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Hey guys welcome back again to Ken Tamplin
Vocal Academy, where the proof continues to be in the actual singing! I’m Ken Tamplin, and I want to talk to you
guys about a really important subject, and the subject is singing while sick, or singing
through colds and flu. Now, no matter where you get your information
from, I think it’s really important that you do a little research on the person that’s
giving you that information so that you can verify that that information is legit. For example, if you want, you could go to and you could look at all the different movie soundtracks and things that I’ve recorded,
or you could go to Wikipedia and you could Google my name and see 40 records that I’ve
had out, and toured the world for 30 some odd years, so that the information that you
get you know you’re getting it from a credible source, okay? Now there’s some cool videos that are floating
around about singing while sick. I’d like to contribute some stuff to that,
because there’s a lot of stuff that’s been left out, and I’ve actually been talking
about singing through colds and flu now, gosh, for 30 years. I think I’m one of the only vocal coaches
I’ve ever known that’s done that. So recently there’s some people that have
talked about singing through colds and flu, but that can be pretty dangerous, and let
me explain why. You don’t want to just sing through a cold
and flu and less you understand (A) what kind of cold and flu you have. Do you have inflammation on the cords, your
vocal folds? Are you actually hurting yourself when you’re
going and you’re singing through colds and flu? So we’re going to discuss that in a minute,
but the very first thing is, I’ve discussed about touring. Well, I’ve toured the world for about 30
years. I have 40 records out. Again, Google my name and you’ll see. And what I really love is that if there is
other coaches out there that are talking about this subject, if they’ve shown how much
touring they have done or how much actual singing that they do… Do they sing themselves? And that’s awesome! And do they display students that sing themselves? Because that’s a real telltale of where
you’re getting your information from. How credible or how legit or how much it can
be trusted, within the scope of their own abilities. But let’s get to this. If I were to tour, and if I were to have a
show go down on me, it could cost me thousands, or even tens of thousands of dollars. So, yeah, the show must go on, but what’s
more important than the show going on, must going on, must be going on… Is that if we have stayed in shape, in good
vocal shape, up to a certain point where we get sick or cold or flu, then when we carefully
sing through a cold and flu, the duration of the cold is a lot less, and recovery time
is a lot faster. So that’s, I think, more important than
just the show must go on, because the show must go on kind of insinuates that you are
going to bandage yourself and up do the best you can, push yourself out there, and then you
know, you get out the soccer game and get beat up pretty bad and it takes a lot more
time for recovery, right? Well, that’s one thing. The other thing, too, is when we sing through
a cold and flu, again, if we are in shape, our 70% is better than most people’s 100%. Let me say that again. So, if we are in shape, and we are really
buff, and we’ve been working our vocals out, when we can sing only up to 70 or even
60%, that we’ve trained to the point that our 60 or 70% is better than most people’s
100%. Now let me give you a quick, funny story about
this. There’s a really famous basketball coach
and his name is John Woodin. Look him up. It’s really cool… He actually was a basketball coach for UCLA,
and there were some very famous players that came out of that team. One was Kareem Abdul Jabar. Another one was Bill Walton. And when they were interviewed, Kareem and
Bill, how it was possible that they won 10 straight years without a single loss, think
about that, 10 straight years without a single loss. It was funny, because Bill Walton said are
you kidding me? By the time we get to the game, that’s entertainment! It was fun, because that was like NOTHING
compared to what John Woodin put us through in practice! So in other words, their practice schedule
was so rigorous, and it was so gnarly that by the time they got to game time they were
just having fun, and just toying with the opposition. So if you can kinda get your brain around
that kind of technique and that kind of, you know, stamina, for training that would be
awesome. So, now, I want to talk to you about a couple
of things. First thing is that, again, these videos that
are floating around, and there’s good information in the videos, it’s just really incomplete,
so I want to kind of come alongside and talk about this. Like I said, I’ve been espousing singing
through colds and flu for about 30 years now. And I’m the only guy that has ever known,
that has said this, until recently, some videos that have popped up. But I want to clarify a couple things. The very first thing is, I have a video out
called the five laws of singing, and I also have one out called Professional Vocal Work
Out. So if you could refer to that, I’ll put
this in the liner notes in the description in the video here so you can just easily click
on it. Why this is important is that it’s not that
we just go through a bunch of chest-head voice workouts and everything works out all
right. I have a slogan it’s called Ping is King, and I know I’ve said it 1 million
times. I’m going to say it 1,000,001 because it’s
that important. Ping. Ah! Ah! It’s the Lah! Ah! Not only is that the only sound that truly
grows the voice, and makes it resonate and get big, but it’s also actually the only
sound that actually clears off the cords from mucus. And I want to talk about mucus, and I want
to talk about inflammation because these are really important subjects. Before we sing. Let me say it again. Inflammation. Mucus. Reducing that, or minimizing that, before we sing. We don’t go straight to singing. Let’s talk about it. So I actually have a video that’s also on
YouTube, I’ll put this in the description tag, too, it’s called how to get rid of
mucus, for the vocal folds. So it’s going to be in the description. Guys, don’t use elixirs or throat sprays
and whatnot, because they contain sugar which really turns into glycerin, or glycerin, excuse
me, turns into sugar. Things like slippery Elm and whatnot, because
it coats the cord for a minute, and it may last, you know, 10 minutes or so, but you find yourself
clearing off the cords, going gaah! Puuh! Gaah! Puuh! And scraping the cords with air, and exacerbating
the cords themselves, so that they again become more inflamed, and then you lose good cord
closure. Now the cords themselves, as you know, they
kinda look like they’re like a V shape when they close down like this, right? And the closure is what we need to get phonation
or sound, right? Well, we have a crico-arytenoid and arytenoid cartlidge that takes your cords, kind of like a rubber band, and what we want to do to stretch
the cords, is we want to oil them, or have something that oils them. So there’s a lot of things the body produces. There’s glutathione which your body produces
naturally. People think that if they drink a glass of
water that all of a sudden their vocal folds feel better. No, all you’re really doing is hydrating
the body to get the moisture into the cords. But there’s also something called mucosa
and it lines the whole wall of the mouth and the throat and whatnot, and it’s not
mucus. It’s a form of moisturizer. And the body will do this naturally if you
know how to stretch this cord. It’s The LAH! AH! LAh, Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah! What is a nice bright tone, and it can actually,
as we go up in that ascending or descending a scale, it can actually put elasticity
back into the cords themselves. So that’s what we want. We want to put the elasticity
and resiliency back in the cords. This is extremely important. So again. Before we sing at all, you guys want to take
some of these measures to really do all you can to ensure the best health for your voice
first, before we start busting out with some scales. So the second thing is that there’s a lot
of things you can do. A lot of really famous opera singers sleep
with a humidifier. And they’ll do this because all night long
it’s putting moisture back in the folds. They’re breathing in good quality, humidification
or moisture, and it’s keeping the cords nice and moist. That’s one thing you could do, because as
the cords get thick, and when you have a cold or flu, when you have post-nasal drip that’s
dripping from the sinus cavity, etc. onto the cords, they get thick. They kind of become leathery. Now, our cords are made of collagen. And you know you can actually take collagen,
and I’ll post a thing here, a good kind of collagen that you can take that would be
awesome for your vocal folds and there’s actually types 1, 2, and 3 and I’ll explain
those in a minute. Types two and three actually are for the collagen
itself, and type I, I believe it is, is what helps the Cartlidge and bone structure, bone
marrow and whatnot to stay strong. But anyway so sleep with a humidifier. That’s one thing you can do. There’s also direct vapor humidification. This is actually even cooler, as cool , if
not more immediate response. I’m going to post something called veridian. Check this out. Now this sucker, actually, you can put this
directly on your face, and for like 15 minutes, just put a couple drops of tea tree oil or
maybe some eucalyptus or peppermint. Be careful with peppermint because peppermints
really strong. But you could do that and it really opens
up the sinus cavities and reduces inflammation. Now there’s something else that we really
want to do, and you can do this as well and there’s two ways to go about this. You can get, because where reducing inflammation,
you can go buy yourself a box of ibuprofen, okay? Whatever. Take two or three ibuprofen and take a really
hot, steamy shower. Like as long as you can, to breathe in the
fumes. Now there’s the old adage that says, you
know, aw man I killed it, I sing so good when I’m singing in the shower! Well, there’s actually a lot of truth to
that. It’s not just only that there’s reverb
in the shower, and so, it’s forgivable as far as your tone in your pitch. But it’s because that the steam itself is
actually loosening up the cords and reducing inflammation, and providing the ability for
the cords to vibrate easily so as you can go up and down the scale a lot easier than
getting bound up when they’re all dried up and leathery. Okay? So again collagen replaces that, glutathione
replaces that, mucosa helps with this. All these different things. My favorite thing to do, though, is not to
take ibuprofen. It’s to take turmeric, because turmeric
is every bit as effective, maybe even more effective than ibuprofen, and ibuprofen is
going to mess with your stomach if you do it over the long haul. So be careful with that, I’m just saying
that you can do that in a pinch, but my preference would be turmeric. So check this out. This is pretty expensive stuff here. You can do natural turmeric, just get raw
turmeric, chop it up, put it in a tea, in a salad or something. It’s a little nasty it kind of tastes a
little bitter. But anyway you could do this or you could
get this turmeric oil here. And again, it’s pretty expensive, but this
stuff really works. And it reduces inflammation. So now that we’ve discussed, okay, this
is sort of pre-workout stuff that you’ve done to ensure the best health for your voice
as you can. Now let’s talk about the scales themselves. Now I saw one video that said for guys you
want to go from your chest voice and your falsetto, and do that a lot and for girls,
your chest voice in your head voice. Let’s clarify two things real quick. The first thing is when you say falsetto for
guys, I use that term synonymously, which means the same, as falsetto as head voice
for girls. So falsetto for guys, head voice for girls,
I like to use those interchangeably, and I have some definitions I’ve written out in
my course. By the way, I have a singing course called
How To Sing Better Than Anyone Else, and I cover all of this stuff really thoroughly
in the course. But, so as you’re going through this, understand
yes, we want to slowly and gently wake up the voice with some easy drills. Where we hand off from our chest to our head
fairly early so that we can wake up the voice. But truth be told we can’t reside or stay
in that because, if we do, then we never wake up our chest voice, and we’re going to sing,
were planning on singing. We’ve got to wake that up. So how do we do that? So in a minute I’m going to go through some
scales with you guys, but what we do is we gently wake up the chest, head voice through
the lip drill and a tongue exercise and stuff were going to do, and then little by little,
adding like one note at a time, start to wake up the chest voice a little bit, so that when
you finally are like 20 minutes after you’re doing your chest-head work outs, and really
gently waking up the voice, and getting the sinus cavities to clear, and the mucus to
clear, and you know opening up resonators inside the face and mask, that you can start
to wake up the chest voice. Because you’re not going to be singing in
falsetto. You’re going to need to get your chest voice
to wake up, so little by little you start to bring in one more note. Then another note. And do some scales of some bright ping. It’s the LAH! AH! Ping is King! Bringing in that nice bright sound to wake
up that chest voice. So let’s go through a few scales here. I want us to do the lip drill, and by the
way, guys, if you can’t go brrrr, brrrr! Yes, you can go ahead and do this, but try
to get away from being brrr, brrr when you do a lip drill. Because in the end, you want to relax the
face, so that you can accommodate this. So I’m going to start kind of low because
ladies, I want you to be able to do this up the octave of this. So guys, I’m going to start pretty doggone
low so that the ladies can come along for the ride, too. But so if it’s too low for you, just wait
a couple of scales here. Roll into Head Voice there. Now you can continue go up and down the scale. And we really want to do this for about 10,15,
even 20 minutes, just to kind of wake up the chest and head voice, through the passagio,
and have a really relaxed throat response. Now you can do another scale, too, which is… I’ll do it lower here… Okay. So you can go up and down these scales to
do this. Now, this other vocal coach, again, said do
NG, ng, or mmm. well, I am not a big fan of the NG, embedding that into muscle-memory for the throat. Again, this is all about building muscle-memory,
and in my course, How To Sing Better Than Anyone Else, I teach you how to build Open
Throat muscle-memory’s, so this is really important, to not embed a sound that we’re
never going to use, or we rarely use, or don’t really want to use when we sing. However, it does serve a purpose. Two purposes, actually. One is to take gak off the cords, which is
NG, and two is to determine vocal fach, or what is your vocal type? It’s the German system, a German caste system
of understanding what your range is and what your vocal type is. So if you were to do the NG like this vocal
coach said, you go: Nggggggggggggggggggggggggggg and it does actually get rid of some of the
vocal gak off the cords themselves, but, folks if we’re honest with ourselves, when we
go sing words like loving You, or holding you, or anything that has an NG sound in it,
you find that you get caught in the throat. Loving you, and there’s a yodel that happens
when you try to release that sound. So if we embed that sound, were actually embedding
a sound we don’t want. We want lovin’ You not “lo-viNG” you. We want to get rid of that sound so we don’t
want to embed that. Now, the M sound like um, mum, mum… Forget that noise! That’s silliness! We too, can do an M, and we do it like this,
with the tongue… Like there’s a ball in the back of your
throat… Think of the vowel of uh like love, in the
throat… Because it does open up the resonators in
the face, and it also helps let you maintain open throat technique, rather than using NG. And so on… We could go all the way up the scales, and
you guys can do this on your own. Anyway, guys, thank you for joining me, Ken
Tamplin Vocal academy where the proof is in the singing! I just want to get you guys real information! Again, when you see something on the internet, Simply ask the vocal coach. Hey, can you sing a song or two for me? And can you post that? And can you sing, or have some of your students sing, so that I know that the information that I’m getting from you is legit, that I’m not hurting myself, or you’re not just re-presenting or parroting something you got from another video, so that you can authenticate that the information that you get is correct. Okay? Thank You, Guys for joining me! Until next time! Peace! Out!


I've been following you for a while now. You give detailed, informed and important advice. It seems to me that aside from loving your profession, you genuinely care about your students and other musicians. Oh.. BTW The mucous video was very helpful. Enjoy your weekend!

Ken, I could tell you're a Christian by your demeanor.
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I'm guessing that you've got a few stories of your own.
Peace, bro.

Great insight, Ken. I'm telling you, being sick is such a pain because even trying to sing the high notes when I'm sick is nearly impossible. I'll look at this video the next time I'm feeling under the weather. Thanks so much for posting this.

ken I want to thank u for your perfect channel .this videos , awesome as always. I learned so so so much from u . just like this guy Juan Jose said , you're a living legend . your vocal tips really works .thank u man , God bless u …. . guys I'm from Iran and because of our ecconomics issues and other things probably u know I can't buy his course . we can't have pay pal or anything or it's too much difficult to get. if I could buy it I would do it a hundred times . just his videos in his channel help me so much . give me a better perspective of my voice and my tone , vocal power , better pitch , …. guys do not go for other programs , stick with ken , I guarantee u you will get very positive results in 6 or 7 months … just trust me

Whenever I fall sick
The first thing that happens to me is

Do you recommend singing on a sore throat? I’ve been having one for two weeks now and I haven’t been singing at all for the duration of the cold? My practice schedule is really intense so I figured I would probably benefit by resting it out but I’m unsure and pretty scared to try to sing on it. Thank you!

This is the one that resonates with me the most. I've been a dedicated student for over three years now with KTVA and the reason I found Ken was because I was looking for a solution to sing safe. I got laryngitis from over singing, you see, and it put me out of the game for three weeks. Then after a year on the course I got a really bad cold. I had a gig at new year. And was worth a good bit of money to me so I didn't want to just throw in the towel. I applied the techniques from KTVA and got through a four hour gig. Now don't get me wrong. It was probably one of the toughest nights I ever had but I made it. No one could believe how ill I was and how I managed to sing the way I did.
Anyways, what I really want to say is that this course is the one you want. I promise you. All the videos on the channel back that up. Its worth every penny and more. Thanks Ken.

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Really important discussion for singer. As a singer and a teacher, I have had to deal with a lot of allergies, illness and at times I had no choice at times but to sing. I had to be very careful and had vocal set backs because of those circumstances. I even had to had voice therapy at one point. I have overcome those problems and developed a technique of vocal awareness and learned some things about herbs and other helpful habits that helped me get through such times. But there are times that you must bow out and take care of yourself. I have seen some very good singers perform when in less than good voice and used humor and relaxed singing and vocal honesty. I have been working on incorporating the Ping principle that you have talked about in other videos. It's is a new sensation and different from my training. I do remember the Opera Singer Eilene Ferrel and she said that her technique grew out of the french nasal not unlike your vocal core idea, the ping., I have found slippery elm helpful thought you do not recommend it. Agree about humidifiers. Sinus inflammation is a real problem for singers with chronic allergies and totally changes the instrument, the cavities do feel or sound the same. I take turmeric every day! Mix turmeric into a glass of V8 and some paprika and red pepper, It opened cup the sinus and helps the metabolism. You cover a lot of ground, good lesson!

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How come no matter how hard i try or how much energy and volume i use, i always sound bored ? I sing the notes but when i watch a recording i sound like im half asleep. Is it just how i am. Did i do something wrong. Is it because i always sound stuffy even when i speak

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Hello, I've been singing in a rock band for about 5 years despite illness, The only cure is resting. But if you can not? Have you ever tried sour on vocal cords? I have a lemon tested and even better wine. Did you have an experience of acidity on vocal cords? And in one case I met an asthma remedy named Alvesco. After 10 days I had a range as at 18 years old. Unbelievable. But I have an allergy for that medicine. After 20 years I have neither the size nor the stamina. I'm really glad for your lessons and I'm going to miss the channel and thank you.

What I've discovered to be helpful and reducing the time being sick is eating lots of ginger and honey. Here's one of the best beverages to test:
Use one root of ginger and boil it in the water for 20-30 minutes so that some color will come loose into the water. Then take a cup/mug, add a good junk of honey into the cup (there can't be enough of it, I swear), and drop 1-1½ shot of good whiskey and mix it with honey (If there's no whiskey, a good rum will do the trick, but it'll be pretty sweet then). Then add the ginger tea while it's steaming hot into the honey-whiskey-mixture and mix it well together. Drinking that will make you twist your face and burn your mouth, but I assure you it'll scare the flu away after couple of mugs of these. And the whiskey will make you sleep better as the alcohol relaxes your body and the other ingredients reduce the inflammation and symptoms, so you'll sleep better, which is crucial for getting better and you will not cough or feel pain while swallowing that much during the night.
You can do this mixture without whiskey, though, but I've felt that it's more effective with it, especially when being sick. Drinking honey-ginger tea or eating ginger regularly will certainly reduce the chance of getting inflammation in your vocal folds or throat.
Couple of times I've felt like I was getting sick, when I felt a little stingy pain back in my throat and my joints and muscles started aching (typical symptoms when inflammation or fever is setting in), I quickly made the tea I just described above, drank 1-2 mugs of it and the symptoms were gone before the next day or they were so minor nuisances that they didn't bother and went away in 1-2 days.
Ginger and honey, people. They're singer's wonder medicine.

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Let's say I was singing with poor technique and now my voice is a bit sore, would you reccomend to use the tumeric/ibuprofen/eucalyptus/tea tree stuff you talked about to help it feel better? Or is it really just a matter of resting the voice?

I have seasonal allergies and most of the time, I go through the exact same symptoms of a common cold. How would you suggest tackling allergies when practicing or singing or even lessening the effects of allergies? Thanks so much. Love the videos!

Hey Ken, I don't know if it is too late for you to see this on time. I overused my voice during rehearsals (sounded so great, and yesterday started to get husky, so I stopped). The thing is I can't afford to not having back by tonight, because I will sing in an important event…and I woke up sounding like gollum! 4 hours have past since I woke up, and after drinking 4 lt. of water already and gone through some steam treatment, I feel like I am slowly getting it back. would you suggest me to stop talking completely and start doing these excersises 1 hour before the show? Or should I start from now? (of course if you don't see it, I will still appreciate a response, since I will probably have to deal with this in the future anyway). Oh , and let me know if a shot of whiskey or tekila really works, or if it is non-sense. Thank you sooo much for all your videos!

Thank you for this! I am singing in a concert today and I woke up with a hoarse and congested voice, and this helps a lot!

Could you be my vocal coach? I really need one. I have to sing tomorrow currently trying to recover from inflammation 😩

Thank you for this information! I actually have severe chronic allergies that cause a pressure headache and it never alleviates. My voice is greatly effected, I don't even remeber my real singing voice anymore. I have gone years with my allergies and I had actually given up on my dream for singing until I found your videos. Your scales have given me growth and ease of my voice. I only hope I haven't damaged my voice with trying to "force" the singing while this was happening over the years. I am saving up for your course and I have become so enthusiastic again, I will become one of your students soon! For giving me the biggest part of being me back, and for offering me the hope and love of singing back to me. I cannot have enough words, Thank you!! I hope someday I can show you myself, just how much I appreciate your videos and help. I will use these tips to help ease the inflammation and strive for the future!

Is it possible I sung myself into sickness? I exerted myself a few days ago… over-compression…woke up with sore throat and got sick by the end of the day, now i have mucus in my resonators and sound like crap. 🙁

5 mins in and I havent gotten any tips, skip the chit chat and get to the cream of the crop please thanks

Lots of techniques and elixers and stuff have gotten me through.
However, There's one or 2 times a year where it just ain't gonna happen. My advice, cancel when that happens.
I'm talking about those days where you open your mouth and nothing is coming out.

I need help getting out of my falsetto and getting more projection. Throat won’t let me or I don’t know how to stop it constricting.

I have to sing tonite in Waikiki and was going over my gravely bad chest cold and asthma voice. I got it contained between throat and chest and have almost Zero highs, lowering the keys just to get past this gig. I'm am going to tea tree and mentholate my throat, forehead and nose and take a shot of Tennessee whiskey, and see how my lala ping exercising loosen my voice up. Thanks Sir. I saw you surfing in Hawaii once, meant to say hi,but the waves were on. Aloha Brudda.

Just a follow up, I started off, with alot apprehension, almost unable to speak a sentence. I missed some notes, kind of like playing a piano with 10 broke keys and you dont know which ones are the clunkers. I tried your shirling of the keys technique and noticed I could hit some highs in mask, and my throat starting to open up a little. I actually sung pretty hard rockish using the mucous coming off my vocal chords to churn band was happy and crowd was a happy party. I think I kinda killed it. Side note I used your tea tree, mixed with muscle menthol spray and vicks on my face sinuses throat chest and feet covered with socks and to clear about 60% of the asthma and chest cold ongestion. Aloha Brudda Ken for your help. Hope I can be your student one day.

Hey ken is it common to lose cord closure during a sore throat?? I have completely lost my passagio at the moment and only air is coming out.. chest voice is fine surprisingly

For about 3 decades, as I have toured the world with my voice, I have been encouraging singers (and aspiring singers) to sing through colds and flu. This flies directly in the face of what almost all other vocal coaches teach…

your free lessons are way better than SLS and Singing for Success paid courses. thanks a lot! I have one question and I hope you answer me; is running,sport,workouts and set ups good for the voice?

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