Singing Tips – 3 Easy Singing Tips For Beginners

Hi there. This is Aaron from
and I’m here to talk to you about singing tips. In fact I want to give you three pretty
good singing tips, kind of get you along your way in your singing. First one is about the tongue. When you’re
singing, the tongue is considered one of the biggest enemies of the singer because it’s
always in the way. First of all, it’s the only muscle in the body if you know, your
tongue is a muscle. It’s the only muscle in the body that is connected at one end but
free at the other end. So it’s this weird thing that is the only
muscle in the body that does that. Also is that you’re trying to sing and it’s just like
in the middle of your mouth. It’s one of your biggest resonators to be able to sing and
it’s just like in there in the way. So where’s the tongue supposed to be when you sing? Seventy
percent of the time, give or take, the tip of your tongue is supposed to be on the inside
of your lower teeth there just resting there, right there. So all the vowels, like [vocalizes], like
if you say, Hey, hey, where your tongue ends up, hey, right there. That’s where your tongue
is supposed to be for all the vowels of singing and most of singing is vowels, consonants
or something. It’s just like a really quick get the consonant just to get to the vowel
because actually singing is just sustained speech. So basically it’s the vowels that
are the sustained part [vocalizes] all the vowel sounds. So your tongue is supposed to be there. So
when you do any type of consonant sound like I said, like a TH or a T or anything like
that, the tongue does need to lift up to get that consonant sound and it immediately needs
to get right back down where it’s supposed to be. That will help you have better tone
and help your voice to resonate more which means more volume and kind of a bigger, fuller,
quality sound which all singers want. All right. Next step. Your posture makes a
huge difference with how you sing. If you’re bent over, you’re leaned over, then you’re
not going to diaphragm breathe which I will talk a little bit about your diaphragm, how
to sing from your diaphragm. You hear people say that a lot. Singing or breathing from
your diaphragm basically is when you breathe, your diaphragm lowers and pushes your intestines
to the side and to the front and out of the way. So it opens up that cavity so your lungs
have a nice place to expand. OK? So breathing from your diaphragm basically
means you have good posture and you don’t raise your chest when you’re breathing in.
You don’t lower it when you’re breathing out. That’s how a lot of people breathe. That’s
how most of us breathe but the idea is to have your chest remain relatively high to
begin with and when you breathe, expand in your stomach, in your sides, like your lower
rib area [vocalizes]. And if you keep that position as you’re singing out when it’s exhaling
and instead of letting your chest cave, it will help the diaphragm to continue to be
in the descended position and not ascend and not to rise up too quickly. Anyway, there are a couple of singing tips
for you. I’ve got a ton more singing tips and a lot of articles, information videos,
really good stuff on I think I told you. I’m from I’ve got the link just
below actually, Click there. Just type in and on there, I’ve
actually got a video up there right now of how to sing high notes. It’s a long, full-packed
content video, how to sing high notes without the strain because that really is the problem
when you sing [sings off key]. You got that. Get rid of that completely. How to sing high
notes freely and without strain. So check that out, Click the link and
I will see you on the other side.


I can't name another part on my body that's free hahahaha and connected at the end hahahahaaba jk man great tips !

the tongue is this this this weird thing THAT ALLOWS YOU TO FUCKING SPEAK and clearly pronounce words like THIS THIS THIS. You fairy.

if you lay down on your back you automatically breath with your diaphragm so that's a good thing to try if you can't seem to breath right

I've always sang folky and choral music so my voice has developed to be quite quiet and not very powerful but in a year or two I would really love to audition to study musical theatre because I absolutely adore drama and dance . The notes in singing aren't really a problem for me but I need to develop a lot more power and a nicer tone when singing musical theatre songs I've given myself a fairly long time to try to improve I was just wondering if anyone had any tips on how I could achieve this without getting singing lessons ?

"Tongue is the only thing connected to one end and free on the other"
I guess we're not considering the male body part, fingers, toes, hair, our head, etc, as body parts.

I have no clue how I went from watching bartbaker parodies to watching this I guess it's just the magic of YouTube

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Your tongue is a sensory organ, not a muscle. It has a lot of muscles attached to it in order to move it. If it was a muscle, it wouldn't be able to move out of your mouth 🙂

The tongue actually is the only muscle that only has an origin and no insertion. Therefore it is the only muscle that has a free end.

His statement was correct.

This was very helpful, thank you for the tips. (:
Posture definitely makes a difference while singing,
it makes it easier to take a breathe when needed.

I play trumpet, and that helps with your high notes, pitch, low notes, tongue, prosture and lip strength, or however u like to call it

i just bought some courses – can't access and there's no one to call or to respond to my emails
(I already paid for it)

Not trying to b crass, but unless you have some kind of crazy looped penis then the tongue is not only muscle in the body that is "connected at one end, and loose as the other".

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It is different from the other methods and seems to result in better pitch control.  My voice has improved so much in a short time. I actually really enjoyed the whole process, and no longer feel like my singing talent is dwindling.

Just kinda realized how inspired I felt to sing recently, and now that I hear this I get the feeling I'm going to have a lot more trouble than I thought. With the fact that I have an already small mouth, plus the appliance(which is something to help your mouth grow in size. So no, I do not have a refrigerator or microwave in my mouth), my tongue will most likely have more difficulty staying where it needs to. Gonna try, though!

Me:scrolls down to the comments while video is still playing.*sees that all of them are about whether a penis is a muscle or an organ.

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1. Placement of tongue in mouth to allow the sustaining of vowels
2. Proper posture matters (torso etc) – “breathe from your diaphragm”
3. What was the third tip?

This was very helpful, thank you for the tips. (:
Posture definitely makes a difference while singing,
it makes it easier to take a breathe when needed.
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This was very helpful, thank you for the tips. (:
Posture definitely makes a difference while singing,
it makes it easier to take a breathe when needed.
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