Singing songs with SWITCHED LYRICS (This WORKS!)

What’s up guys my name is Roomie Official. I hope you’re smiling. I hope you’re working towards your goals. Today We got a bunch of stuff on the schedule. We’re gonna do a bikini try on haul I’ve found a really good bikini for my body, but the main Shaboozle today Is that we’re gonna take popular songs we’re gonna switch out the lyrics. We’re gonna find songs where that works Or, you know, kind of works. There’s this new groundbreaking song out there, and it’s got this amazing melody It goes like this, ooh Look what you’ve made me do look what you made me do look what you just made me Do look what you just made me do and because that lyric is such a work of art It’s really compatible with timeless music. I found this one classic song that it works really well with Subtitles are off but whatever. Ooh, Look what you made me do. Look what you just made me do. Loook what you just made me do. Okay, so that’s totally mind blowing Amazing thing was the first lyrics switch. I’ve got a bunch of other of those coming up later in the video. Before we move on to more mind-blowing Life-changing lyrics switches, I want to try out something with you guys I’ve never done before it’s inspired by the sexy sexy man behind this t-shirt Jacksfilms. Also. I just want to ask you guys What do you think this looks like? I mean it’s supposed to be a light switch, and it really looks like one but it also kind of looks like in Minecraft d*ck. All jokes aside. I really love Jack I think it makes some of the funniest content on YouTube so go check him out Anyway, the setup for this amazingly original concept is that I’ve written a song And I want you guys to fill in the last line. The song goes like this So your task is to come up with a punchline and write it in the comments. Here’s two examples I made of what you could write: Had an edgy joke but I’ll let it be Too afraid that Tumblr might rage at me Had an edgy joke, but I’ll let it be I’m too busy Chokin this fat baby I’ll be featuring your best answers in the next video Okay, so time for another lyric switch. This time for the lyrics we’re using Kygo and Selena Gomez’s It Ain’t Me if you haven’t heard it, it goes something like who’s gonna walk you through the dark side of the morning And mixed together with Maroon 5’s don’t want to know it sounds like this Who’s gonna walk you through the dark side of the morning who’s gonna rock you when the Sun Won’t let you sleep. It’s waking up to drop you home when you’re drunk, and all alone who’s gonna walk you through the dark side of the morning it ain’t me oh bowery So that one actually turned out above my expectations i’m papered that one looked a bit like uuh my favorite lyric switch is coming up in a little bit but before we do that Let’s do something a bit different. I’m really sorry about this, but it looks like your house is built on a giant turtle It’s about to go into the sea. However, I have been saving up balloons that I can tie to your house You know, like in that movie Up, so you can fly to safety But I don’t have enough balloons yet to lift your whole house and you will be out in the sea drowning in like two minutes But if you click my subscribe button and that notification bell Then I will get more balloons for some reason and maybe I can save you so hurry up and do that I’m totally Sincere and not you know try to use this story to make you do anything. While you’re down there also click thumbs up That’s also good for the the balloons You know so I got helium to fill the balloons with. Hurry up and do it because I really want to save you 100% I’ve been getting tens of thousands of emails, maybe hundreds of thousands of emails, asking me to release more original music. A very frustrated mom even emailed me the other day saying that her kids wouldn’t stop peeing in her sofa until I had released a new original song. This is all 100% true, by the way. So, here you go Here’s two teasers from the original songs I’m working on right now Oh I watched you fall Oh You lost it all Oh Haven’t heard from you It’s been way too long If you wanna I know then I know what went wrong Please believe me it was I who F****ed it up Please believe me it was I who F****ed it up Okay guys time for my two final lyric switches I love these ones. I think they’re the best. Also, I’m really excited about the collab thing you and I are doing if you missed it head over to 1:40 in this video and leave your comment for it down below. I can’t wait to read your guys’ responses Here’s the last two lyrics switches. I hope you enjoy and see you next week. Bye So today, we’re gonna be trying out the Vocaloid program and comparing it to my real human voice.


Had an edgy joke but I’ll let it be
I don’t know who I am Can you seeeeeee
I’m lost
I’m found
My life is going

Realises most of this video was him not doing the video title but still doesn't care cause roomie is good

had an edgy joke i'll let it be some days i just feel like a bean…hope you like it i really had nothing

This is a year late, but I wanna do this

Had an edgy joke but i'll let it be….
Don't wanna cause no… controversy….
And you never know…
Maybe it'll come back some time or so….

Controversial, singing her rules, gonna leave that all behind….
I'm settling, not stressing, now I feel like i'm pressing, against your heartttt..
your heart….
Your jokes were fine, like they weren't a verse or a line…
Like they were like your life experience
Praying to god with yo biblical attitude….

You got… gratitude…
Gratitude….. your eyes shine like the sky
So bright and high (yes that was a play on words with drugs)
Those clouds… hidin' your true self…..

Had an edgy joke but i'll let it be….
Don't wanna cause no… controversy….
And you never know…
Maybe it'll come back some time or so….

I'll be seeing your eyes…
Like I see the skies
Shine bright and high
But never knowin'
Where they're goin

imma just say but it would fun to see you attempt to sing a song while listening to another song than that sung on a pair of noice cancelling headphones

2:33 LOL😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

[im aware this is very late.. and also really bad. ._.]
Had an edgy joke but, I'll let it, be…
Don't want people to think that, I'm depressed, now do we?

(I know I’m late but whatever)

Had a edgy joke but, I’ll let it be

Got my peen stuck,in my bathtub, someone please help me

Have an edgy joke but i’ll let it be my legs are rumbling because of me Have an edgy joke but i’ll let it be im just shy to let you hear 👂🏻

Had an edgy joke but i'll let it be
Wanna sing a picture it's easy to me
Hey guys my joke is on history
My joke is now popular or is it just me?
Because every picture has been sang to me
I hope that the joke hits puberty

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