Teen Titans Go! KARAOKE | Mean What’cha Say | DC Kids

*Crying* You okay Star? No, it has happened again. What? A misunderstanding,
Beast Boy asked me to set him up on the blind date My eyes, my eyes! AHHHHH Why did you blast my eyes?! I am the sorry…and the hopeless Okay, wow. Do you want me to teach you some stuff? But will that make me the bum? No way! Knowledge is power girlfriend I’ll give you a crash course in all things earth I would prefer a course without the crashing… Which brings me to lesson one,
common expressions you don’t have to take everything literally *Music Starts* You see star
it’s all about adding a little style into what you’re trying to say, here’s how you do it You got it? I believe I understand, your
song was so kitten dude! Kitten? Yes! The kittens are good and so your song was good am I not meaning what I say? Erghh! Clearly a
song is not gonna do it…

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