Singing Lessons & Voice Training : Vocal Exercises for Voice Breaks

JAMES MENY: So let’s just try it with a regular
mum, M-U-M on the scale of mum, mum, mum, mum, mum, mum, mum, mum, mum, mum, mum, mum,
mum. And this will go through the legit voice typical pessagio male to–typical pessagio
which is F, F sharp or G. The belt that will go through the flip area where the voice is
going to change and in mix voice you shouldn’t notice much of anything going on. Okay let’s
try it mum, M-U-M. MAN: Mum, mum, mum, mum, mum, mum, mum, mum, mum, mum, mum, mum, mum.
JAMES MENY: Can you do it a little louder? MAN: Mum, mum, mum, mum, mum, mum, mum, mum,
mum, mum, mum, mum, mum. JAMES MENY: Okay so the larynx is comin’ up a little bit because
he loses some of the chest quality as he goes through that scale.


the larynx triggers the voice not the breath determining the larynx. This has been proven, by science, for years even though many still are taught counterwise because of how it "feels." Sorry you don't like my sound but this was an example to the general public, not a full opera-style example, though I was an opera singer for years.

For all who doesnt know much about singing yet, pay attention to this video:

In the higher notes this dude does what commonly is know as "swallow" the notes (a very graphical description indeed) because instead of project it with good air support, he sends the pressure inside the throat.
Therefore the note sounds untuned, and clearly in the last note he doesnt even sing it close to the 1/4 tone.

And Im tlaking about the dude in wine colored shirt.About his student, I barely can ear him.

Again, it's the bible according to Nicolashrv. That's ok. There's a place for it and , of course, because someone criticizes my methods I will feel compelled to change everything because Nicolashrv is the God of voice. My humble appologies. Guess I'll go to hell for ruining voices and teaching for money unlike all of the other teachers in the world that teach for love, which always pays the bills. BTW, there are a few others you should condemn to hell, too, since they're doing almost the same.

Haha, sarcasm is not your stregth, either is teaching!

You will not go to hell, but your students will have terrible problems if they want to follow a profesional career, since you are teaching mostly BAD things, and you even do DANGEROUS things for the voice.

Seems that since its they who will damage their voice and suffer, you dont care a thing as long you ca$h some money.

I'm not sure I understand. Are you saying that the SLS high notes can not be strong? Like an opera high note? Please clarify because if you are talking about opera, I know plenty of singers who have trained in SLS that very powerful high notes such as eduardo villa and purcilla baskerville. But, I may be misunderstanding you. Sorry.

Hmm. that's bad that you didn't get the head voice taken care of. I'm a little surprised, though, as I've learned a lot from Seth, never took from Guy, and have had tons of successes with the technique. I'm no longer a member of their association, but that's more or a business matter. As for Sonu Nigam, you should definately contact Wendy Parr in NYC. She would be right up your alley as for the genre you're talking about. Slam SLS or not, it doesnt' matter to me but I do still believe in it. J

I don't know what special training Wendy has in the genre but I do know that she teaches in India as well as NYC and does very well in both environments. I have also heard her sing in that genre and was very convinced that she has the pipes for it. Again, don't know if she can teach it but it would be worth you getting in contact with her about your concerns. She's very helpful, even to people who don't take from her. Also, check out Amelia Maciszewski on Google. She may be able to help you, too

I've been reading a lot about vocal production recently. Can you point me to the scientific research you are referring to?

I dunno thats what i thought 9 months ago. Then my cousin started singing lessons and I did not see him for 9 months. When i had seen him last his voice was so butt ugly that it was comparable to mine. Now he is not that bad. It is like any musical instrument you need time and practice.

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any tips for a smoker? i smoke alot, and dont think ill be giving up anytime soon either, but my voice goes croaky at some pitches and i find it hard to sustain my voice for more than like 7 seconds

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