What’s up guys! 我們是 CantoMando
CandoMando here. 如果你們是第一次看我們的頻道,我是
If you guys are new to this channel, I’m 歡迎來到 CantoMando 的大家庭!
And welcome to the CantoMando Squad! 今天我們要幹嘛呢 Sheldon?
What do we have today, Sheldon? 今天我們要
Today we have 一起看
Reacting to 這個歌手
This guy 他叫周深
His name is Zhou Shen 來自中國的歌手
He’s a singer from China 是我爸爸給我推薦的
My dad sent me his video 他跟我說他唱的很好你要聽
He said this guy is really good listen to him 是情歌還是說唱?
Is it love song or rap song 我不知道.. 我跟你說我沒聽過
I don’t know I told you I didn’t listen to him 一起看吧!
Let’s check it out okay 開始!
Without further ado, let’s go Sheldon也是這麼高
Woah Sheldon’s height! 161 cm
1.61 非常溫暖
Very heartwarming Sheldon 這是你的英雄
Sheldon this is your hero 一樣高
Same height class 天啊
Oh my god 很可愛
That’s very cute 甚麼?!
What?! 是女人的聲音嗎?
This is a woman’s voice? 閉上你的眼睛
Close your eyes 告訴我…是男生嗎?
Tell me if it’s a guy 我會認為是女的
I’d think it’s a girl actually 天啊
Holy shit 非常迷人
Very enchanting 對阿
Yea it is 如果你是那些評委之一然後
If you were one of those judges and you were like 你看到有一位周深
We have a contestant called zhou shen 你會認為是男的
Alright it’s a dude 但評委應該不知道他的名字
Wait but I don’t think judges know his name 如果評委也知道他的名字
Let’s say they knew his name 他們會覺得
They’re like 錯誤的選手嗎?
Did they get the wrong contestant 再看他名字
Look at the itinerary 是搞錯的嗎?
Is it the wrong one 周深應該是很深的聲音對不對?
Zhou shen should be a deep voice right? 那他名字應該是周輕
So should his name be zhou qing? 感覺就像我在做夢
It feels like I’m in a dream 像一個神秘的森林
Like a mystical forest 像一個神仙女神
Like some kind of fairy goddess 我想看評委的反應
I wanna see their reactions 等一下
Hold on a second wait 如果你是同樣的身高
If he’s your height and he has this voice 不是同樣的身高
Wait he’s not my height 測謊機確定這是謊言
The lie detector test determined that was a lie 小人有更高的聲音對不對?
Small people have a higher voice right? 那你的聲音為甚麼不高?
So how come your voice is not high? 我覺得這個不正確…
I don’t think small people have higher voices 我覺得他說他自己不高是很奇怪
Him pointing out the height is kinda weird cause 當你如此有才華時,為什麼身高很重要?
Why does that matter when you’re so talented? 是因為他媽媽可能跟他說過
No it matters because his mom is probably like 你不夠高,無法進入娛樂行業
You’re not tall enough to be in the entertainment industry 對我媽媽也跟我說過這樣
Exactly same 這個我媽媽也跟我說過
My mom always tells me that 她說
She’s like 如果你高一點你可以這樣那樣
Oh if you were taller you would be so whatever right? 可惜你很矮
Too bad you’re short 他們不希望你實現自己的夢想
They try to shut down your dreams because 因為他們不相信你能做得到
They don’t believe you can do it 為了高度限制的原因
Cause of a height limitation 即使高度與唱歌無關
Even though it has nothing to do with it 在西方文化中也是這樣
Even in Western culture 你看Bruno Mars也被歧視身高
Look at how much bruno mars faces Leonardo Dicaprio 也不高
Leonardo Dicaprio isn’t tall either 我想說的是
But I’m saying that 中國父母和親
Chinese parents and relatives 戚傾向於指出你的缺點
have a tendency to point out your flaws 我知道
I know 文化是這樣
It just happens – 聽他說他的身高是一個缺點
It baffles me that he points out his height 真的讓我很不開心
But like – 老兄,你真是太有才了
Dude you’re so talented 很可惜我們的社會文和文化認為身高是這麼重要
It sucks that that’s the way the culture is 這就像那些中國戲劇
This is like those Chinese dramas 兄弟你為甚麼不轉?
Turn bro what’s wrong with you 那英準備哭了
Na Ying is about to cry Mike Mike你的親愛的准備哭了
Mike your crush is about to cry Mike很愛那英
Mike loves Na Ying (the female judge) 他為什麼不轉?!
Why won’t he turn 我也不知道
I don’t know dramatic effect 真的太厲害了
He’s such a boss 他為什麼不轉
Why didn’t he turn 因為他不要周深
Because he doesn’t want him 汪峰也是唱rock的
Oh wang feng is also a rock dude 這個人讓我想起
Doesn’t this guy remind you of 延禧攻略
Exactly like Yanxi Palace 戲劇中有一首歌
And then one of the songs is like 當衛英絡
When wei ying luo one of the characters 給皇帝解釋一個超復雜的計劃
Forms some elaborate plan and explains it to the king 他們會有這類型的歌
And this is why he’s the killer 他們也在戲劇中播放這首歌
They also play this song in dramas 當他們想要懸疑時
When they want to leave it in suspense 你以為他的聲音會那麼嗎?
Did you think his voice would be like that? 我以為會高但沒那麼高
I thought it’d be high but not that high 不知道怎麼翻譯
Like not spiritual high 很迷人
It’s very enchanting 非常好
Very fairy like 這個人繼續保持良好的職業生涯
So this guy went on to have a pretty dope career 這個視頻是甚麼時候的
How old is this video? 應該是五年前左右
I think it’s like 5 years ago 這是現在的他
This is him today 有趣!
Clutch! 他變得很帥
Woah he’s shuai ge! 這是la vie en rose 嗎?
Wait is this la vie en rose? 是周興哲嗎?
Is that Eric Chou 不是
It’s not Eric Chou 現在看他有一個很不同的感覺
His style went up a lot 他的風格
His style points 現在長得帥衣服穿得很帥
Knows how to dress 變得更瘦了
Got skinnier 也有更多
He also looks a lot more like 舞台表現力
Stage presence 是英語!
Oh it’s English 不可能!
This is impossible dude! 如果我閉上眼睛,那絕對是個女孩
If I close my eyes it’s definitely a girl 想像中穿一件紅色的連衣裙的女人. 超美麗
I can picture a red dress, elegant 肯定是女的
It’s 100% a woman 這個人在想
He’s like 什麼時候輪到我了
When will it be my turn that good 你知道什麼更令人難以置信
You know what’s more incredible 如果他可以切換成超深的聲音
If he can switch into a super dude voice 你們可以不要要求他這麼多了
Yo can you guys stop asking so much of him 哇
Wow 聽起來像迪士尼的一首歌
Sounds like a disney song 等等這是男的聲音
Wait that’s guy voice 是他的深聲音!
That is his deep voice 原來你們的要求不太高!
You guys didn’t ask too much of him 很深的聲音!
Like a really deep voice 真的像迪士尼的一首歌
This is actually a disney movie 迪士尼電影對不對?
Disney movie right? 我實際上得到了雞皮疙瘩
I actually got goosebumps 我特別感動
I’m especially moved 如果你看到他第一次上舞台的時候
If you see how he looked when he did his audition 和現在的區別
And to how he performed in the end 他的整體風度發生了變化
His whole demeanor changed 之前很
Before he’s very 害羞然後自信不多
Reserved and shy 現在就
Now he’s like 兄弟..我真的… 不可思議
Bro… I’m like 他現在知道身高是沒關係的
He doesn’t care about his height anymore 他知道他自己很厲害
He knows he’s awesome 我為他感到超高興
I’m so happy for him 太感動了
I’m actually pretty moved 本來只是一個普通人
Just a regular average Joe 這個我不知道怎麼翻譯 Joe 和 周
His last name is zhou 只是一個害羞和不安全高度的普通人
A regular guy who’s shy and insecure about his height 讓人有這樣的反應
To making everyone have this reaction 真不可思議
He made it bro 看到這個之後
Especially seeing that 太厲害了
Big props he’s super good 很謙虛的人
Humble and insecure beginnings 非常鼓舞人心
Very inspirational 謝謝大家觀看我們的影片
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WE WANNA HEAR YOUR STORIES – Have your parents given you illogical reasons as to why you can't do something? Hearing not tall enough is something we've heard over and over again. Tell us your stories!

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The first time I listened his song is Mei Xiang Ru Gu 梅香如故with Maobuyi 毛不易. I thought Zhou Shen is a girl!!But when I know he is a boy,I think he is so excellent!

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Castrado is male singing to that of a soprano. The voice is produced by castration of the singer before puberty that never reaches sexual maturity. It was popular in Europe from the 16th to 19th century. However, Zhou Shen is a natural endocrinological castrati; his voice is powerful. There are few naturally born castrati and very few castratos sing well. He's talented and we will see more of him in nearby future. I think God is fair and the world is balanced! Check out: Jakub Józef Orliński as he sings Vivaldi's 'Vedro con mio diletto' and Farinelli (celebrated 18th century Italian castrati). Farinelli's famed was comparable to Elton John, The Beatles of modern history. In the movie 'Farinelli', Lascia ch'io pianga sang by Ewa Malas-Godlewska. Also check out: Philippe Jaroussky Zhou Shen's robust singing voice, I would like to hear him sings the classics from Vivaldi, Broschi, or Handel.

That song “Memory” is from Cats the musical, written by Andrew Lloyd Webber


the problem I have with this is that, do you judge his voice as a man's voice or a woman's voice? Honestly, his voice kinda freaks me out….like someone just sucked in helium before singing…

你們這些垃圾!華語都不會說還好意思說是華人,漢字都不會寫的垃圾! you are not qualified to be a Chinese. Please tell others you’re Americans but not Chinese Americans! Shame on you bananas

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The information about Zhou Shen's concert:

周深 | “C—929星球”巡演最新信息:

1⃣2019.11.09(周六)北京 工人体育馆已售罄

2⃣2019.11.16(周六)南京 江苏大剧院已售罄

3⃣2019.11.30(周六)深圳福田体育馆 未开票

4⃣2019.12.08(周日)重庆 场馆未宣 未开票

5⃣2019.12.14(周六)成都 场馆未宣 未开票

6⃣2019.12.21(周六)上海 新静安体育中心 未开票

7⃣2020.01.04(周六)广州 场馆未宣 未开票

Zhou Shen | "C–929 Planet" Tour concert

1⃣2019.11.09(SAT)BEIJING 工人体育馆Sold out

2⃣2019.11.16(SAT)NANJING 江苏大剧院Sold out

3⃣2019.11.30(SAT)SHENZHEN福田体育馆 No selling

4⃣2019.12.08(SUN)CHONGQING 场馆未宣 No selling

5⃣2019.12.14(SAT)CHENGDU 场馆未宣 No selling

6⃣2019.12.21(SAT)SHANGHAI 新静安体育中心 No selling

7⃣2020.01.04(周六)GUANGZHOU 场馆未宣 No selling

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