Singing Lessons & Voice Training : Protecting Your Voice From Damage

JAMES MENY: Okay so now we’re going to talk
about vocal health. There’s a lot of great things out there for vocal health and then
there’s a lot of myth out there for vocal health and so let’s just talk about how–what
you eat and how your body affects your vocal cords. Your vocal cords unfortunately are
carried around with you at all times. So it’s not like your guitar, we can leave on the
bus. So everything you eat and do or don’t do to your body actually does affect your
vocal cords. So if you go to your football game on Saturday night and you yell. That’s
going to affect your vocal cords. If you don’t talk for a month, that will affect your vocal
cords, so just be aware that everything you do to your body does affect it. Okay. Even
down to your emotions, feeling sad or happy can affect how you sound.


"Keep your throat good or wat eva." Nice. English being your second language would be the only acceptable excuse for that literary abortion you've exposed us to.

ya he said if you dont talk for a month
Me i just need to know HOW it affects your volcal cords. In a good way or in a bad way??

He was merely giving examples of how everyday activities can affect your voice. You use muscles to activate your voice and to adjust your vocal cords. Don't use those muscles and they become weak from lack of use.
I sing regularly and vocalise every day using good techniques learned 50 years ago. I will have breathing, throat and resonance chamber muscles far stronger than the ordinary person. Having said that, I am very careful with how I use my voice during the day.

If you don't use your legs for a month how will they be affected? They will be weak. Why should the muscles used in vocal production be any different. Use it or lose it.

i think he's saying what you think he is saying. he's saying "if you don't talk for a month, that will affect your vocal chord. "

I'm not really sure but lets hope he's talking about vocal rest. Where people don't talk for weeks or even a month just to rest and repair their vocal cords? Most of the time to cure vocal damage like vocal nodules and all that. I think thats' what he meant.

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