SONIK Sound Level Meter – NEW From Castle

Hi! Over the years we’ve brought out many innovations to the world of sound and vibration monitoring. In 1972 we
brought the world’s first noise activated warning sign. In 2012 the best
value dedicated Hand Arm Vibration meter on the market, that was the Vexo. In 2016 the first Wi-Fi as standard sound meter to the market, dBAir. Today we’re bringing not just another one but a very special innovation that we think you’ll
like. Not because it’s cleverer or more
powerful than anything else we’ve done before, but because it’s actually simpler
and more focused. It’s dedicated at task and is purpose made for people who just
want to get the numbers and get the job done. It’s a product that doesn’t give
you grief it just gets on with the job. SONIK is a sound level meter designed by
Castle Group Ltd, our company, where we’ve been developing noise measuring
equipment since 1971. SONIK is our latest development and one that we’re all
extremely excited about, so here it is. SONIK. It comes in two models, one is
designed for occupational noise assessments so anything to do with noise
at work and preventing damage to employees hearing, the second has all the
occupational noise features but it also has a host of environmental parameters
in order to perform environmental noise surveys. It’s perfect for a range of
applications such as noise complaints to BS4142, planning guidance
and many more. As with all our products, SONIK is undeniably easy to use. There’s
no complicated button push sequences, you simply navigate the menu with the arrow
keys, you can see here, not only that you can guarantee that you’re measuring the
data you need for your application by choosing one of the preset measurement
templates which allow you to easily switch between measuring for
occupational noise and environmental noise applications We haven’t forgotten about our
international friends either, as SONIK has languages onboard and measures
according to all the international norms. So one of the best things about Sonic is
you have full control over your measured data, you can perform your analysis and
produce the reports you need using either pc-based software or our Castle
Cloud Software which is nice and secure and you get both types of software
included in every SONIK kit. If you want to find out more then please get in
touch, we’d be delighted to help and have a
chat with you. Until then, goodbye 🙂

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