Singing Lessons & Voice Training : Pt 4: Vocal Exercises for Voice Breaks

JAMES MENY: Now, it still sounds a little
whoofy so let’s go ahead and let him sound his natural sound on that vowel and let’s
see–let’s let the vowel fix everything up for him. Let’s say the word good, I’ll play
it slow enough so that you can actually say the G and the D cleanly and just say it in
your normal voice. Ready, go. Remember the word has to be good, the word good out of
your mouth each and every time. Read, go. MAN: Good, good, good, good, good, good, good,
good, good, good, good, good, good. JAMES MENY: And if you watch his neck when he does
that there’s hardly any movement going on. Let’s try it one more time and let’s focus
right on his neck. Ready, go. MAN: Good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good,
good, good, good, good. JAMES MENY: Excellent. So that’s a neutral sound where the voice
is balanced for this singer. May not be what he wanted to come in and sing with or ultimately
want to sing with but at least he has somewhere to go from the neutral position. He can make
it whinier or heavier from that neutral position. If he was already too low he couldn’t go any
lower and if he was already too high he couldn’t go any higher.


yessss! his larynx is toooooo high!!

something he says are true, good, and even usefull..
but his larynx is too upward!


If you are already higher, you cannot go anymore higher!!

Pass out the weed dude!!

Seriously…..I think he will collapse on his stomach soon!!

dont worry, I now I have flaws, like any person in the world, but at LEAST I dont show those flaws as positive values!

Its like if you have insestuous relations with your sister, but you say its ok because you love her, therefore, everyone should do the same!

Grow up! and think a little about what this dude is presenting here as singing.

lol dude that is not a neutral sound, and his larynx was in his brain cavity when he ascended. you say a lot of good things but some things you say are absolutely wrong, like this. also this is a horrid excersize for someone learning im not so sure it would be optimal for an experienced singer. excersized like this enforce terrible habits that must be unlearned.

you guys are full of shit. his larynx isn't moving that much. the larynx should move a bit as you ascend. and I think his is remaining fairly neutral. I think you are all being confused by his particular neck. and the way his larynx shows or doesn't.

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