Singing Tips – Fix Nasal Voice – Improve Vocal Tone – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy vocal warm up

Hey guys, welcome back again to Ken Tamplin
Vocal Academy, where the proof is in the singing. We’re going to be discussing nasality today,
or how not to sing nasally, but before we do that, I think it’s really important to
ask ourselves a couple of real big questions. There’s a lot of information floating around
on the Internet on a lot of different subjects from a lot of different vocal coaches. So
how can you tell what information is actually legitimate, and what really works, and what
doesn’t? The only real way to tell is to ask yourself
a couple of big questions, and that is this: does the vocal coach themselves sing, and
sing well, so that they can prove and demonstrate what they’re teaching is true, and do they
have a lot of students that also sing and sing well that prove out their method?
At Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy we have over 300 videos of several dozen students that
actually prove out what we teach, because we believe that the proof is in the singing.
With that said, let’s get started with nasality. What is nasality? Well nasality is using too
much air throughout the velo-nasal port, or through the sinus cavities and down in through
the nose. So how can we avoid that? Well, there’s several things we can do that are
really easy, simple tips and tricks, and one is this. It’s going to sound silly, but we’re going
to simply plug our nose. Now, we’re going to do a simple triad scale, I’ll do it first
for the guys in the guys’ register, and then I’ll do it for the ladies… But we’re
going to start with a real nasally sound to determine what that sounds like. So I’m
going to start with and ah vowel on a simple triad.
(nasally) Lah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ahhh… Right? Or for ladies it’s: (higher and nasally)
Lah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ahhh… Right? It’s going to have that real, real brassy, nasally
sound. Well, what we’re going to do is we’re going to simply plug our nose… Lah, ah,
ah, ah, ah, ah, ah… Ladies, let’s try it with you: Lah, ah,
ah, ah, ah, ah, ah… Now what we’ve done is we are determining
how we can allow the least amount, or no air out of the Velo nasal port, out of the sinus
cavity. Now something that’s a real cool trick is to get in front of the mirror and
look at the back of the throat, and you’ll see the soft palate should start to rise as
we ascend a scale. In fact your uvula, it’s the little dangly thing in the back of your
throat, and the soft palate will start to rise, and you can actually control and mitigate
the amount of air that goes in and out of the Velo nasal port.
Now, we don’t want to always not have any air to come out of the Velo nasal port, but
let me give you an example of, let’s say, take a simple song, to give you two choices
of how to mitigate, or give a percentage of air to come out of that, to determine a style,
or something that you may want to use when singing.
I’m going to pick an old Styx song, I love Dennis DeYoung, he’s an awesome singer.
To this day, the guy can rock. It’s awesome, his voice is fantastic, where many others have
lost their voice. But I’m going to sing an old Styx song called “Come Sail Away”.
I’ll sing it like Dennis, because he uses a lot of mask in his sound, so “I’m sailing
away…” Okay now there’s a lot of mask, and quite a bit of nasality in that sound.
Now, if you want to avoid, or cut back the amount of air to that sound, it would sound
something like this: “I’m sailing a way…” Now, notice at the end, on the EEE, I did
add a little bit of Velo nasal port sound to it, because I wanted to have it resonate
in the front of the face…


I have heard things saying you are a fake but all I see is proof that you are not you are an amazing singer and just your YouTube has taught me some new tricks to singing I also believe you handled the accusations very well and mature in your other video about picking out who's fake and choosing the right person keep staying awesome ken hopefully one day I'll buy your course when I get the money and fully unlock my potential

sure but nasal sounds with good methode can sounds amazing too 😉 Ken but Naisal Sounds all kinds of them have inflounts to use vocal courds and close our all mebrans that s why we don t sing naisals We use wind and open throat technique with a mask and use just a wind to open nose to do this we just never try to singing there ;p never but like a tool to choose you wanna try to pool with there with mask or big gorthy sound in mouth posistions just determine what kind of type of music we are singing ;p cheers and have fun ;P . What i ve knowledege don t detremine sounds of our carrier to better and worst just learn how to do it natural and good without wird things and that will start sound amazing ;P

Man I have say that you are the best that I have seen so far and not only are you a great teacher but a excellent singer. Thank you for your tips

Actually, Ken – nasal singing is a good thing. Pop technique disproved this age old, classical theory of "not singing through your nose" and shows that it actually helps you hit higher notes more effortlessly by bringing them to the front of your nasal passage where there's the opportunity for more resonance.

Found you on the YouTube and you seem like a wonderful teacher as well as a true expert. Told my songwriter husband about you (he writes for film and TV shows), and he apparently already bought your video lessons! Great minds think alike. He is also a professional singer (past training), and I am an amateur who wants to give my voice a makeover (haha). So we look forward to improving our sound delivery and getting the most out of learning from your lessons. Also you have solid presentation videos here on TouTube. <3 Vocal Tip Needed: When I sing, I often start yawning and have to stop. I do have allergies (post nasal drip) and poor diaphragm for breathing. If I resolve these problems would the yawning go away?

I immediately heard him morph into Edith singing in the All in the Family intro when he did the example of the lady's Nasal register. Very informative video.

Ken…. why do you seem so hopeful? My teachers just want to make fun of me? Do you realize you are just adding computation?

OMG (in Heaven)
You are sooo CooL.
My Dad ( if just maybe, you might remember some of what I shared with you), said I was too nasal. I was a teen at work he time and probably some what more fragile!
I will never stop following you
Mr.Tamplin!!!. For me,, you are truly a gift for me.
Please take care.

Hahaha…..nice tip. I'll plug my nose now onwards. Cant sing well bt hope ur videos will make it a way better now. Tnx a lot Ken.

I think Britney Spears should use this for her singing, she tends to sing nasally all the time but not using her deep voice. Can anyone send her this?

Today have the problem exactly the other way around 😀 i cna't breath very through the nose and my high register sounds boxy and not open :/ any quick tipps for me ?

Usually when i try sing high notes like matt's screaming falsettos, i always belt it and imagine that something flows through the nasal, should i be doing that or did i do it wrong?

Love your videos…just wish I can get a chance to be in your training…you rock!!!🤘🤘🤘

from the Philippines

Subscribed!! thank you for this helpful tip master.. i currently suffering from nasality whenever i sing after having a cold a month ago. but before i suffered from a cold, i sing in an open throat and i can reach high notes properly. but now, my throat hurts easily and i sound awfully. I hope this exercise can bring back my (temporary) lost voice.

Hi Ken Tamplin can you help me about this
When i was young at the age of 7-13 my voice is like a girl when i sing but now that im 14 my voice is big and thats the reason i cant sing high notes now
But before i was 7-13 i can sing high notes because my voice is kinda girly before and now my voice is like a BIG THICK VOICE.Can you help me sing high notes again and maintain my voice naturally like im at the age of 7-13?Please help me i cant sing better now because of my voice is not Soft like before
I wish you can help me

Question: I have a friend who's a really good signer. Each time we sing together I noticed the difference in tone between him and me. Yesterday I ask him about nose resonator and he said that he never block his nose, he use it for resonance. Today, I notice that my tone is fuller when I do so, but it is more nasal. I also go out of breath sooner with the "open" nose, but still, tone is fuller. I'm confused…

Should I block my nose or not while singing?

Started playing guitar and singing and I was 14. Used to go to my dads seasonal campsite. Every Saturday night they had a talent show I remember very clearly my dad saying to me you’re not pronunciating and you’re singing through your nose. My dad did opera in several off Broadway performances in his youth. He was phenomenal. My dad emigrated from Belgium after World War II and he never lost his French accent. If you’ve ever heard Maurice Chevalier, that was my dad only my dad was so much better. I wish I could’ve grown up with him, I would’ve learned a lot. Voice is like guitar… There is always so much more to learn. Thank you for your help

what types of exercises should one do daily to grow their voice? And can falsetto be learnt or is it natural in some people and not other's?

Nice you are such an amazing guy…😲
And not like anybody you are giving demonstrations.. It's helpful.
Thanks man, I really appreciate you..😁😁🖒🖒

Watching you sing is so interesting – love your tips and it makes me smile that your tongue sometimes reminds me of a turtle's.

hello amazing voice how are you, i have a question, since i was young when i used to sing i feel my throat got tiered… why ? its annoying when im not singing opera. the only thing i can sing without getting that throat tiredness feeling is ALTO male opera voice

Omg! I was shocked how your voice changed when u blocked your nose. I sing very nasally and also out of tune.

Hello ken.. you are really amazing. you are a great teacher. thank you for these amazing voice improving tips. because of you i improved my voice alot. and one more thing i love your hair style. 👌👌

you seem to know exactly what you talk about. this is what i call a mentor. thank you for sharing your gift with us

Good day ken I have this problem sometimes when I'm singing I feel like there's a little phlegm or something that's blocking my voice in my throat can you please help me. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Very good and fun for this tutorial am very impressed to follow your instructions Mr, Ken Tamplin you're so talented and amazing for vocal teaching professional I really appreciate I like to join for more knowledge.

please follow some spanish traductor from to understand what i wanna Say. i wish u be my teacher, i know that u can make yo evoluthion to my voice and get the directioner i wanna be ,el sueño de mi vida es poder ser tu alumna ,yo sé que tú podrías hacer evolucionar mi voz y q tome la dirección que le quiero dar ,soy tu fiel admiradora ,me encantas Ken!!

Is 21 too late to learn how to sing. I had a teacher that said the older you are the less like you are able to improve

Interesting! I asked you that question as a comment on a previous video of yours, and here is the answer. You cover so many great topics. So, when your favorite genre is country ballads, is singing nasally a bad thing, or does it depend on the song and the singer? Should I try to reduce or eliminate it, or should I try to sing the song by eliminating the nasal sound as you suggest, and then decide for myself what I prefer?

Do you recommend any procedure to open the nostrils wider? I have enlarged turbinate and it feels like congestion all the time

Been told I have a nasally tone in my voice. Watching this makes me worried that my voice is annoying 😂😂😂

Dude, you are a great teacher, and I could not stop laughing at that lady voice you got while holding your nose. You are truly fearless.

I just printed up 20,000 Ken Tamplin Signature Clothes pins. $2.95 each – ACT NOW!. LOL.

Ken, you rock. Thanks!

I'm self taught with singing. I know little to nothing about how I go about doing it technically, but I had this problem at one point. I basically realized most resonance should hit the hard palate above the front center portion of the tongue, and not too far forward near the teeth. Mostly on high notes it feels as if the resonance moves higher into the hard palate, which evens out the projection level. But nasal voices I think are placed too far forward. But I'm self taught, and as I said I know little about exactly what I'm doing and how the voice works.

Any thoughts?

This is a great lesson and a great method to avoid this issue, but I think he's got quite a bit of a nasal tone even when he holds his nose, or is that just me?

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