Song of Our People 2 | Revenge of the BloonsTubers

[BLAZE IT] Oh my fucking days have I never been so hyped [BLAZE IT] So insanely happy [L5] Wooo, very exciting [SJB] There’s sweat dripping down my face [VANALK] I’m going to bust a nut here [ANACONDAZ] Good, that’s a good thing [VANALK] Yes, yes, yeah, nonoronono [VANALK] No, no [GAMING SHAFT] Nooo, rip [GOLDFITCH] Slammin’ [SJB] Getting feisty over here [BLAZE IT] So I was just having a walk outside [BLAZE IT] And then out of nowhere Vanalk comes out from behind a bush and tells me [VANALK] There is no damage! [ANACONDAZ] Bam [SJB] Wolololo [SJB] Eeeergh [SJB] Mrrrrrrr [ANACONDAZ] Bam [LOCKY] Omg, dude, It’s a glue gunner [BRUNO] Shut up Locky [LOCKY] I thought we were friends [ANACONDAZ] Yeah, I’m getting the monkey farmers, yeah [BLAZE IT] But why? [ANACONDAZ] Monkey farmers [BLAZE IT] This guy is a fucking idiot [ANACONDAZ] Yo bitch [BLAZE IT] WHAT [ANACONDAZ] I’m sorry? [BLAZE IT] That’s what I like to hear [GAMING SHAFT] COME ON MAN [LOCKY] OMG [GAMING SHAFT] I’ll leave the video there [ZERD] I’ll leave the video there [GAMING SHAFT] Kill yourself [ZERD] No [GAMING SHAFT] Bollocks man [SJB] One of the greatest and most profound questions [SJB] In the history of the world is about to be asked [MOLT] Two rainbows went through and nothing happened, is he hacking? [GAMING SHAFT] He’s a fucking noob [MOLT] Yes, we won! [GAMING SHAFT] I’ve lost to a noob [LOCKY] Eeergh [SJB] Oh my god what’s going on? [ANACONDAZ] I don’t know [BLAZE IT] Oh yeah baby [BRUNO] So good [LOCKY] AAOOOOOH [BLAZE IT] That is the stuff [SJB] Sucking so hard [BLAZE IT] Mmm, that’s what I’m talking about [ANACONDAZ] Chris loves giving sucky sucky [BLAZE IT] Mmm yeah baby [SJB] Oh my goodness gracious [GAMING SHAFT] Pretty awsome [SJB] Uweeee [VANALK] Yeah yeah you like that, huh? [GAMING SHAFT] Yes mate [ANACONDAZ] Fuck you fuccboiii [ZERD] How long is your cock? [ANACONDAZ] Pretty huge [ISAB] And it only seems to be getting longer and bigger [ANACONDAZ] Bam bam [ZERD] Fuck… me [ANACONDAZ] Bam, bam bam [ANACONDAZ] Shoving baseball bats up our asses [ANACONDAZ] Bam bam [VANALK] You’re homosexual, huh? [ANACONDAZ] Yeah [ANACONDAZ] Bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum [ANACONDAZ] Waaaah [SJB] But you’re doing it all wrong [SJB] Eh oh ah ah oh eh oh oh ohoh ah ah eh [GAMING SHAFT] That’s the one [ANACONDAZ] Oh my god [BRUNO] This is way better than what I expected [VANALK] WHAT, this is so bad [LOCKY] That’s what i was thinking too [ANACONDAZ] My ass [BLAZE IT] Omg these idiots [ZERD] Bro, like I can’t This is your brain [SJB] Hello everybody. How are you doing today? It’s Chris here, and again we’ve got another This is your brain on drugs [SJB] Yeeeeesss [SJB] Uuwwaaaalolololololololwwlelolelolelo [ANACONDAZ] I wish I was tripping the balls you are man [SJB] Y-yes, I am Superjombombo. Nice to meet you [ISAB] Hi [VANALK] Let’s get that spice rolling [BLAZE IT] Smoke a marijuana [VANALK] Never have I ever been more ready [ANACONDAZ] Wooo, wah wah wah [BLAZE IT] Just spice everything up over all This is your brain on drugs [LOCKY] I think everyone loves each other, and [LOCKY] I think think yeah, and I think that no one should be salty [BLAZE IT] So fucking high it’s unbelievable [SJB] 420 [SJB] You can call the the all powerful, all knowing being of bloons tower defence [VANALK] Somebody’s already high on crack cocaine [SJB] Yeah, that’s the way you do it [ANACONDAZ] You go around town around a bunch of women on heelies [ANACONDAZ] And they will be so wet that you’ll be hydroplaning [LOCKY] Oh my b… jesus! [LOCKY] I don’t know if I’ve ever actually used a monkey bank [VANALK] You really hurt my feelings when you say that [LOCKY] Ha ha ha ha [VANALK] Great job laughing at my pain, thanks [LOCKY] That’s pretty cool [BRUNO] No, it’s not [GAMING SHAFT] I’m eh… too old to be worrying about [GAMING SHAFT] Kids, fighting on a game [ANACONDAZ] I lost a lot of income but it was worth it


Ereklo ayy. I just finished maxing out everything on bsm2 mobile! I used your strategies to diamond most of the levels

Oh yeah 12 seconds in and already busting my nuts man lmfao! Great job, song was hilarious especially with the subtitles haha

Today I learned how sensual the bloons community is. Calling it here, if there's ever a Bloons Con, there's gonna be mad orgies all day

heeeey man i Made a new Clan after Marwan abandoned his, shaft zerd etc are all in, would be lovely if bae would aswell join :s

Two rainbows went through and nothing happened, is he hacking?

yes molt, obviously

pls stay out of the bloons community ;-;

So I was just havig a walk outside and out of nowhere vanalk comes out from behind a bush and tells me THERES NO DAMAGE 0:22

I didn't realize the Bloons community was this bad XD lmao great job ereklo, you've done something unforgettable

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