Teens React To Top 10 Songs Of Summer 2019 (Spotify)

– This was like playing in my head
wherever I went this summer. – Horses in the, shut up!
Could this song please be over! ♪ (punk rock intro) ♪ – (FBE) So now that summer
is coming to an end, we wanted to show you some
of the biggest songs from this summer. – Exciting, okay. – (FBE) So we’re gonna be showing you
the top 10 most streamed songs this summer globally,
according to Spotify. – Oh cool, okay,
well I’ve gotta know them, then. – (FBE) And then we’re gonna see
if you can place them in the correct order
from one to 10. – Oh, God, I know
I’m gonna be bad at this! – Oh yeah, it’s perfect.
No not perfect, I don’t know any songs,
especially modern songs. I don’t know
what’s going on these days. – (FBE) Before we get started,
we also want our audiences at home to grab a paper and pen
and play along with us and let us know how they did
in the comments. – Awesome, that’s cool.
Good luck, guys. – (FBE) So are you ready to start?
– I am ready! – ♪ White shirt now red ♪
– Yes! – I’m not suprised at all.
– ♪ You’re on your tippy toes ♪ – I love this song,
I love Billie Eilish. – ♪ No one knows, think you’re ♪
– She has such like artistic vision. – (sings along) ♪ Tough guy ♪
♪ Like it really rough guy ♪ – ♪ Just can’t get enough guy ♪
♪ Chest always so puffed guy ♪ – Low key, I would want to be
in her music videos. – The music video,
just so strange, you know? – ♪ I’m the bad guy ♪
– Duh! I love that song. – This video inspires me so much. Like, I want to make
something like this someday. – (FBE) So where would you
rank that song? – It’s definitely in the top four.
Number three for now. – I’ll put this at number six. – I feel like number two is safe. – It’s so overplayed,
but that would mean that people are streaming it
all the time. So we’ll go four. – Number one is either Bad Guy,
or it’s Old Town Road. But I’m pretty sure Old Town Road
is outplayed enough, so that Bad Guy’s number one. – ♪ We don’t fit in well ♪ – Of course, Beautiful People. – (gasps) I really loved his new album. – ♪ I could use some help ♪
♪ Getting out of this conversation ♪ – I’ve never heard this song. – I haven’t even heard this song. – ♪ Beautiful people ♪
♪ Drop top, designer clothes ♪ – All these songs
are gonna be so good. This will be hard. – ♪ What’d you do and who’d you know ♪ – Yeah, I haven’t heard
this song this much. – ♪ Beautiful people ♪
– It’s pretty, I like it. Just because I don’t know it, I feel really bad for doing this
to Ed and Khaled, but I think I’m gonna go like eight. – This one is six.
– Oh that’s going number 10, because I’ve never heard this song. – I’ll put number three.
I constantly hear it on the radio. – Ed Sheeran’s just so popular now, and I mean Khaled’s
always been popular. I’ll put it at number five,
just because I think Billie Eilish is more popular
than Ed Sheeran. – ♪ Don’t think I fit in ♪
– Ah, I love this song! (laughs) – Ed Sheeran has two songs?
Damn. – Another Ed Sheeran? The sad thing is
I never heard this song either! – ♪ Everyone’s got so much to say ♪ – See this one, I’ve heard. – Never seen this video. This is why I think I’m like a grandma. – ♪ ‘Cause I don’t care ♪
♪ As long as you just hold me near ♪ ♪ You can take me anywhere ♪
– I love the music video. – I hated this song
until I saw the music video. – ♪ I can deal with the bad nights ♪ – For Ed Sheeran, this is a good song. – ♪ When I’m with my baby, yeah ♪ – I’m so distracted by that video. I couldn’t even think about
where this song is in the list. – I’m gonna go with number six. – He released this song
a little bit before Beautiful People. I’ll say number four. – Number four. – Everyone loves Ed Sheeran.
Everyone loves Justin Bieber. I’m gonna put it at three. The fact that he’s like on here twice
shows how much of an impact he’s had. I won’t doubt that he has
a lot of talent, but I just don’t like his music.
(laughs) – ♪ Yeah, I love it when you ♪
– Oh my God, yes! – This is my favorite song! – ♪ I wish I could pretend ♪
♪ I didn’t need ya ♪ ♪ But every touch is ooh, la la la ♪ – This is such a good video.
They’re so cute, oh my God. – I think they performed this at the Grammys
or like VMAs or something, and it was like ooh,
it was very steamy. – ♪ Seniorita ♪
♪ I wish it wasn’t ♪ ♪ So damn hard to leave ya ♪ – This was like playing in my head
wherever I went this summer. – ♪ It’s true, la la la ♪
– She’s got pipes. Her voice is insane. – Oh my God, that one is amazing!
I love both of them so much! I’m gonna put that one
at number one for now. – Number three. It’s always played,
and it’s just a good song. – My list is so bad. Uh, I’m gonna go
with number two. – I’ve heard it, but it’s,
I don’t think it’s all that popular, so I’ll put it at number six. – That’s my favorite song.
I’m gonna put it at number one. When I first heard that song,
it just like spoke to me. (Bad Bunny ft. Tainy, “Callaita”)
– Yes, some Spanish representation! – Okay, I love Bad Bunny. – ♪ (singing in Spanish) ♪ – I haven’t heard this song before.
– I don’t know this one either. – ♪ (singing in Spanish) ♪ – This beat is cool. – Uh, oh shoot.
I’ve never heard that song. But I know how big he is. I’m gonna go like six.
– We’re gonna put that at eight. – I’ve never heard
that song in my life. Number eight. – That one, I’ve been hearing
a lot on the radio too. I think I’ll put that one
at like five? – Wow, I feel so trapped.
Okay, we’ll go seven, because I don’t know
where else to put things. – ♪ I need somebody to heal ♪ – I love this song. – I love this song so much! – ♪ Somebody to have ♪ – I don’t know
any of these songs, man. – ♪ Now the day bleeds ♪
♪ Into nightfall ♪ ♪ And you’re not here ♪
♪ To get me through it all ♪ ♪ And let my guard down ♪
♪ And then you pulled the rug ♪ – When we talk about
like, depressing songs, or like symp songs,
this is like top of my list. – That’s a good song too. – It’s just so beautiful. It’s like Sam Smith vibes,
which I like a lot. I’m gonna rearrange this,
but it’s going at seven. – Number two. – I’ll put this at number five. – That one goes at number five. I’ve heard this song,
but like not on the radio before. – Number five. It was like the breakup song
for the summer, which none of us knew we needed. – ♪ I want you out of my head ♪ – Ah, Post Malone’s super popular too. And Young Thug. – ♪ I want you out of my bedroom tonight ♪ – This song is in my car
every time I drive somewhere. – ♪ Save you ♪
♪ ‘Cause I need to be saved too ♪ – Post Malone,
I haven’t heard in a while. – ♪ I’m no good at goodbyes ♪
♪ Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye ♪ ♪ Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye ♪ – I feel like he’s
made to be a rapper, but he sings in like all the songs.
It’s not bad. It’s number seven for now. – I haven’t heard that one as much,
so I think I might put that one at like number nine?
– Number six. Since it came out
a little more recently, than the others, it would be like
less popular? – I know it’s popular.
My God! I’m gonna put it at nine,
but I know it’s not at nine. – ♪ Then you’re left in the dust ♪
– This movie is so good! I seriously, I love it so much! – (sings along) ♪ Stuck by ya ♪
I love this movie so much. – Oh, oh!
I forgot about this one! – This is still up there? – ♪ Left in the dust ♪
♪ Unless I stuck by ya ♪ – Ah, this one’s so popular. – ♪ You’re the sunflower ♪
♪ You’re the sunflower ♪ – I don’t necessarily like this song,
but I love this movie so much. – Sunflower, number four. – That one needs to go higher up, but
for now I’ll put it at number eight. – Right now I’m gonna
put it at number nine. I’ll change it at the end though. – Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse was released in like
multiple continents, and that means it has
a wider reach. We’ll put Sunflower at three. – I’m gonna put it at five.
I have one and 10 left. So I’m screwed no matter what happens. – ♪ Everybody go to the discotheque ♪ ♪ (sings in Spanish) ♪ – What the heck is this? I don’t even know
who these people are. – ♪ (sings in Spanish) ♪ – I like this, I don’t know
what this is, but it’s fun. – This is such a good song also. – These beats are so good.
This summer had some bops. – I’m kind of confused, but also
it just looks like a dance party scene and then there was a bear.
Where did the bear come from? – I heard this song,
but very briefly. I’m gonna put it in 10th. – I forget that it’s global.
Number eight for now. – I haven’t really heard this. I’m gonna have to say number 10. – I’m gonna put Otro Trago at 10. – I only have number
one and five left. Definitely not number one. I think I have to go number five. – ♪ Gonna take my horse ♪
♪ To the Old Town Road ♪ – Oh yeah,
I knew this would be on here. – I knew it! Oh, this one has to be number one,
I’m telling you. – Here we go, Old Town Road.
Number one, not even a question. – Horses in the, shut up!
Can this song please be over! – This one’s really popular.
It’s been really popular for a long time now.
– ♪ I been in a valley ♪ ♪ You ain’t been up ♪
♪ Off that porch now ♪ ♪ Can’t nobody tell me nothin’ ♪ – I like his new song better though. – I love him, he’s great. Oh, and his new song is so good.
I love that song. – ♪ You can’t tell me nothin’ ♪ – I can’t do any more of that song.
It’s gotta stop! It’s over, summer’s over!
Put it away! – Everyone was listening to this
and every Instagram caption was like “I got the horses
in the back.” I even did an Instagram caption
that was like “I got the city in the back.” – I don’t think this is number one. That’s the only thing I have. I have to, it’s so sad, okay. – I only have one spot left,
so I have to put it at number eight, but I think I’m gonna
have to change my rankings. – I put it at one, obviously. If it’s not at one, this is a sham. – (FBE) So now that you
watched through all these, we’re gonna give you a chance
to make some changes. Let us know when you’re locked,
and remember you get two points for every answer
you get exactly correct, and one point for every answer
you’re only one off for. – Okay, so, Bad Guy, still number one. Old Town Road still number two. I Don’t Care is still number three. Everything else, I don’t know. – This is really hard! Because I’m thinking like U.S. So in the end, Old Town Road
may not be number one globally. – Sunflower has to be higher. I’ll put Sunflower as number five.
Okay, okay, number five, and then Otro Trago
is number 10. – I Don’t Care, that could be seven. Beautiful People, I’ll put that at eight. I feel like I got
the top few songs right, but then I feel like the rest,
I got completely out of order. – (FBE) So here’s the actual order,
going from number 10 to number one. Number 10 is Sunflower
by Post Malone and Swae Lee. (buzzer rings)
– Well [bleep]. – Post Malone, you deserve better.
(buzzer rings) – I changed it.
(buzzer rings) Oh no! – What the heck!
(buzzer rings) I streamed it enough
to make it number five. This is a lie. – (FBE) Number nine is Goodbyes
by Post Malone and Young Thug. I got a point for that.
(bell rings) – I got that one right.
– Oh yay, I got that one right. – I changed that one too, oh no! – (FBE) Number eight is
Someone You Loved, by Lewis Capaldi. – Ooh, okay, hello!
(bell rings) – I was two off for that.
(buzzer rings) – Got that right on the money.
(bell rings) – I put that at 10, I was close.
(buzzer rings) Also, good job, Lewis Capaldi.
I thought you’d be last. – (FBE) Number seven
is Otro Trago by Darell and Sech. – Oh, okay, I got that one wrong.
(buzzer rings) – That’s a point! – Dang, I actually, okay,
I thought I would do good on this. – (FBE) Number six
is Beautiful People by Khaled and Ed Sheeran.
(buzzer rings) – Of course it is,
and I had it two off. So no points.
– I put that as an eight. – Awesome, I put Beautiful People
as number six. – (FBE) Number five is Callaita,
by Bad Bunny and Tainy. – I had them number eight. (laughs) That was, shot in the dark. – Wow, I’m really doing bad.
(buzzer rings) – (FBE) Number four is Old Town Road.
(buzzer rings) – What?
– Oh wow! That one, I did not get right.
– No! This is literally, what, no no no. I’m mad, I’m genuinely mad.
(laughs) – (FBE) Number three is Bad Guy
by Billie Eilish. – No, no, no, what?
(buzzer rings) – I get one point.
Also, good job Billie Eilish. – Two off, okay. (laughs) I have no points. – (FBE) Number two is I Don’t Care
by Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber. (buzzer rings)
– That one was way off, put that one at six. – Dang, I have I Don’t Care
as number four. – I put I Don’t Care
as number three. Ed Sheeran’s so popular, and over the summer, I was hearing
his songs all the time, so I’m not that surprised. – (FBE) And finally, with more than
565 million streams, the number one streamed song
is Seniorita by Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes.
(bell rings) – I got that right!
– I knew that song was popular, but I guess I admit,
I didn’t really think about it, because it was just like,
it was all Bad Guy and Old Town Road. – I actually got zero points.
(buzzer rings) (laughs)
Wow. – This is like a really hard test. This is harder than the SATs, man. – (FBE) So finally for you personally, what was your number one
song of the summer this year? – (sighs) It has to be between
Bad Guy by Billie Eilish or Truth Hurts by Lizzo. – Extra by Lucky Daye. He’s not too known,
but I like him a lot. – I’m gonna agree with the people,
it was probably Seniorita. That was, it’s just such a good song. – My top song for the summer this year
was as the charts will show, Seniorita, that was my favorite song, and it probably will be
my favorite song for a long time. – Thanks for watching this episode
of Teens React. – Subscribe to our channel
so you never miss an episode. – What was your top song
in the summer? Let us know in the comments! – Thanks for watching, bye! – Hey guys, Vartuhi here.
Thanks so much for watching this episode
of Teens React. Make sure to check out FBE2
for exclusive content, daily vlogs from the office,
and more! Bye guys!


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Indignada porque estos Yankees amen señorita que tiene una sola palabra en español y no aprecien la genialidad de callaita y otro trago. #Basta #NiSiquieraSeGastanEnDecirSeñoritaBien

Billboard has old town road at number 1 and bad guy number 2 and talk number 3. I think I’m taking billboard over Spotify. More reliable source

Ed Sheeran is so popular now and Khalids always been popular? Ed Sheerans been popular since before Khalid was even heard of lol


Edit i have a good remix for one part of old town road: hat is mate black you can eat my f*cking ass

That Ed Sheeran & Khalid song is in the Top 10 most Streamed Summer Songs???? What? I literally don’t think I’ve ever heard that song.

I call bs on Old Town Road. I mean it BROKE THE RECORD on Billboard for most weeks at #1. I just don't understand that.

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