Steven & Holly Furtick Carpool Karaoke

– Guys, thank you so much
for helping me out with this. The traffic is just a nightmare out there. If I can get in the T3
lane it’d be brilliant. Hop in guys, thanks so much. You guys are the best. It’s hard to find people to
share a ride with nowadays. – Is it?
– Man, good to see ya. – Good to see you too. – Good to see ya, Holly.
– Hi. – Wow, the Furticks in my car. – Where are we going
in this Nissan vehicle? – We could be going anywhere. How do you say it, Ni-sahn? – [Steven] How do you say it? – [Jamie] Ni-sehn. – Really?
– It’s Ni-sahn. – [Holly] I don’t know.
– We could check on that. Holly, what are you
saying? Ni-sehn, or Ni– – Definitely saying Ni-sahn. – Ni-sahn, I’m going to have to ask a Japanese person about that one. Hey, how about we play a tune? – Okay.
– Great. – I got someone here that
you might like, kinda. Tell me if I got this right. (“Gravity” by John Mayer) I asked your people, and they reckon John Mayer
is something you might like. – What do you know about John Mayer? – I don’t know much about John Mayer. ♫ Gravity ♫ Is working against me – He’s got the voice too, Holly, right? – Yeah, he does.
– [Jamie] Woo! ♫ And gravity ♫ Wants to bring me down – Man, look at that. You should do your own album. – Is that all right? – Yeah, I think it’s fantastic. The guys put a little
something in here for Holly. ♫ When I’m stuck with a day that’s grey – [Jamie] I thought that you’d like that. – This will get you another rap. ♫ I just stick out my
chin and grin and say – Does it make you wanna drive fast? – Yeah, it does, let’s do this! ♫ Oh – [Steven] In the Ni-sehn?
– [Jamie] In the Ni-sahn. – You call it what?
♫ The sun will come out – Ni-sehn.
– Ni-sehn. ♫ Tomorrow – [Jamie] I reckon you can
get a message out of anything. – He can get a message out of anything, that’s true.
– [Jamie] Anything. – Well, let’s try it. – Okay, let me fire something at you. Are you ready?
– Yup. – I just had fish down in Balmoral and I decided not to have chips. – Yes.
– Go. – Well, I believe that
the pain of discipline is less than the pain of regret. I feel like–
– Come on. – I see Peter on the shore
after a long night fishing. – [Jamie] Yeah, I’m feeling that. – And he looks at Jesus when he’s asked to launch out into the
deep for a catch and says, “I’ve fished all night and caught nothing.”
– Yeah. Yeah, it’s nice. – “But because You say so,
I’ll let down the nets.” And do you remember what happened, Jamie? – What happened? – You don’t remember? – Yeah, I think he got double– – Ever read the Bible?
– He got a huge amount. – Yeah, huge amount.
– Oh my gosh. – The nets starting breaking.
– Yeah that’s it. – He brought them in, he had to signal his
partners in the other boats. This is Luke 5:1-11.
– Yeah. – But then you know what he did when he brought the fish on the shore? – What did he do? – He walked away from it. He put all the chips on the table. – Oh, man. Oh, man.
(laughing) – Fish and chips
– There it was. – He left the chips (clapping). – I’m going to go for a run round the car. Whoa, Jesus help, I gotta get out. (speaking in tongues) That was the stuff. – [Steven] Was that good? – That sent me home. – [Steven] This is the song. ♫ Leaving all my troubles behind ♫ I’m letting go, I follow the light – I might mess up some of these words, okay?
– Yeah, me too. ♫ I’m holding on with all of my life – I used to listen to
this song all the time. – Serious?
– [Steven] Yes. – [Jamie] You loved it? ♫ I see your rising sun ♫ We’ve only just begun – [Steven] Changing the melody a bit. – Yeah, you mix it up.
– Just improving it a bit. ♫ Your heart is mine – You got me! ♫ You got me here, you got me – Is it true that your son wants a dog? – Yeah. – Yeah?
– Yeah. – Graham?
– Bad. – Graham.
– Badly. – Does he have an idea what sort of dog? – He likes the concept of a dog, he wouldn’t like the
responsibility of dog ownership and that’s why he’s not getting one. – Do you know what sort of dog
would be a good one to get? – He wants a French bull dog. – This lady up here, look
at this lady up here. Yeah, that’s nice, look at that! That’s a nice dog!
– Ridiculous. – Frenchie.
– That’s a nice dog. – Are you really doing this right now? – Do you mind if we– Hi, can we just– We got friends over from the US. – This is unacceptable.
– [Holly] Hi. – [Jamie] Do you know what? Sometimes you just got
to spend time with a dog and just get to know them, and feel– – Hi!
– [Jamie] Feel the heart of the dog, you know what I’m saying? – What’s this dog’s name? – I think it’s Bambi? – Bambi?
– Is it Bambi? – Oh, oh. – [Jamie] Bambi’s kind of a deer. – What’s Bambi doing? – What sort of dog is it? – Not my dog, how do I know? – Hold on to Bambi. – I’m not responsible.
– Bambi, Bambi. – I know, you watch our for Pastor Steven. Geez, that’s a lot of slobber right? – Why does Bambi have a scarf on? So the hope here is this will
somehow warm my heart toward– – Yeah, what did you think? – You might be ruining Graham’s chances. – Graham, buddy, if
you’re watching right now, what do you think? Little Bambi.
– Graham. Happy birthday, we got a dog! – Woo hoo! ♫ I was going down ♫ Thought it was for the count ♫ But then I found your love ♫ Your love, is higher than the stars ♫ Declaring who you are ♫ Your love, uncontainable
– Every time. ♫ Your love, is deep enough to reach – I’m gonna do the “Oh”, look.
♫ The deepest part of me ♫ Your love, uncontainable ♫ Your love – [Jamie] You’re a UFC fan. – Little bit.
– Yeah, you like that? – Yeah, occasionally I like it. – Would you ever jump in the ring? – No.
– No, huh? – No.
– I reckon you’d go all right. Who do you reckon would
win, you and Pastor Phil? – I think I would beat Pastor Phil. – I think Pastor Steven
would take Pastor Phil. – I’ll take him.
– Really? – Well, he has some
technique that I don’t have. – Yeah.
– Does he? – He has some experience. Yeah, Pastor Phil would not– He would be formidable, but I would in the end
make quick work of him. – How do you go when you drive? Are you a relaxed driver? – Relaxed driver.
– No. – Sometimes a little bit,
maybe a little bit not. – He’s the opposite of relaxed driver. – Is he angry, Holly? – He’s a very uptight, angry driver. – No way.
– Very hateful driver. – No way.
– And he’s really easily offended as a driver.
– Very carnal driver. – Very easily offended. ♫ We receive your rain ♫ Buried in sorrow ♫ You will call forth in its time – [Steven] You point at the people? – Yeah, I think so. ♫ You are Lord, Lord of the harvest – Between each beat.
– Every beat? ♫ Calling our hope now to arise Right on the kick drum? So you point on the kick, and then hit on the snare.
– Yeah, nice. ♫ We receive your rain – Because you don’t need
this hand on your kick. – No, that’s it, you
can do the whole thing with one hand.
– So you’ve got the point. ♫ We receive – Could you leave me alone, I’ve got Steve Furtick in the car. I don’t want to be bothered. – I wanna be bothered. Bother me.


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