SyN A Song – Immense as the Universe

Hi! Curious about what I’m listening to? It’s a song by Seventh Genocide Immense as the Universe Why listen to Immense as the Universe? It leaves you speechless… just like the Universe. If you’re looking for a long song to fall in love with, give it a chance!!! It’s a passionate celebration of the Universe. Seventh Genocide? Who are they? They are four guys from Rome who play post atmosferic Black Metal since 2006. They have several albums and demoes up to date. Someone wrote that if Pink Floyd played black metal, they would probably sound a lot like them So… here’s my tip: open your mind and take them seriously, they might be your next discovery! And now let’s meet Seventh Genocide! Until next time… see you around in the Universe! If you like it, please like it! Want to follow me? Subscribe!

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