Singing Lessons & Voice Training : How to Hear Your Real Voice

JAMES MENY: So let’s just say, since most
people are going to not sing correctly, that it’s not working for you. How do you get this
to stop–squeezing? The secret is that where you hear voice in your head is different than
the way you walked into the room with. So what I mean by that is, if you ever hear yourself
on an answering machine, you sound different than the way you think you sound. And that
is because our ears are meant to hear sound from the outside of our bodies, not from the
inside. The only sound that we hear from the inside is our own voice, but it’s distorted
through flesh, muscle, bone tissue and stuff before it actually gets to our ears. So we’re
not getting a true idea of what our voice really sounds like until you listen to yourself
on the answering machine or a recording.


He is right about it!!



Since being educated by you I now know how stupid I sound. In fact, I'm going to let all of my clients know so that they can drop me and go to you for your expert training. I'll tell them to watch your videos and learn from you since your way is "the only way." My voice God. I will say 50 Hail Mary's and work on surgically removing my fat ass from the chair. Thanks for your comments!

NOO!! dont tell them that!! You still have LOTS of money to make out from poor naive people!!Thats your speciality!

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First, I didnt told him stupid just because.He is stupid because is ruining people's voice with his stupid and unsafe "teachings".
Second, YES, you are an ignorant, because instead of find out a little more about singing, you just came do defend him just because I said he is stupid.
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The fact I watched it doesnt mean I agree.
I actually wanted to see how low you can fall, giving such bad advises, and showing your lack of musical education.

Is not something to be proud.But you show your ignorance as something good….you need a shrink, seriously!

That is so depressing! My voice sounds so bad when I'm recording it! Does that mean that that is the way it actually sounds?!? I'm so sad right now!

It may be that they way you are hearing yourself is affecting the way you are singing. Try taking the earphones off when you record or, at least, only cover one ear.

Good idea. I have to hear myself to record. Also I think I sound horrible at times when I sing but others say I don't! Also a recording cannot pick up the overtones in your voice so it is best to get a coach to help you develop the technique that sounds good, whether you believe it or not. Basically you can't always trust your hear when hearing yourself.

its different the voice that you hear that the voice that you produce, the voice you hear when you record its your real voice… that's the way the people its going to hear it. you can actually put your hand on your mouth pointing to you ear like a phone to tansfer the sound to your ear so you can hear your real voice.

by those stupid words……I know you are fat, and with a complex about it.

go to a gym and stop washing your teeths with chocolate cakes, maybe you will not die of a heart arrest at 25yo.

and if you all want to learn to sing, then go study with a real teacher, not watching stupid tv shows, and stupid youtube idiots who just want easy money from naive and ignorants

the better way to say this is:
we hear our voice before it leaves the mouth vibrating in the holes in our skull and then a split second later in our ears after we speak. These two combined sounds are what we perceive our voices to be.

Stick your fingers in your ears and speak. That bassy, muffly sound your voice makes is not heard by other people (only we hear that) and why our voice sound so much thinner on recordings.

careful what you eat before you sing. no milk products or nuts it best to not sing at all if you've just eaten and lots of water helps

You cannot tell if you had a great voice if you don't like what you hear, unless someone else has credit your good voice. If that's the case. try changing your singing style and sing the songs you loved to hear and internalize. Also, find songs that's best suited for you. Once you get carried away by your favorite song, then you'll forget how you sounds like and concentrate more and focus on the song. This is called INTERNALIZATION ot "inner bright smile". All thjngs were dictated by your mind

i was just wondering if you start singing lessons and your alright at singing can u train yourself to have a good voice or do you have to have a naturaly good voice
get back to me

Actually the reason why you sound different on an answering machine or a recording is because technology is not advanced enough for a recording instrument to pick up every frequency in your voice. Your ears were made to decipher every frequency. Have you ever noticed that when you listen to someone else's voice on an answering machine they sound different? that is why.

Actually the real reason why your voice sounds different in recordings is because technology is not advanced enough to be able to pick up every frequency in your voice. your ears however, are. haven't you noticed when you listen to someone else's voice on a recording they sound different too. this is why.

Wrong, the reason your voice sounds different is because of 3 bones in your jaw that vibrate, distorting your voice to your ears. However, there is some truth to that.

@bluefunk2 I wasn't stating that his description of why we hear our own voices differently was completely wrong. I was just addressing why one's voice sounds different in a recording than when it is heard in person. haven't you ever noticed people sound different on the telephone; thats why 🙂 blessings!

Can I record a professional sounding record on a answer machine ?
Does Guitar Center selling answering machines ?

hahahah…just kidding.

@Rookerman32 I wasnt talking about a recording being "perfect." I was talking about the general timbre of one's voice in a recording being different than when you hear it live. Obviously when the recording equipment is high end you get a better copy of a person's voice; however no matter how professional the equipment, nothing picks up sound better than the human ear. That is why we must be so careful not to damage our hearing by blasting loud music or not wearing ear plugs when they are needed.

I hate practice, it takes so long!!! But if it wasn't for practice I wouldn't be able to do what I'm good at. Not that I'm saying I'm good at singing, but what I am good at I practiced it.

Oh wait, yall don't care. Ok, happy singing :), and remember to use your answering machine because its not the voice you heard in your head or whatever this guy is talking about 😛

lol yeah when i record myself on audacity, im like damn thats how i really sound but to me i sound like Chris brown lol jk .

that is true. my voice is a lot higher and sweeter-soundingish when i hear it on an answering machine or some kind of recorder, but deep and not so sweet regularly. that's weird.

Try cupping both ears and pushing them forward a little, or cupping one ear and cupping your mouth, making a channel to one ear. You pick up more external sound that way

WTF!!!!! how was that teaching us how to hear our real voice. thats bullshit man. screw it, this made me lose faith in expert village. i mean im sure some of their videos r reliable but if they can stand behind this than fuck it.

Actually you sound different on an answeringmachine or a phone recording (what ever) because the low-quality mics usually don't pick up low frequencies which come from your body when you talk. Decent vocal mics pick that shit up… usually.

Just something that I've noticed when hearing my voice over different mics etc.

@StunnaHard123 what i dont get it . i have practice many times but my voice wont reach up D: when i try to sing high notes my voice breaks dammit

Even if I sing with a microphone,
The sound comes from outside
But i still hear a good voice (while it's not)

The reason it sounds different on an answering machine is because it's a machine. It's not gonna playback an exact sample of your voice – thats just common sense..
And please stop putting "How to.." in your title if you don't actually show how to do the act. Your just explaining what your supposed to be showing. Any fool can go Google that information.

@looi117 Probably not, because there are other factors effecting the recording like shitty built in microphones, electrical noise, ect. that distort that sound

@Expertvillage – Dang… only 0:57 seconds? lol! And I was getting into it too!! lol!!

Ok. I see your other vids… I guess I'm off to see them.

I hate my voice recorded. I swear to God I hate it! lol… Only when I have really good recording equipment and it makes me sound like I have what I consider my trademark sexy alto and not Mickey Mouse do I like it!

@macktheplate yeah 7 octaves sounds physically impossible, I play the piano, and I know what 7 octaves sounds like. I give him credit for trying, though! He has other good points to look at.

no wonder most people who cant sing go on talent shows and gloat that their voice is so great when it really isnt hahahaha

I sound weird when I record my voice.
Sounds like I've got this creepy naisil <—-? idk how to spell
And I sound really good when I don't record it,
like I sound really good to myself but… ;.;

The same old speech again… sr if u guys can teach the way of learning notes and pitch.. n vl be much better…dont try wasting time out hea.. time is short, try teaching the main lessons rather than secondary..sorry but i told the truth..

I am told I sound different on an answering machine or over the phone than in person…So I disagree with this. There are better ways to hear your real voice without using electronics.

i am crying in tears my voice is so ugly and strange 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢

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