South Park Gets a New Theme Song Courtesy of Tegridy Farms – South Park

Going down to Tegrady Farms
gonna have myself a time ♪ ♪ Friendly faced everywhere,
humble folks without temptation♪ ♪ Going down to Tegrady Farms
gonna leave my woes behind ♪ ♪Ample Parking day or night,
people spouting howdy neighbor♪ ♪I’m heading on down to Tegrady
Farms, gonna see if I can
unwind♪ I got some weed and I don’t even
know what’s goin’ on. ♪ So come on down to Tegrady
Farms and meet some friends of
mine ♪


Really enjoyed the intro but that was about it on this episode because i must say this was one of the worst episodes ive ever seen. Wasn't really even funny and left on kinda a cliffhanger that was kinda frustrating. I hope this isn't the season to come and more importantly I hope this isn't the writers just saying after the # cancel South Park fuck it will just write terrible episodes and get the show canceled that way

the episode sucked….theres no saving this show…trey is just too old to make edgy comedy….that or hes become an sjw…

God, I’ve been a LOYAL and DIE HARD fan since August 13th, 1997. I gotta say: I’m so bummed with the way the shows going. I hate the arch and continuity. I miss the boys and girls in the classroom with Garrison and the stuff going on in their lives. I love their genius commentary, but I think they’re over-doing it.

I've heard the intro like 1000 times and never realized they said "ample parking day or night, people spouting, howdy neighbor."

Stupid ads south park decided to join the stupidity of the left. You just lost a fan and many more i am sure over the desire to spread anti american seditious left socialist lies and support to remove our duly elected president. South park is DONE OVER AND TERRIBLE. WAKE UP IDIOTS. USING THE SEDITOUS LIES OF THE DEVILCRATS WILL END YOUR PROGRAM SOON AND COMEDY CENTRAL TOO. GIVE UP YOUR AUPPORT FOR A COMMUNIST AMERICA NOW OR LOSE ALL YOUR FANS.

Randy is so great coz unlike every other sitcom and comedy show, South Park actually show restrain with him and don't put him in every episode simply coz he's the fan favourite

Did the story always revolve around Stan and his family? Last I checked the events of South Park are multifaceted through various characters whilst tackling many political and social issues through lewd satire.

i hate randy from now on . he became an asshole and terrorist . i hope there wont be any spinoffs about randy . south park is south park , not tegridy farms ! you got that ???!! randy's phrases when he said "fuck south park " and new tegridy intro are frightening factors . maybe i m mistaken about spinoff , i hope so !

Anyone sick of randy yet he used to be a funny character now he is just overused and annoying.

Just saw the new Mexican joker episode look like they are turning randy into the next cartman 'Also where was Kenny or even butters I mean we saw Kyle cartman and Stan but not the rest of the main cast yet again?

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