Singing Lessons & Voice Training : Learn How to Sing Better

JAMES MENY: Okay. So you want to learn how
to sing and you want to get good real fast. This is a very simple formula. If you think
of anything that you’ve ever had to do with a very short deadline, you become ultimately
very focused at getting that thing done. So if you have a research project due in two
days, suddenly your whole life becomes that research problem. And in singing, it’s the
same thing. If you think that you’re going to get phenomenal by taking a lesson a week,
you can drag your progress out for another ten or twelve years. I’m not a big advocate
of that. I’d really like your singing to be up and running as short as possible. So what
I believe is, take as many lessons as you can in a shorter period as possible. So if
you can cram in daily or ever other day lessons for the next three months, you should get
your technique down pretty well by then. Then start transitioning to once a week to basically
create maintenance or on going progress of that vocal technique. But by doing anything
just once a week, whether it be singing, flying planes, learning scuba diving or taking cooking
lessons, it drags out the process. And you may not have the patience to endure ten years
of lessons to sound how, you know, to sound your best. I think you should get there as
quickly as possible and that way you also create the least amount of mistakes between
lessons. Because if you’re doing a thirty minute lesson and you don’t see that person
for a week, it gives you six hours, you know, six days and twenty-three and a half hours
to do something else other than the technique that they’re trying to teach you. So inundate
yourself massively. Again, not just with voice but anything you do. Learn how to fly planes,
you want to learn Spanish, weekly lessons drag those things out. Get it done as quickly
as possible, then come to your teacher for weekly maintenance afterwards.


damn, guys.. he's putting the vid up to help ppl sing better.. he's not putting them up to show off his looks. go hug a tree or something to calm your asses down. sheesh!!

don't make fun of him! or americans! We are PROUD to be americans, where at least we know we're free. I have to admit, we do have a problem with getting over weight. It's those stupid twinkies and T.V's!

i wasnt talking about the video
this video is good
i was talking about cutie230890's comment
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Wow, I learned literally NOTHING from this. Is there a way to prevent expert village from coming up in the searches on my page? Because I haven't seen a single expert there on anything.

Really , hes giving us good advice ,

why you guys so rude ? this is something he spent time on , you guys should be thankful

Although he had great adivce, this video didn't teach me at all how to sing better. The title is fcking misleading.

Sooo fucking pointless?

Jesus, who said that listening to him would help you anyways with that attitude,
He is teaching you what he knows.

Damn, don't like it, go to someone who can help you if your ass is so ambitious to learn how to sing.

You know, I bet it's not the person speaking that's a complete idiot it's expertvillage. All heir videos are flat out, super wack. Short, pointless, off-topic (usually), and overall boring.

I agree 100 % !! I wish some of my vocal teachers would have though of that and be willing to invest that extra time in me. I learned…but it definitievely took me much more than I would have wanted. I can not complain anyhow..God has been good and I am earning a living singing monthly for three different organizations and teaching… Anyhow Thanks again for valuable "make sense" advice!!

hey guys i got lost week singing coach software so u can go to amazon to get it,take sing lesson,or both, if u want it i would read the reviews first cuz some saty that the use both,but i just use the software.

These expert village videos don't tell you shit.

You want to learn to sing better? Practice a lot!

Wow, thanks for the great advice!!! Damn, I'm so much better now.

or maybe have you considerd the fact that you just cant sing so get a grip stop trying to put people down all he is trying to do is help some people dont know this stuff

i tought he was going to tell me things about how to sing better. Not about what i need to do to get lessons. Mygod.

but it do you need classes if you understand it?
what i think is that you can't compare math to most anything because you can't just memorize in math
you have to understand all that your learning, not just replication

yeah cuz people who are self taught are interested in it and they take most of their time practicing

dude …. i want to make a cover for a song i got the guitar part but i need to work on singing….:/

my voice sounds wierd (the tone i think) ….. for me that is … i hope this works … would a voice recorder help with your accent and/or tone of voice?

No, your name's BeanerSymphony–at least according to you–and you call people racists when they've said nothing racially offensive.

You may promote youtube fights, but I was just making an assertion which in any case is true. If anyone's starting a fight, it's certainly not me.

excuse me good sir, would it be best to finish puberty to start singing, because I'm going threw it and my voice cracks a lot. But I'm getting better. Should i wait or just keep on going?

damm…im not gunna make fun of ur weight dont worry but… from now on im gunna call u el burrito :] well because i like burrito's

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WOW this is ~POINTLESS~ the title is
Learn How to sing..
and hes giving us tips on going to class…
well dumass if we were going to class do u think we would be on youtube looking on how to sing????
Think about it….

ps:Lose some wait
fat makes ur voice crack xD

Well, here's the thing. If you PRACTICE your vocal technique between lessons and remain in contact with your teacher throughout the week whether it be by e-mail or the phone you can achieve the same progress without spending money on daily lessons. Let's figure a 30 minute lesson is $20. That's $140 dollars a week if you do it daily. If you've got that money; go ahead. I know I don't.

I like the talking, he makes a lot of sense. Sometimes just explaining what's happening is enough to get someone motivated, and helps in practicing.

hey check this guy out (Sbgalt) he gives some pretty cool voice lessons. When you go on his page click the video button on top. When you scroll down U should see his 7 videos. He actually does scales with you not just talk a lot.

Ive measured my vocal range to 4+ octaves. Is that something i should expand on? I have no formal trainig, what does the average singer span? am i the next fucking Elvis??

what is wrong with u didnt actually help…u just told us a whole bunch of stuff…that wasnt very helpfull…
at least retitle it.
but thnx for tryin to help:}

Thank you for all the tips 🙂 and guys, stop calling him things. he is only trying to help you, not the opposite. you chose to watch this video, he didn't force you. he tries to be nice, and then you should try to be nice too.

I have a horrible and monotone voice when singing and I would like to reach an intermediate level, do you have any recommendation on where to start?

thanks man!!
i can reach a littel hight notes!!
i sing every day!!
and i sing kinda like flyleaf!! a littel high notes!!

I think I can share to you base on my personal experience as a contestant singer, in everysong you will sing make it sure that its suits on your voice and you can insert your self to that song and naturally the hidden song will comes out.. keep on singing whatever you do and wherever you are even in toilet not excuse.

I think I sing pretty well… and I have never had a lesson before, and have never practiced technique, or even at all, much :p. Am I lucky, delusional, or talented?

ok is it just me or does he do more talking and no training. i mean damn either teach me something ot take down the video already.

I just watched a singing lessons video that spent an entire 2 minutes telling me to get singing lessons……. well okay then.

im trying too get good on singing don't give a fuck if people dislike it ive always been this "though bad ass" now im gonna proove too the world i love singing

How come my singing only starts to sound a little better after a while of singing??? I do warm ups for 5-10 minutes before practicing; but it sounds god awfull until after I sing a few songs.

hey thats not nice at all if you didnt recieve anything by this then that mean your vocal need serious help.. stop the bullying and trying to put people down its not cool or nice..

So let me get this straight: The same youtube channel that can't properly demonstrate how to change a gas tank on a Mercury is going to teach me to sing?

expertvillage knows everything 🙂 and by the way what helped me when I started are these online courses. So I reccommend it if anyone need more help with their voice

How do I get started in learning how to sing? Is it possible to learn how to be a singer without any experience at all

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