Talking Booba Apk Cartoon Game Review + Poem Singing

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.We are providing qualitity games and appications for your android device In this Video we will talk about an entertainment android app “Talking Booba” Let’s have a view These are some features of this application This application supports android version 4.0 This app has been developed by Keedo Entertainment Developers This application is new but has been downloaded upto 1Million Times It is shared upto 4000 times with positive reviews with unique users it is small in size just 10 mbs It is a Santa’s Pet it play with you and toys and repeating your voice narrations Here are Some Cool images of application You will take to Booba and it will repeat There is a electric shock to make funny animation Here you can see different christmas and you can used them with talking Booba So record your funny moments and share to download this video if you are watching on social media like youtube,dailymotion or vimeo the the downloading link is in description but if you are watching this video from under this video there would be download box to download this application directly in your android device so i will see at there you will get market games for you and for your android device Thank you for watching this video

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