not enough card players?)

Gladys Knight is the bee
Definitely claiming it
She formed the Pips
If you check her Spotify, she has an album with the Pips
Her and Patti both have baking skills too

I'm 1000% certain that Gladys Knight is underneath that suit, if you look closely at the birthday cake, it has "Happy Birthday Bubba" written across it. I remember Gladys Knight had a brother named Bubba who passed away from heart failure in 2017.

PEOPLE PLEASE!!! Come on!! The Bee is Gladys Knight. 😒 I mean really if y'all can't recognize her voice something is definitely wrong with your hearing. I immediately knew it was Gladys Knight when she first appeared on the show 3 weeks ago. No clues needed. Her voice is too recognizable.

With a quick google search you can see Gladys Knight was in a group called “The Pips” when she was 8….In the 50’s. Now I personally don’t know much about her, but the clues give her away.

Yup she just gave it away (as if we didn't know). The cake says "Happy Birthday Bubba". (Glady's brothers nickname) and there are waffles on the table. She owns several Chicken and Waffles restaurants. If Nicole says "Patti LaBelle" one more time I'll slap her! IT'S CLEARLY Gladys Knight!

Everyone who is saying she is Gladys Knight, if you search it up, Gladys has won 4 Grammys. The bee recently said she won 10.

But I really don’t know.

People are saying Chaka Khan due to the new 10 Grammy clue in the this promo but I doubt it unless she lost weight she does not match the Bee is size only the height at 5'4 but what many have failed to see is Gladys Knight has 7 Grammys alone and 3 Grammys under Gladys Knight & The Pips which makes 10 total and is 5'4 like the bee. But the Grammy clue also brings Tina Turner who is 5'4 into the mix who has 8 Grammys alone and 2 as Ike & Tina Turner marking her at 10 total

It can only be Gladys Knight. All the references link to her and the accent is all her. You have to be crazy to think it's Pattie LaBelle (who started in 1960), Anita Baker (who started in 1979), Chaka Khan (who started in 1970) or Tina Turner (who did begin her career in the late 1950's and was apart of a band, but isn't being referenced in those hints). Hell, Diana Ross fit the hints more than the other women. But even that would be stretching it. I'd be shocked if it's anyone else.

I was sold on Gladys Knight when the reference was made because I hear the voice and see the body structure but wouldn't that be an easy choice so I have to go with Valerie Simpson

In this interview Gladys specifically mentions this memory the Bee is referencing, her mom starting a band with her brother at the age of 8 after she sang on TV at 7 (which would be 1951, Gladys was born in 1944). It is Gladys Knight [and the Pips] for sure and also the cake says Bubba, which is the nickname for her brother.

I think LIZA MINNELLI IS the Bee
Birth Name: Liza May Minnelli
Born: March 12, 1946 in Los Angeles, California, USA
Nicknames: The Queen of Hollywood; The Queen of Broadway
Height: 5' 4" (1.63 m)

Link to bee clue tennis
Liza Minnelli talks to BBC Radio Derby's Ed George >
She told Ed: "British audiences are the best in the world!

"It's like a great tennis game… when you have someone who knows how to play you play much better.

"And audiences in your area know how to play!"

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