Song Against US Attack on Korea

We got nuclear armed subs patrolling the coast But we all like to think he is maddest the most We threaten to take him out every other day Then we get bent when he says He’ll make us pay B-ones take off from the island of Guam To harass the Koreans make them worry about the bomb Three aircraft carriers and a nuclear armed fleet An ever imminent threat to bring the nuclear heat The US is dropping bombs all over the earth The US has no concerns about what life is worth But there shouting it constantly from the TVset About the Mad Korean and his nuclear threat Yes the threat is real to the entire world Preemptive US attack to start the death swirl Because China and Russia are not going to wait They got them too so they’ll retaliate When the first US city is in a mushroom cloud Thousands more on the way, funeral shroud They said the Korean was mad but it matters no more Because the world was incinerated in a nuclear war


VAMOOOOOS, CANTAS MUY BIEN, espero que agas covers con guitarra, te quedan bacan, deberias hacer otra cover de el pueblo unido jamas sera vencido. πŸ™‚

Thank you for this great anthem against nuclear war and the madness that inspires the idea of initiating such attacks.

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