Singing Lessons & Voice Training : Fixing Vocal Breaks When Singing

JAMES MENY: So we’re going to use low larynx
exercises through the first bridge of the male to get them to not only stop flipping
but to make it a little bit more of a smooth transition so we don’t even notice that any
change is happening, okay? So let’s start off with a longer scale which is this one.
On a low larynx vowel we’re going to do Uh as in U-H and we’re going to say the word
mum, okay? And the idea is that as the singer goes higher up into the scale, that the larynx
will start dropping. The sensation commonly heard as sort of a yawning feeling, the only
problem again with the yawning feeling is what’s your interpretation of a yawning feeling
versus mine versus someone elses. So we can just eliminate that sensation and just say
the vowel Uh and we can try to say if he cracks on Uh we can even add the sound as a whoofy
sound. His whoofy, doesn’t matter if it’s my version of whoofy or his version of whoofy,
whoofy is whoofy any way he wants to make it.


some ppl are being very mean…
HEY!! fat or not he is giving sum great advice. so giv him some credit..

Oh yea.. now lets all shove our larynx down and shove them there and then let them move to change pitch..

To stop breaks you need to start from a relaxed position and stay there as you move to pitch to pitch…

on Oh like in the word home is much better..
oo as in MOON is great but causes a lot of problems if not done correctly.

listen to Prices or Bjorlings OO vowels impecable…

I know it's an arpeggio, but Berkley claims that, even though it breaks technical rules for the definition of scale, that this is a scale and it even has a name.

Brett Manning was trained by Seth Riggs as have most other "commercial music" voice teachers. If they didn't get their training from Seth, they've read his book. Seth was trained by others but put together a method that seems to work very well. I, too, studied personally with Seth Riggs for years, along with some other noteworthy teachers such as Bill Neill, Richard Miller, Jo Estill method, etc….

Berkley school has a name for the arpeggio and they call it a scale even though it breaks all the rules of a true scale. So, I use that name, too. Sorry that the terminology bothers you. Just remember that these videos were meant for the general public that doesn't have the knowledge that you have and just want to learn how to sing. They don't care that we call it an arpeggio, scale, or Monster exercise "x." Thanks for your comments, though.

I studied personally with Seth Riggs for years as did Brett Manning. Seth also studied with teachers in his past. There is not much that is original anymore, it's just a matter of time before a teacher creates his/her one exercises as did Brett, who I also personally know, and myself did. If you know if a voice alchemist, please let me know. I'd love to find more things that work as well as Seth's stuff does for most western commercial music. Thanks for your comments.


Are you insane!?!??

You are playing the C mayor arpeggio up, and the G7 arpeggio down!!!
Two arpeggios doesnt make a scale!!

HAHA!! Wooffy!!

Oh!, Wooffy..Oh!, Wooffy…please tell me do!!

The more I check your videos, the more I have the feelling you are just trying to make some money out of the poor idiots American Idol candidates!! HAHAHAHAHA!! Now I understand why they say they have vocal teachers!!
With you I understand why they sing so bad

Your reasons to teach must be more valid than mine because you have the direct connection to the God of voice and I don't. Hmmm. Again, my lessons only strike a chord to those "purists" of vocal and terminology. and Again, I don't teach religion. We'll have to agree to disagree. Thanks for your comments, though. Best.

You dont teach religion, either you teach music, or singing.

And hope you understand we dont need God to tell us how to sing, we follow the hard work and guidelines of the real singers who had been learning the same way for 200 years, and always improving themselves in what teachnics can allow them.

You just need to get a teacher and read music theory books.

Problem is that you dont want to do all the hard work a real prof singer must do to sing good and properly.

it helped me alot guys.. i am 14 and my voice somtimes cracks when im doing this it has minumized after watching this a few times

i agree with you and thank you. you know im not quite shure why they are watching all these guys videos if al they are going to do is put him down. anyways. u are right they are wrong.

Besides, the real meaning of singing a scale, its that there is some logic on it, and you dont have to work as hard as with a melody.Therefore, you use it to pay more attention on other more important things like the phrasing or the air support, or the volumen and air change during the low to high pitchs notes change.

He never explained nothing of that, just to do things that "seems" logical, but are totally oposed to the basics of theory.

Not to mention the total stupidity wrong names

REST YOUR VOICE BOX sometimes!!! Thats your answer!! Nat King Cole was a chain smoker yet had a GREAT voice as well as numorous vocalists that smoked cigs!!! HOLLA!!!

I think boot camp might actually helped in your situation.Running cadence helps singing because it builds wind.Hum your song to keep stress off the vox cords and you will find your singing is richer.Go check some of my vox on NIGGY'S MILK by hitting my icon to see what I mean because boot camp helped my singing. HOLLA!!! JUDAH

To call that a scale on a theorical ground, you can say he used a scale consisting only of C-E-G wich is really unusefull on the theoric ground..and if you presume the scale includes also the G-D-F-B its really nonsense to have a scale without the 6th..but this is pointless….cos he didnt invented new music theory, cos he is a fatass ignorant.Its like those morons who never studied, and think they created a new chord by playing a G7 with the 4th…their ignorance makes them think they are great

there is only "flipping" because the voice is unsupported. good scale, bad vowel, and improper way to teach a good transition thru the pasaggio. other than a few key things this guy is great and knows a good deal about singing.

moom is better than m-uhm, UH means tongue tension, focusing the lips on making the oo, and releasing the back of the tongue, is what he should be doing…

……whaaat? This isn't about music theory, this is a freakin vocal exercise. This comment is totally irrelevant to the video.

for all u nubs: "Woofy" means too much low end on the tone, and it also sort of sounds like a dog going "woof". Sometimes it is also refered to as a "dopey" tone

Nonsense – the vowel or larynx position has nothing to do with vocal breaks. Incorrect breath support is what makes the voice crack/break/flip.

Lowering the larynx is good but its not the solution to fixing vocal breaks. Air pressure is.

you're wrong too, vocal breaks are caused by our voice trying to protect themselves because they cannot continue higher, so instead it breaks into a weak falsetto.

@defeatedwyvern – close but not quite. Pulling up chest voice too high and then breaking into falsetto is caused by the defense mechanism of the cords and you break into falsetto. But that doesn't explain why voices break in lower volumes. THAT in caused by lack of air support.

@defeatedwyvern – yes the vocal cords have a built in protection to stop damage BUT that can be cured by proper air support. The voice ONLY breaks if you grip the vocal cords tighter than you need to. If you are using proper air support there is not need to grip or tighten the vocal cords, they close by themselves naturally.

The cords can break in several spots some low, some high, not all of them for protection but lack of compression. Trust me dude I know what I'm talking about.

@RocktheStageNYC Well I'm guess I'm wrong LOL, as you an experienced vocal coach told me. Lol how many months did it take for you to develop a high mixed voice bro?

@defeatedwyvern – my high mix only took a few of weeks to really get to where I liked it but that's coming after 20+ years of singing and years of training.

For a beginner or intermediate it could take 6-9months depending on your skill level.

@jesseroggaa I agree, as does everyone else with all the ratings your comment got.

Expert village is absolute shit, but the teachers are great… Expert village just makes them look like crap by cutting out the main points or cutting the vid out just before they make the point.

I keep subscribing to expert village accidently when I see good teachers from their original videos (& for that 1 second, only to realise it was expert village)-they ruin all vids… :0/

This is fucking stupid that they don't just have them all as one video. Whose idea was it to break the whole thing up into a million different clips?

what a colossal waste of time. I am seeking actual exercises like gu gu gu gu
gugugugugu and others specific to my nodular hoarseness and damage. Can anyone direct me to a site that offers real exercises that i can use daily?

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