His name is T Pain for a reason u can seriously hear the pain coming out of u when hearing him sing dam i miss my grandpa and dad ….

3:43 This girl was me watching this at home! T-pain these vocals sir!!! Where is the album?! The people are waiting!

Let’s be totally honest here tho. I can’t believe that all the judges and nick cannon are really in the dark on who all of these singers are

Hvad er det der sker?! Den ene dag kan man både se hele videoen med T-Pain der synger 'stay with me' uden maske og se joey fatone synge 'wake me up' . Og nu kan man ikke finde videoen med joey fatone nogen steder og nu stopper videoen med T-Pain før han er færdig med at synge!!!! Det er ikke i orden..

Singer, songwriter, car enthusiast, drifter, gameshow winner, and many more things. What else can this man do. Congratulations on everything 💪🏾

White guy wears a turban: “cultural appropriation.”
Nick Cannons stupid ass: not a peep

Omg….wat happened to the first performance of T-Pain's/Monster's of this song of Sam Smith's Stay With Me? Did they take it off YouTube???? This performance was great, but the first time was crazy!!! Crazy to the point where I will listen to his version of the song then the original.

How did the judges NOT know it was T-Pain?! I knew he was in the Monster costume THE WHOLE TIME!!!!

He is the only one I guessed right I’m so glad he won! I really hope they do another season, this was such a fun show to watch!!

Tpain was thrown out like a piece of trash by the hip hop genre… fucked up… dudes extremely talented and can actually sing

T-Pain deserved to WIN because he proved to the audience and to everyone else that he could really SING!

wish we had similar appearances in the german show now, no matter jury or contestants. its an absolute boring shame whos in jury and except 1 (astronaut) unbelievable voice we got only 1 (grasshopper) good singer and 1 (angel) exciting character. the rest is simply bad and boring and the jury are idiots, not people who can really judge a voice or performance.

I was thinking at first that the monster was really Jamie Foxx but seeing T pain as the monster I was shocked and that was amazing.

T-Pain is the only man that can Sing & I am happy & crying😭😭😭😂🤣😂🤣🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

And people said he couldn’t sing without auto tune. Goes to show you he don’t even need to show his face to prove he is one of the greatest singers. He needs to sing more with out auto tune though. Amazing man.

Damn t pain can sannngggg all the haters Jay Z with his so you t paining it huh.. response to Lil Moma… he don’t need fucking auto tune!!!

T pain could not sing that well at first lol 😂 he sounded terrible when he first came out.. that’s why everyone was talking about his reputation with auto-tune …he know he been practicing n taking pro voice lessons this whole decade he been gone. But he is VERY talented

These judges will be as stupid as this year! Really annoying and they call themselves professional? Hahahaha please 🤦🏻‍♂️ must be getting PAID good money to act and don't know who it is. Where is Simon Cowell when we need him?

He is so happy! This warms my heart. I have always loved his music, but it’s so unfortunate that other people didn’t even think he was talented. I’m so glad that he got to show the world his natural voice.

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