Stray Kids “DOUBLE KNOT” (Color Coded Lyrics Eng/Rom/Han/가사)


No one:

Not even dadadada:

Not even Chan’s LiEk mAte sToP pRocAstinating :

Me: *puts this at the highest volume in my school speaker with no regrets*

Stray kids is good to the point they all got a special spot

Woojin: My fave vocal
Bang Chan: My fave voice
Lee Know : My fave visual
Changbin : My fave rasp
Hyunjin : My fave face
Han : My fave sound effects
Felix :My fave accent (Chan also but I like how Felixes voice sounds with his accent more)
Seungmin : My fave cute voice
I.N : My fave maknae

All of those change thooo and really fast… Like frl they are all such visuals and singers and rappers and they all are cute and hot and sksksksk

I got my wishes:
A strawberry blonde Jeongin
My black haired Hyunjin back
A black haired Minho
A violent Chan.


1:43 was the lyrics “Immature forever like Peter” meant for ateez’s new song Wonderland?
I don’t know, but I thought cause those lyrics were sung by hongjoong and I thought that stray kids wouldn’t really do the pirate theme that ateez is doing and say “like Peter”
Just a thought, correct me if I’m wrong :))

I have a dought that "Jeaguchi" is not a one person on this chanell …for example "5-minutes craft" they are not onley one person and that's what explains that he is faster than my wifi and the subtitles are always available with so much languages! 😀

I feel like all army's, stay's, atiny's etc. Should make a petition to give Jin, I.N, Yeosang etc. More lines for any song that they come up with… Just saying

Freakin 3 to the freakin point to the freaking 9!!!
3.9! S-E-C-O-N-D-S!

This injustice… I can't-

Jk! The other members deserved their lines. I just feel that our baby maknae deserves more than just 4 seconds too ;;

It's just me mistaking or the translation to the line "갈 길을 가지 뭐든 비켜" is wrong? I'm not a native korean speaker, but i know that 길 means way, 가지 means going and 비켜 means move away, and "Spread the wings and start the dream. Immature forever like Peter" doesn't seem to be the right translation. Tell me if i'm wrong…

From practicing his pronunciation with his finger in his mouth to flowing this fast flawlessly is amazing. Hyunjin is slaying.

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