Songs That Sound EXACTLY The Same (IMPOSSIBLE)

Okay, so listen listen to this song And now listen to this one Did you notice what they have in common drop a like if you noticed something Some of the top songs of today came from some of the greatest songs in history Did you know the expression history repeats itself is true indeed even in music What is a sample a? sample is the act of taking a portion or sample of one sound recording and Reusing it as an instrument or element of a new recording Here’s the top songs that you didn’t know or sampled that will sock you and snatch your wig Ariana grande song break up with your girlfriend. I’m bored a sampling NSYNC song. It makes me ill Before we continue our list just a quick reminder if you want to join the monthly iPhone X giveaway drop a like on this video subscribe and turn notifications on Cardi B bad bunny featuring J Balvin song. I like it. He’s sampling Pete Rodriguez’s song. I like it like that Iggy Azalea song cream is sampling wu-tang clan’s song cream getting City girls in cardi B song twerk is sampling chiapas song choppa style Mac Miller song knock-knock is sampling Linda Scott song. I’ve told every little star Lil nas exes song Old Town Road a sampling Nine Inch Nails song ghost DJ Khaled featuring Drake song for free is a sample of two short song blow the whistle Jay-z Kanye West Otis is sampling Otis Redding. Try a little tenderness the Christmas do your business we dig in Ariana grande seven rings is sampling the sound of music my favorite things Wings these are a few of my favorite things Cardi B song bacon head is sampling project Pat’s song chicken head Lady gaga Alejandro is sampling Vittorio Monty Zardoz Little Mix love a girl right is sampling Cisco thong song Doja cat Moo is sampling Wes Montgomery polka-dots and moonbeams. Not yet. I don’t say now Beyonce naughty girl is sampling Donna Summer love to love you, baby Beyonce crazy and love samples chai lights. Are you my woman? Kendrick lamar bitch don’t kill my vibe samples boom clap bachelors tied in flavor Let me know what you think about these songs Which one surprised you the most in the comment down below and if you enjoyed today’s video? Please leave a like as it helps me a lot Smash the like button like you want to smash your crush My Instagram will be in the description down below if you want to check that out for more original content published every week Be sure to subscribe Love you guys and see you in the next one. Bye


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that first one is called a SAMPLE mate it's bern done for EVER in thousands of artists songs and music. ffs. these uneducated folk will be the death of those of us with common sense.

how is cardi's song different from the old version ……..she shouldn't have taken the lyrics to the whole chorus

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